Texas Cops Put ICE on Illegal Drivers

U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro brands it a cog in President Donald Trump’s “deportation machine.” ACLU lawyers call it profiling. Undaunted, the Texas Department of Public Safety is providing names of suspected illegal aliens to federal immigration agents.

We call that public service.

The DPS “citation lists” came to light in the case of Gaspar Rodriguez Garcia, a Mexican national who has repeatedly entered the U.S. illegally.

Detained in a traffic stop by a Texas Highway Patrol officer, Rodriguez could not produce a driver’s license and, instead, presented a Mexican consular ID. The motorist was cited for driving without a license and failing to stop at a stop sign.

Rodriguez’s name was then put on a DPS citation list, which was forwarded to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Two and a half months later, ICE agents used the information to track down and arrest Rodriguez at his San Antonio apartment.

With his immigration case pending, Rodriguez’s experience is replicated across Texas as state law-enforcement officers provide crucial leads to ICE agents.

“There is a standing request from ICE to provide them a statewide listing of DPS enforcement of DWI and no-driver-license offenses,” DPS spokesman Tom Vingar told the San Antonio Express-News.

The citation lists have been furnished by DPS since August 2016, providing thousands of leads to ICE. The number of immigration arrests attributable to the lists has not been disclosed.

Naturally, Castro and the ACLU are outraged.

The Texas Democrat disingenuously blasted the program as part of a nefarious “deportation machine that Donald Trump set up to deport people like young Dreamers who may get a traffic ticket.” The ACLU, predictably, raises the specter of racial profiling.

In fact, DPS puts names on the citation list without regard to race, ethnicity or sex. “The information does not include, nor do we have, immigration status on the violators,” Vingar said.

The DPS actions are consistent with Texas’s anti-sanctuary law (Senate Bill 4) that requires local law-enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration matters.

So as officials from San Antonio and other large Texas cities continue to contest SB4 in court and Rodriguez’s public defender maneuvers to suppress evidence in his case (all at taxpayer expense), let’s cue up the sad old refrain: “I Fought the Law, and the Law Won.”

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    USSickOfEVILvsUSAAs1NationUnderGOD on

    The Rule of Law will come down to each US Citizen…banding with like-mind…to file against those whom have invaded for over half a century like Juaquin(no doubt a dedicated to death for LULACWHORES LaRaza 666+DACA, DREQAMWHORES products of heathen breeders via gang, cartel, mentally ill, degeneratives for AFDC…which has bankrupted all our services they STEAL DESTROY…paying nothing never contribute anything yet are proud to intentionally blatantly…VIOLATE USA & States Constitutions: Rule of Law and equally G O D s the TEN COMMANDMENTS…), or have their own patrols and Citizen’s Arrest… The things VOID..REALITY: G O D declared VENGEANCE is Mine Sayeth the LORD…

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    An American citizen who gets caught with DWI or or DUI, how do you think they are punished by the so called our US law? Do we as American citizens get treated equally as illegal aliens? If we don’t hire the expensive lawyers to defend us, we can lose our jobs, and if we hire a lawyer, we get charged in a hefty manner, we are talking about over 1K of bail bond, $16k-$17K for a lawyer. We may saved our job paying the bail bond or lawyer; however; we are stucked with our never ending bills. So, how are the illegal aliens treated differently or discriminative by here? We get thrown in jail for one mistake of DWI or DUI while the illegal aliens or the adult dreamers are deported freely in their own countries, they are free to do whatever the want to do but not the true Americans. The Americans are the true victims of their own country.

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      LawAbidingUSTaxpayer on

      Exactly, and is it no amazing that for every 111th person on USA soil there is an attorney: but do they EVER address that very point?

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    Maybe they should change the name of that organization to the ALIEN Civil Liberties Union! I didn’t know that ‘civil liberties’ included exemption from having suspicious behavior – in this case driving without a license – reported to a federal law enforcement agency – ICE – that is duly authorized by a democratically-elected legislative body representing the American citizenry.

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    The fact that he only carried a Mexican consular ID is an automatic red flag as far as immigration status. Mexico issues them to their citizens here who are unable to obtain a legal ID here because they are, get ready, here illegally. A lot of sanctuary jurisdictions accept them for identification purposes.

    It is notable in these situations that the person who was stopped is not detained. He was free to go even though it was very likely he was here illegally, which in fact he was, and had been deported before. And why in the world does he have a public defender? What is his defense, other than the usual playing the race card. And of course, no license means he had no insurance.

    Representative Castro is one of the poster boys for not trusting the other side on immigration. Anything they can do to block any enforcement and excuse and defend illegals, they are going to do. They will carry on long and loud about how this country has the right to defend it’s borders and enforce the law, but the reality is they do everything they can to undermine our borders and ICE. Why trust double dealing liars.

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      USCitizenTaxpayerSickofCorruptionIllegals on

      The Mex Metricular ID Card: is of course, as many as one can put out the C A S H: and fill out whatever…that is what Bank of America utilzes etc… No other nation makes its INVADWHORES their priority and especially over its REAL CITIZENS taxpayers, law abiding and MILTARY whom never return and are PERMANENTLY SEPARATED from our families…MIA POWs back to…WWI to Korea, Vietnam,…Japan Prison Camps(yet theirs got REPARATION like Jews got from working in factories… Yet DEPRESSION no chld labor laws kids age l2 worked l2 horus per day–my Great Grandparents… NATIONAL BETRAYAL>>to HELL all doing so.

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    It is calculated that in Mexico’s second largest city of Los Angeles, at least one-third of all drivers are ILLEGALS, DRIVING ILLEGALLY and UNINSURED.

    Everyday there are 12 American murdered by Mexicans frequently ones driving illegally and DRUNK.

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      Ryan are you saying that even though the felons that head our state and gave drivers licenses to illegal aliens, those illegals have not bothered to get a license which would then force them to get car insurance.