Philadelphia Police Ignorant Warrant, Release Criminal Illegal Alien

While Philadelphia is a so-called sanctuary city, officials had maintained that they would honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers as long as they included a criminal arrest order signed by a judge. But actions speak louder than words.

In June, ICE agents sought and obtained a criminal arrest warrant from the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania for Guillermo Leon-Sandoval, who had already been deported in 2014, according to an ICE press release,

Despite asserting that they would honor detainer requests if a judge had signed off, Philadelphia police arrested and charged him with unlawful restraint/serious bodily injury, false imprisonment and other crimes associated with the assault of his wife. And then they released him.

Thankfully, ICE agents tracked him down and took him into custody. But it is not the first time police have populated the streets with criminal aliens.

In May, ICE conducted a weeklong enforcement operation targeting criminal aliens throughout Philadelphia that resulted 49 arrests. Of those detained, 17 had criminal convictions and 14 had were previously released from Philadelphia County custody, despite having an ICE detainer lodged against them.

“Some of these dangerous individuals had been released to the streets instead of being turned over to ICE on our detainers, which compromises the safety of the homeland that ICE officers strive to protect every day. ICE will continue conducting operations to execute its mission and bring to justice those subjects who jeopardize the sanctity of our immigration laws and the safety of our citizens,” said Gregory Brawley, director of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations field office in Philadelphia.

And everyone can be grateful for that.

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    If the detainer was signed by a judge, since when has it become ok to ignore the signed order of a judge. Once again a sanctuary city turns a violent criminal loose on the streets, to the detriment of the citizens of that community.

    The NY Times story by Katrin Bennhold and Steven Erlanger about Angela Merkel and the European Union’s two day meeting in Brussels said the focus has “swerved instead to migration, which has become politically poisonous given the rise of populist anti-immigrant policies, despite the rapid fall in the numbers of migrants arriving in Europe”.

    Talk about having it exactly backwards. The “rapid fall” has only come about because of the ascendancy of those populist parties to power, particularly in Eastern Europe. They are basically telling Merkel and the EU to take a hike and they will defend their borders as they see fit. The newly formed Italian government has made it clear that it will no longer allow ships of migrants to land in their country. Discourage people from coming and they won’t bother to come. Seems obvious to everyone but liberals.

    British Prime Minister Teresa May criticized Trump for his detention policies. That’s rather ironic given that the British government has spent decades ignoring the Pakistani “grooming gangs” who have assaulted thousands of young girls. They are otherwise too occupied punishing those they deem guilty of “hate speech”. What would Churchill think of the depths his country has fallen to.

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    So, the City of Brotherly Love is a sanctuary for wife beaters! I’m waiting to hear the howls of outrage from so-called ‘feminists,’ but so far, it’s just crickets!

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    Philadelphia and those elected to lead it do not merely operate a sanctuary city; rather, they head one of the most corrupted urban areas in the country.

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      AGREE. Hope they won’t succeed any longer, letting them go free to easy and not protecting or caring about AMERICA at all. Even when paid by AMERICA to do their job acting like they are working for mexico, protecting them only. Wanting them here to take all jobs, land, water,food, resources and etc..