Report Shines Light on Aliens Behind Bars

One in four prisoners in federal custody is an alien, according to a new report from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.

That sounds bad enough, but it’s a low-ball figure because the report does not fully account for inmates at local jails and state prisons, which house roughly 90 percent of America’s incarcerated population. DOJ and DHS say they are rounding up those numbers.

Meantime, here are three salient facts from end of the first quarter of Fiscal 2018:

  • 57,820 known or suspected aliens were in federal custody.
  • Drug trafficking, not immigration violations, was the primary offense of aliens locked up by the Bureau of Prisons.
  • The U.S. Marshals Service spent more than $134 million to house known or suspected aliens during the quarter. This, too, is a conservative tally, since the Bureau of Prisons’ much larger costs were not included.

Also missing are clear breakdowns of resident and illegal aliens, as well as comparative data from prior years.

But let’s not quibble. If it weren’t for President Donald Trump’s executive order to compile and release these quarterly reports, the American public would know even less about the impact and presence of criminal aliens in this country.

So, like border enforcement and national security, proper accounting remains a work in progress. As we all know, Rome wasn’t built (or overrun) in a day.

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    Percy Mervyn on

    We have been force fed the nonsense that they are hard working people who only want a better life and will do the work that Americans are too lazy or stupid to do.

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    Veronica M Reimann on

    All four statements of those above I totally agree with. Many years ago when I brought my mother who was a senior from England to live with us for a year my husband had to sign all kinds of paper work, we hired an attorney who handled it for us. My husband had to sign that he would be responsible for all & any bills that she made during her stay with us as she was on a permanent visa not just a 6 month visitors visa

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    Deport them to Syria – then see how many make it back to our border for illegal crossings.

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    It makes sense that people who are OK with breaking our immigration laws would be more likely to be OK with breaking other US laws, which is why I am opposed to allowing any illegal aliens to be become US citizens wherever they are from originally.

    The fire allegedly started in Colorado by an illegal alien from Europe is a good example of why we don’t want to reward illegal aliens with US citizenship wherever they may be from originally.

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    VivaLaMigra on

    Gee, people who commit border jumping are prone to other serious offenses, including peddling poison to your kids? Who would’a thunk it? Certainly not a DEMOCRAT!

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    Diana Talmadge on

    We need more ICE agents & stricter immigration laws…we will be as bad off as Europe if our borders are not protected…The Dems choose to ignore the criminal element in hopes of garnering their votes…

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      If your boat is filling with water, bail as fast as you can, but unless you plug the hole, it will still sink.

      Be it a judge or the mayor of some yokle local burg, if they refuse to follow Federal Law……put them in orange jumpsuits and jail…..

      If we allow ‘others’ to come in, steal our culture, steal our language, and shred our laws, they take our sovereignty….and our nation DIES!!!