Time to Abolish ICE?

“Abolish ICE Now!”

Once the battle cry of a few fringe open border extremists, there is a growing trend in the Democratic Party to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency charged with enforcing the nation’s immigration laws. When he called for the abolishment of the agency, Wisconsin Congressman and Chairman of the House Progressive Caucus Mark Pocan became the fourth Democratic representative to do so. Pocan has introduced a bill that would abolish ICE and then study the agency’s “essential functions,” redirecting the new agency based on those findings. (Yes folks, we need more studies on illegal immigration like we need another hole in the border wall.)

But the notion of disarming the nation’s border enforcement agency is not one relegated to the fringes of the Democratic Party.  In Tuesday’s New York primary, Representative Joe Crowley, who had his eye on being the next Democratic speaker of the House, was easily defeated by a 28-year-old former bar waitress, who strongly urged for the abolishment of the agency.  And a recent Harvard Harris poll found that 34 percent of Democrats want “open borders.”

Several other Democrats, including presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, have called for “a re-evaluation of ICE,” but haven’t called to torpedo it. Yet.

ICE was created after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in an effort to consolidate immigration enforcement agencies – which also play a role in national security – under one roof.  It is the largest investigative agency in the Department of Homeland Security, and maintains enforcement of the nation’s immigration and customs law.  The radical, open borders policy embraced by a growing number of Democrats is not only jeopardizing public safety but national security as well.

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    ICE should not be abolished, it should be increased.
    Before the illegals discovered that we had such a weak immigration policy, there were not so many coming here. Now the illegal immigration of hundreds is a daily occurrence because we stupidly won’t stop them.
    The democrats want them here for a voting base and cheap labor.
    In reality, they can not be let in. They have not been vetted and checked on. We have
    no idea who or what they are. We already know that some are MS 13, murderers, rapist, and drunk drivers. We don’t know which one are criminals and which are honest people.
    Just because there is a child isn’t proof of anything. A coyote could be bring them in, it could be a child slave trafficker, we don’t know. They all have to be vetted.
    We already spend 100 millions of dollars on the illegals already here . We can’t afford thousands more. Too many expect us to support them, and if they get a job, the get paid under the table and send their money home
    to family while we pay fir everything.
    Some have lived here for decades and have no interest in becoming a citzen , they just want to live here for the freebies.
    This illegal immigration invasion is not all people that need protection, they just want to live for free.
    If we keep allowing so many illegals in we won’t have a country . We will be broke and turn into a 3rd world country with no money left over fir our grandchildren. to grow up in a country like we did.
    Cuba’s citizens get to keep 10% of their income. .the government gets the test. They are communists. Look at. Venezuela, their people are starving eating out of garbage cans and they are Socialists
    We have the greatest don’t let it be taken over and ruined by people that just leave and don’t try to fix their own country. Then they bring all their problems to our country.

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    Stephen Russell on

    NO I say maximize IE merge with USBP.
    Expand scope, use FEMA camps for temp detentions.
    More can be done
    Abolish the DNC.

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    Those promoting illegal immigration are promoting slavery, so they can save a buck at the store. They want other Americans to work harder for them, to subsidize the slaves being here, so that more slaves can come here to make their products cheaper, so they can be even lazier and buy more disposable products. The “children” are just a cover for their selfishness.

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    The talking point about abolishing ICE is that it was not in existence before 9-11, and we did fine without it. But that relies on the false assumption that there were no deportations and workplace raids before ICE, which of course there were.

    Then we hear all this nonsense about “concentration camps”. This is the typical low watt thinking that cannot distinguish between events not remotely related. Did any of the people in those camps choose to go there? In this case we have parents willing to drag their children thru miles of desert heat because they are hoping for the payoff of being allowed to stay here.

    What liberals also refuse to acknowledge is that a lot of the children arrived at the border are “unaccompanied”, meaning their parents turned them over to coyotes. In essence they turned their children over to criminals who could not care less about their welfare. That is classic child abuse. Not to mention, many of the supposed “children” of illegal crossers are not even their children but are used to gain entry. But apparently it’s fine to expose them to the danger of desert crossings.

    A lot of people say that just as the FBI inspector general released his report, which was highly embarrassing to that organization, the media decided to suddenly make a big deal of “the children”. According to the report, concerning Hillary’s private email server: “Classified information was compromised by unauthorized individuals, to include foreign governments or intelligence services, via cyber intrusion or other means”. But knowing all that, the lead agent in the investigation decided to quit investigating her and switched focus to investigating Trump. The same lead agent who said she had to be elected and who vowed he would “stop” Trump from becoming president and texted of “an insurance policy” in case he did. Sounds like blackmail.

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      If the recent actions of separating immigranting children from their parents at the border is any indication of the way ICE works, perhaps ICE has outlived its purpose. Does ICE have a plan that will assure families’ reunification? If so, can we the people of the US know what it is? And, further, will those ICE agents and authorities, from the least patroller to the DOJ and President who put this plan into action, be responsible to our nation for the crime against humanity they have purpetrated in our names?

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        What crime against humanity. It also happened under Obama and I’m sure you didn’t say a thing. I notice you didn’t have a thing to say about parents turning their children over to coyotes, which puts the children in a dangerous position. That should be a crime. What’s your solution? Other than open borders and let everyone come in?

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        The parents of those Children should not have put them in that situation in the first place. It may seem extreme but we have put a stop to this mass invasion. Maybe you haven’t been directly effected ,but I have. I can tell you it’s a nightmare. My neighborhood has become a Pirates Cove. Our pets are in danger also . Organized Dog Fighting is a horrible inhumane sport that is supporting the immigration movement.

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    Sure, abolish ICE and all immigration and labor law enforcement. In a matter of months, you’d have all of Mexico, most of Central America, and half of Brazil here.

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    EVERY DAY there are hundreds of illegals that walk over our open borders, and into our jobs, welfare line and “free” anything they vote Democrat for afterwards.

    Only about one in eight is actually caught.

    No, it’s not time to abolish ICE, it’s time to double the force.

    We can end the invasion today if we started putting employers of illegals in prison!

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      The parents of those Children should not have put them in that situation in the first place. It may seem extreme but we have put a stop to this mass invasion. Maybe you haven’t been directly effected ,but I have. I can tell you it’s a nightmare. My neighborhood has become a Pirates Cove. Our pets are in danger also . Organized Dog Fighting is a horrible inhumane sport that is supporting the immigration movement. we need ICE more than ever.

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    Since the Democratic Party/Democrats and Liberals insist on abolishing ICE which I doubt very much that that won’t happen. It’s just another thing to add to all of the other schemes to harass this Administration. The Democratic Party loves to blow Millions of Taxpayers money against Trump because they hated loosing to a person not being a Politician wrapped up in crooked dealings that they got so used to in the Obama era. President Trump if he were to elect to due if by a small chance they were to abolish ICE he would be in all his rights for the Security of America appoint our Military to take ICE’s duties over without needing any approval from the House or Congress.