Report: Texas Police Chief Blocked Homeland Security

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus turned away a Department of Homeland Security agent before freeing a dozen illegal aliens, according to a DHS investigative report.

The agent from Homeland Security Investigations offered to help police interview 12 illegals found stashed in a truck on Dec. 23. But the agent was told “no” by the chief who said he did not want HSI to “scare people.”

McManus said his department would handle the case and kept the agent away from the migrants, even though only one on-duty police detective spoke Spanish. Within 2 ½ hours, all of the illegals were released, with no witness statements taken.

The truck driver, Herbert Alan Nichols, was detained. But without any witness accounts, no charges were filed and he, too, was freed.

The case attracted the attention of Attorney General Ken Paxton, whose office is investigating whether the chief violated Texas’s anti-sanctuary law. The law, Senate Bill 4, requires local law enforcement to cooperate with federal agencies in immigration matters.

 SAPD’s rank and file have bridled at McManus’s actions.

“The DHS report directly contradicts the chief’s public statements, in which he said federal agents could have arrested the immigrants after detectives finished their investigation. The HSI agent was not allowed access to the suspects,” said Mike Helle, president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

 “This is a damning report from Homeland Security,” Helle concluded. “It shows that the chief broke with standard procedure by denying DHS their investigatory role and then released the suspects into our city instead of turning them over to Homeland Security Investigations, as is proper.”

While the Attorney General’s Office continues its investigation, city officials stand by their top cop – even as a dozen illegal aliens are in the wind and a human-smuggling suspect walks free. In a duck-and-cover maneuver, the city announced a revised police “communications protocol” in April:

“Unless (Homeland Security Investigations) clearly state that they will lead the investigation, SAPD personnel will conduct the investigation under SAPD procedures for filing with the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office.”

That’s a distinction without a difference. The restated policy verbiage, like this entire episode, flouts the spirit, if not the letter, of Texas’s anti-sanctuary law. The nation’s seventh biggest city remains at risk from its own police chief.

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    It is past the time these elected/appointed officials who violate federal law are held accountable for any harm these illegal aliens cause any and every U.S. citizen. There should be no supreme immunity granted to a tax paid government official whose sworn oath of office is to protect us and our country while blatantly engaging in dereliction of duty.

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    Many societies go down without a shot being fired because they are brought down from within. Being involved with undermining our country, our government in this manner is an act of treason. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus should be brought up on charges of treason along with anybody else involved in freeing illegal aliens from custody without notifying and cooperating with federal authorities. And since undermining our government is also an act of treason, anybody involved in the shadow government we all know exists should also be brought up on charges of treason. I’m not talking about the useful idiots rioting or doing the other dirty work as much as I am speaking of the higher ups we know are involved like Obama, Kerry, Soros, etc.

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      Wow Tim you nailed it 100%. Could not have said it any better! This Country is headed down a very dangerous path if these crazy, without common sense, liberals are not checked and stopped with their nonsense.

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    The Sheriff would seem to be impeding a Federal investigation. One would think the Agent could have arrested him.

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    Arrest the Chief and prosecute him. Outside his jurisdictional area of course. Wouldn’t want sympathizers to aid him by getting a hung jury.
    When he’s found guilty (assuming he is) make his sentence appropriate. Strip him of his badge, his pension and benefits, and give him jail time.
    Preferably with those he sent to jail.

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    Texas is full of liberals trying to make the State into a sanctuary State. I find this act abhorrent!

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      Sure sounds like this Police Chief in San Antonio proves that the Deep State is alive and thriving in San Antonio. He needs to be prosecuted. I bet the Texans don’t appreciate having all these lawbreakers being released into their midst. Is the state law enforcement system up to the task of dealing with this? If not, it will increase similar occurrences.

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    Send in the federal marshals and arrest the Sherriff then put a federal prosecutor in charge of the sheriffs office until a law abiding Sherriff can be appointed !!!

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    even though the city announced the new policy it doesn’t matter. The chief would have been in violation of SAPD policies by releasing the people without interviewing them. By not interviewing them we have no idea who they are, where they are or where they were going, how to contact them and also letting all the witnesses to the crime of smuggling go therefore ensuring that no criminal charges could be filed against the driver. It was only a few years ago that we had a truck trailer abandoned in San Antonio with illegals locked in the back. Several people died in that incident and charges needed to be filed in that case. Because everyone was identified and interviewed that case was able to be filed.

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    Who says crime doesn’t pay? It certainly did here. All 12 illegals cut loose, never to be seen again, and the driver gets away without being charged.

    If you ever needed proof of media bias, it’s the fact that they are all over Trump 24/7 but they ignored the same thing when it went on for years under Obama. There are numerous photos available showing the same facilities being used in 2014.

    There was a woman who was arrested trying to cross the border on June 12. Border Patrol had to rescue her and others from an island in the Rio Grande. So much for worrying about keeping kids out of danger. She had three minors with her, 11 12 and 14, who were neither her blood children or legal dependents. Who knows what fate awaited them? Sex trafficking, sold to a gang? The fact is this is very common and it makes the adults no more than human smugglers, but the media doesn’t want to tell that story. Are kids separated from their parents? Yes, but a lot others are not even their children.

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    By the way, let us just call the journalist, Bob, his last name is Spelled as, Dane, not Diane or Diana… Lol…
    Great news, Bob! When do we hear the final news, such as the arresting of the officials who don’t respect the law?

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    I have enough evidence to put Chief McManus behind bars BUT fight corrupt people protecting him for years…the liberal media hides his crimes…FIRE AND PROSECUTE SANCTUARY CITY LIBERALS…San Antonio TX officials ( Nirenberg, Sandoval, Brockhouse, Perry, etc.) ,the liberal local media, Obama-era FBI agents, DA LaHood, liberal judges and crooked attorneys cover up the fact that SAPD Chief McManus is at the center of an ongoing criminal cover-up after he destroyed evidence, covered up fraud in the 57th District Court by city officials/witnesses ( including Texas Ranger Hank Whitman, Deputy City Manager Peter Zanoni) , banned whistleblowers from City Hall / meetings for almost 4 years to silence them, swore everyone to secrecy, ripped up police reports and lied to Federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez to hide his crimes and the illegal activity inside San Antonio TX City Hall going back to 1982 involving tens of millions of dollars. …San Antonio TX City Councilman Manuel Peleaz – has conspired with others to cover up long-term corruption, lied in an effort to conceal criminal activity and stalked/cyber-bullied citizens reporting corruption in an effort to silence them …Police report # SAPD 18117731 was filed to press criminal charges concerning the 3-month crusade of harassment targeting citizens for reporting criminal activity inside City Hall to the Councilman….. Co-conspirators have been reported to the FBI for criminal impersonation after they assumed the names of whistleblowers and posted fake, defamatory comments on public sites. ……

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    Diana Talmadge on


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      Diane, you are right!
      This police chief is making America into a lawless CESSPOOL. He should be arrested and fired too. Also, ICE should have more powers to do their job!!!

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      This seems proof positive that Texas and San Antonio have a major problem. If corrective action isn’t taken right away, there will be more such actions. The Deep State is apparently well-established in Texas.