Normalizing the “Abolish ICE” Movement Could Have Dangerous Consequences for Democrats – and the Nation

The victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, certainly was a defeat for the leadership of the Democratic Party in New York and Washington. It also is the logical consequence of a party that has “normalized” a radical agenda seeking to close the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and open the borders to all.

For years, it was enough for Rep. Joe Crowley, the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House, to support amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants or decrying the Trump administration for its “despicable policy of unreasonably detaining asylum seekers and families fleeing violence,” as he did recently.

But that day has passed.

“Democrats have come to defer to organized immigration activists in a way they didn’t 10 years ago, or even during the early years of the Obama administration,” wrote Dara Lind in Vox last October.

That has led to a voting base that demand a fealty pledge fealty to the “abolish ICE” movement and a defense of all protests designed to obstruct immigration enforcement authorities, provide lawbreakers with the same benefits as legal citizens and end any serious effort to secure the borders.

Those “organized” activists to which Lind referred include members of a resurgent “Occupy” movement, the leftist fringe group that gained prominence in 2011 protesting Wall Street “greed” and wealth inequality.

They began by protesting outside and forcing the suspension of normal business at ICE headquarters in Portland, Oregon. That led to another group, the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, calling for similar action.

When the protests in New York City resulted in the suspension of business, including bond hearings for illegal aliens, Kim Kelly, a member of MACC and Occupy ICE, proclaimed “direct action gets the goods” in a  celebratory tweet.

Symptomatic of the lack of forethought of anti-enforcement loyalists, the protestors never considered her “direct action” meant no bond hearings – and another day in detention for those with immigration court hearings.

Even that was ICE’s fault.

Protestor Marisa Holmes told AM New York she thought it was “just terrible that ICE is using people that way and creating more harm.”

Actually, more harm is being created in Congress. In the last week, Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) introduced legislation to abolish ICE, while Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) recently requested United Nations observers be sent to “investigate family separations” along the border.

The calls expose the utter blindness of the open borders caucus to the fundamentally important role ICE plays in the nation’s security. The agency enforces more than 400 federal statutes, works to combat illegal trade and human trafficking and works to prevent terrorists from crossing our borders.

With polls showing Americans favor strong immigration enforcement, abolishing ICE is a dangerous political path to follow – and one which poses great risk for the entire nation.

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    Most of the protestor when they hit there teens were raised 8 years with the ways of the corrupt Obama administration.

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    Increasingly the Democrat party has been taken over by lefties, militant blacks, and la raza types, who find it is the perfect vehicle for advancing their goal of giving to whitey what he has coming.

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    A Communist is a Socialist in a hurry! Every Democrat voter needs to clearly understand what is going on here. If you embrace the radical communist mantra, the rest of us in this country will put an end to you! Communism has failed in every place tried. It left 100 million dead in the last century. Just read some basic history.

    Every American needs to adopt a take no prisoner attitude. Communism needs to be stamped out wherever it erupts. Tail gunner Joe was right! If you are not natural born and embrace communism then you need to leave America. We have no place for you! We have no need for you.

    It pleases me to see the Democrat/Communists implode and choke on their own malarkey! We shall see with the mid-terms where the country is headed.

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    the democrat comunist party with the niger ***** and polusie hore wants to destroy our country but they are going to be sent to mexico for prostiitutes

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    Illegal migratión is exactly that, deport the invaders, grant asylum to those that qualify.

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      I totally agree. Stop all this nonsense, 99% do not qualify. They say they paid $6000.00 to be smuggled in the USA. It would have cost less to go to the American embassy in their own country then after acceptance bought a airplane ticket. These people who have invaded the USA just want to get here & suck off the welfare system. If they really need help help them in the country of origin. I blame most of the religions they are as bad as the democrats who want more to vote for them illegally. The church;s want more converts. both are using these people. As for separating from the children how are we to know they are theirs & not just being used. The law for separation was during Obama’s time not Trump law

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    Terry Barker on

    There is nothing democratic about socialism ! This is all a lie to bring down the greatest nation that has ever been America . ” Hitler ” I know but it’s true began his movement as a Democratic Socialist . History is trying to repeat it’s self again America ,

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    Why are there so few thoughtful articles like this? Where are all the sane people hiding? Soon ” Abolish ICE” would be a movement and the Republicans and the President would be forced to give in to the violent left.

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      Increasingly the Democratic Party shows it has become liberal. Now they are promoting civil violence. Do not recognize the party anymore and can’t support their views.

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    The entire “Democratic” party needs to officially change its name to Democratic Socialists. In fact, why even maintain the facade about being democratic? Just go straight to Socialist Workers’ Party and be done with it. At least then the name will be an honest reflection of their policy aims.

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    Everything happens for a reason. The positives re the Marxists/Communists/Liberals who are hellbent on turning our country over to the very people who have invaded it is the fact they are now fully exposed.

    Fortunately, there are more Americans who are passionate about keeping our country and sovereignty than those who are determined to give it away.