Unaccompanied Alien Children: No Minor Problem for U.S.

If past is prologue, “Unaccompanied Alien Children” [UACs] at the southern border pose serious, adult challenges for America.

Some 24,680 “Significant Incident Reports” compiled by the government detailed gang connections, drug use, sexual abuse and a wide range of criminal behavior among the UACs processed between May and November 2014. Some UACs were perpetrators, while others were victimized as they were lured into the dangerous trek by prospect of being released into the United States.

Though the government reports date back four years, their disturbing accounts only came to light last month via a long-pending Freedom of Information Act request.

“These Significant Incident Reports from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reveal that Unaccompanied Alien Children processed during the Obama administration included admitted murderers, rapists, drug smugglers, prostitutes and human traffickers,” stated Judicial Watch, which filed the FOIA inquiry.

In the reports:

  • UACs admitted to committing murders, belonging to MS-13, threatening others with rape, admitting to drug smuggling, molesting other UACs and seriously assaulting other UACs or staff.
  • UACs reported being raped and/or molested en route to the United States or in the United States.
  • U.S. government contractors and employees were alleged to have abused, assaulted or engaged in sexual relations with UACs.

“The Obama administration presided over a humanitarian and public safety nightmare in its handling of Unaccompanied Alien Children,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

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Going forward, the graphic incident reports sound an alarm about the protocols, logistics and costs involving the latest waves of UACs.

In a separate report, HHS revealed that the government paid Baptist Children and Family Services $182,129,786 to provide “basic shelter care” to 2,400 UACs for four months at two military bases in 2014. That worked out to $86,846.34 per illegal alien child at Ft. Sill, Okla.

“These reports support the Trump administration’s contention that the UAC crisis, which continues, includes murderers, rapists, drug smugglers and human traffickers being routinely allowed into the United States,” Fitton said.

Viewing the chaotic border through rose-colored glasses, the mainstream media remain highly selective and remarkably credulous in their emotional tales about UACs. The Significant Incident Reports document a harder story of vital national interest. It doesn’t take much imagination or clairvoyance to see the problems festering today.

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    All this BS about how how the illegal children got here and that they are not accompanied by their parents and how coyotes helped them to the border and this and that doesn’t matter anymore. AMERICA IS INSOLVENT AND SOCIAL SECURITY IS GOING TO RUN OUT BY 2030!!! The last place you want to be is in America right now because there are millions of pissed off PATRIOTS who know what’s going down in this country. This whole immigration dilemma is INSANE!!! We can’t take care of our own but are expected to welcome human trash from all points of the earth??? Talk about a plan for utter chaos in America, keep bringing muslims and other third world maggots into America and watch the games begin. At least America will be well fertilized when Americas largest standing army, PATRIOTS, are done processing all the uninvited and unwanted humanity poisoning this once great nation. We have no government. We do have representatives in the pockets of corporations though and that will be their undoing. Enjoy civil war 2 cause it’s comin people.

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    Good info, Bob, hope things get easier for the US Taxpayers; it looks like, we are going to work very hard and live longer to support all the illegal aliens, God Bless the USA!

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    Robert Keith on

    You can lump Fort Sill into this tripe, but in reality, every unaccompanied minor who went to Fort Sill (and other military installations in 2014) was 13 years-old or younger. They were interviewed in Brownsville (where they also received thorough medical evaluations. The received medical evaluations every two weeks once at Fort Sill. None of the children were identified, or self-identified, as gang members. A
    Also, let’s discuss the word, Unaccompanied.”
    They were not traveling with parents. Ninety-five percent of them were from Guatemala, Ecuador or some other South American Country. C’mon, would YOUR children be strong enough to trek across the desert to find freedom from the child sex trade, violence and try to find a better life?
    Of course we need immigration reform. But pick on somebody your own size.

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      Who said that the children at Ft. Sill were gang members? That part was strictly about the costs. You are aware that the “unaccompanied” children typically have been brought to the border by coyotes who point out the border patrol and tell the children to go up to them. Hate to burst your naïve bubble, but 6 year-olds are not trekking through the desert by themselves. The kids are actually in more danger being in the hands of the coyotes. Amnesty International has repeatedly documented that the majority of females of all ages are sexually assaulted on their travels through Mexico. Many girls as young as 12 are given birth control pills during the trip. How’s that for safety? As for your “of course we need immigration reform”, that’s the typical phrase that people like you love to say, but it’s meaningless. Why don’t you provide the details of what you mean by “immigration reform”, because it usually ends up meaning total amnesty for every illegal here.

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      I wouldn’t allow my child to travel alone! These kids meet up with human traffickers/smugglers! They aren’t all nice decent kids!

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    I am a Hispanic by birth, from Central America and i strongly believe, that is time to get though, close the border to illegal immigration and asylum seekers. We need to take control of the mess the liberals and their liberal policies, have created in our country and after we get complet control of the cituation, them consider asylum in an orderly manner and for those who wait and apply under our law.

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    Richard Sarmont on

    July 11, 2018

    To Bob Dane

    A suggestion you can spread around. Perhaps someone in the right position of authority will listen to you. I have not tried circulating this idea.

    When the “invaders” (illegals) reach the Mexican – USA boarder, US Boarder officers give each invader a number. The number should be on a durable business card. Then the Invader is told to go anywhere they want to go outside of the United States. They are told to check a website to see if their number has come up, which informs them when and where the Invader is to appear for a hearing. Husband, wife, and children have the same number. After the husband’s number is a H. After the wife’s number is a W. Each child is given an alphabetical designation, such as C1 of 4, C2 of 4, etc.

    The individual(s) or family goes back to Mexico or their country of origin.

    The US should rent some space on Mexican territory to put up a building for the quick processing. The Invaders should not step on soil of the USA.

    If the Invaders desire to submit information, they can go to the website and submit information. They, of course, must use the number assigned to each one.

    What do you think?