5 Dead, 5 Charged After High-Speed Smuggler Chase

Two Mexican nationals and three U.S. citizens were charged Tuesday in a human-smuggling scheme that ended in a deadly high-speed chase in southwest Texas.

Five illegal aliens were killed when an SUV jammed with 14 people tried to outrace Border Patrol officers. After hitting speeds topping 100 mph, Jorge Luis Monsivais, 20, lost control of the Chevy Suburban he was driving and rolled it several times as it neared the small town of Big Wells.

“They pack them in there like sardines. These drivers don’t care,” said Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd. “This is a perfect example of why our borders need to be secured.”

Monsivais, of Eagle Pass, Texas, was held on federal charges of transporting illegal aliens and conspiracy to transport and harbor illegal aliens resulting in serious bodily injury and death, according to U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement.

Monsivais’ Suburban was part of a three-vehicle convoy pursued by Border Patrol agents. The two other vehicles pulled over before the high-speed chase began.

Also charged in the smuggling operation were 55-year-old Marcial Gomez Santana, a Mexican national; 45-year-old Mexican national Mariela Reyna; 21-year-old Rudy Gomez of Hockley, Texas; and Johana Gomez, 19, of Houston.

Convictions are punishable by life imprisonment or death.

Border Patrol officers apprehended 23 illegal aliens: 21 Mexican nationals and two Hondurans. Several people, including a 17-year-old driver, bailed out of one of the vehicles. Agents detained the juvenile and captured 10 suspected illegal aliens who attempted to flee.

Nine of the illegals in the wrecked Suburban were transported to a hospital, with one dying en route.

Predictably, the open-borders crowd second-guessed the Border Patrol’s actions, calling them “irresponsible” and “reckless.” The smugglers who triggered the deadly sequence of events evidently deserved a pass on this one.

Sheriff Boyd is having none of it. “We need a wall,” he said.

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    The left claims they don’t want open borders but the border patrol were just supposed to let them go because of the possibility they could be in a wreck. How about the fact that they could have very easily killed an American citizen with their speeding.

    Who? Us biased? Says the media when it’s pointed out that the coverage of the children separated from parents is a thousand to one ratio of the coverage of the same thing under Obama, virtually all of it anti-Trump now. Rachel Maddow was in tears over the issue.

    But was she in tears when Kate Steinle begged her father to help her when she was shot and killed by a five times deported illegal with a criminal record that San Francisco put back on the streets? How about when a young black man was killed by a Latin gang because he unknowingly wore the colors of a rival gang. Or the hundreds of people killed by drunk illegals who had previous DUIs but were not deported.

    Nope, no tears there. And when the family members of those victims testify before legislatures or make public statements, they are attacked as nativist bigots. The phrase Trump Derangement Syndrome has never been more accurate. The media and Hollywood are having massive breakdowns. And by the way, did ANY of those people actually move out of the country when Trump won? Talk is cheap. I guess they would have missed their illegal 8 dollar an hour gardeners and nannies.