Five DACA Stats Worth Remembering

Not all DACA recipients are the wholesome “kids” we’ve been led to believe, according to recent data from the Department of Homeland Security.    Keep in mind, in order to enter the DACA program, USCIS states an individual must “not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor, or three or more other misdemeanors, and do not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety (emphasis added).  However, nearly 60,000 DACA recipients were approved for the program with a prior arrest record, including:

Murder:          10 DACA recipients had prior arrests for murder;

Rape:             31 DACA recipients had prior arrests for rape;

Hit and Run: 425 DACA recipients had prior arrests for hit and run;

Assault:          2,007 DACA recipients had prior arrest for assault;

Weapons:      979 DACA recipients had prior arrests for weapons-related crimes.

Data on actual convictions is not yet available, but it is reasonable to assume that a very significant number of those who were arrested were convicted of the offenses for which they were charged, or were able to plea bargain them down to lesser charges.

Despite these findings, this privileged population continues to garner some kind of magic luster, which has enticed politicians in both political parties, and the president, to bend over backwards to make their desire to remain in the U.S. a top priority.

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    Percy Mervyn on

    The magic luster they have is being carved out to get sympathy so dirty politicians can grant the eighth amnesty knowing it will encourage more violations of our borders and visa laws giving the billionaires club and chamber of commerce a steadier stream of cheap labor to drive down their costs while adding customers to inflate their prices.
    Sadly our political leaders find it much more rewarding to represent the money boys instead of suffering American families.

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    Roger Abraham on

    Amen, make them go to a port of entry only, for asylum, no port of entry, no asylum! They can wait in line for the legal way!

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    According to the Lame Stream Media, the valedictorian of every high school in the country, every single year without fail, is a “Dreamer!”

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    This is a mess. It is important to recognize that these DACA recipients grew up in the US, and have very little recollection (if any) of their country of origin. It is preposterous to suggest that these people were dangerous individuals when they crossed the borders as toddlers or early teens. It is very difficult to live in the US without a proper status, and perhaps these arrests are simply correlated to growing up in less-than opportune areas with high crime rates and low rent. Our government should seriously make a move to provide pathway for DACA recipients asap. If crimes are concerning for them, provide a conditional DACA pathway that eliminate candidates with criminal record. It’s DACA officials’ fault that people who did not deserve such a status received it, so it seems quite unfair for the remaining non-criminal 740,000 DACA recipients to be penalized because of the DACA program’s inefficacy.

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      Benjamin Troia on

      BULL! If I abandon my six children at some doorstep or on the street I would be an inmate at some prison for a lengthy period. I accepted my responsible as a father I tended to all their needs including the assurance of a collage education. They all became excellent citizens and have contributed to our wonderful country. OH yes, there were students loans to be repaid. Bet your back side your CADA never paid for any of the benefits they received for free, i.e. Medical, housing education,basic human needs,College education with no student Loans!!!
      I am A veteran of War, I have relatives that served in WW11, I served in the Korean War !
      Get the illegal immigrants them out my country. AND Oh YES their are 1 000,000 people enter America legally every year Research it!

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        Thank you for your service. I agree with everything you said. Send these people back to where they came from. Let their government take care of them. No Mexico sends them here to be rid of them. Dems only want them for their vote.

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      Carmen Morales on

      Stop the BS that’s not true, they all know their countries and they all speak Spanish believe me I know. Most of these so called kids came here already grown at 17, most are lying and committing fraud.

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      You are deluded!!! Criminals and welfare sponges coming across the border!!!!

      Illegals are SEND ACROSS THE BORDER BY SMUGGLERS who care NOTHING for these people!

      Dr Ben Carson grew up in the ghetto. Explain that!!!!!

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      They speak Spanish and protest with Mexican flags GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Elyse DeWyngaert on

    It’s time to demand the country’s of origin step up and take responsibility for these individuals. These countries benefit from the remittances from the individuals in this country, undocumented and as lawful immigrants, the proverbial Cash cow.
    Mr Trump should have demanded a surcharge on any remittances going to these high demand countries and on countries refusing to take back citizens in deporting proceedings. Mr.Ryan nixed that in the bud.
    This mess has been going on for decades and the inaction can be laid at the doors of the politcal parties,the politicans who are beholden to special interest money and factions who support open borders and cheap labor. Therefore the interesting bedfellows of the ACLU, THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, RELIGIOUS GROUPS, etc. They all have a bone in this drama.
    It’s about time Mr.Trump gets these countries representatives on the line and work out a way for these government’s to take responsibility for these children. Return them home to their families. Let the parents return to reunite with their families. As for asylum claims based on domestic violence and gang violence, they will find the same circumstances in this country.

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      Past amnesties have encouraged each ensuing illegal onslaught of foreign invaders who now count on more amnesty. The next one will inspire even more illegal immigration and expectation and demands for the next, and the next, and the next. While whimpering hordes of Americans who have allowed themselves to be cowed by the leftist bullies who profit from the votes of those who will live off OUR tax dollars and send portions of that back to their families still at home and help to boost their homeland’s economy, not ours.
      We must face it. They come not because they respect us, but because they can live better here on our money.
      If they respected us and really wanted to pledge loyalty to our Country and our People and traditions, they would come according to our laws, they way our ancestors did.
      Our Swamp Creatures in Congress, who look forward to even more rewards from corporations that fill their wallets for providing ever-more cheap immigrant labor, while keeping American Citizens’ wages down, must be replaced by honest Conservatives, looking out for all Americans!
      Those responsible for families being separated, are the parents who would have their children removed by Childrens’ Services for risking the lives of their own offspring, if they were American Citizens. They endanger their own children — not our Border Patrol or Ice, and they should accept the responsibility for any harm that their own children suffer because of their decision to send their children ahead, like little army scouts, risking their lives so their parents can follow later, or tag along, reaping the advantages that they have learned to expect and assume that life in America will offer them.
      In order to stop the illegal immigration, the only act that will truly accomplish that is to…right now, before any more amnesties, paths to Citizenship or DACA deals is deportation of entire families. They all speak Spanish, (that fallacy that they have been here so long that they will not understand the language in their homeland, is nothing more than a myth) most even cling to their homeland flags, and have already benefitted from our tax dollars, public education systems, medical care, welfare programs and other charitable American groups so they are better off than when they illegally crossed into our Sovereign Republic.
      It is actually cruel of our government to continue to entice non-Americans to our welfare and generosity when we know they will put their children in danger of physical accidents, human trafficking, rape, attacks by the wild animals, and reptiles that make their homes in the desert and barren stretches of land they must travel.
      I am certain we all wish them well, but America must reclaim its common sense and responsibility for her own People.
      We have millions of Citizens who deserve our empathy and assistance. Some are homeless, some are starving. Some in our northern states are in need of heat and shelter. Many need medical assistance for conditions that threaten their lives.
      We have schools badly in need of repairs, and students that cannot learn in over-crowded classrooms where the teachers must divide they attention between multiple languages spoken by the multi-cultural members of the class.
      We have our injured Veterans, who put their lives in harm’s way to defeat the evil that exists in the world and threatens not only American lives, but those of varying cultures and religions who are targeted by by those whom have not yet learned to accept people of other cultures.
      We also must contend with the immigrants already here,

      It is time for all countries, to take care of their own, and not have condone conditions within in their own boundaries that compel their people to seek asylum and elsewhere.
      And it is time for ALL PEOPLE, everywhere, to respect each other, to show compassion to their fellowmen, to abandon greed and envy of others, to teach others to exist in harmony with the Earth and with each other, and to gain a respect for themselves and their environment and to recognize the value of all people, all that they have in common, and all that is different.