Hundreds of Criminal Aliens Owe Their Freedom to Massachusetts Sanctuary Policies

Despite nine previous deportations, and against the government’s recommendation, authorities in Massachusetts saw fit to release Mexican national Bulmaro Enriquez without bail, but under the conditions that he abide by a curfew, post equity in his girlfriend’s home and show up for his October sentencing date. Habitual violation of U.S. immigration law is not his only offense. According to the Justice Department, Enriquez violated his pretrial release by testing positive for cocaine and buprenorphine and is also facing state charges for domestic assault and battery.

Sadly for Bay State residents, a report prepared by the Boston office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) shows such callous disregard to public safety is not uncommon. In the period between March 19 and May 30, 2018, nearly 50 percent of the 456 deportable aliens arrested in Massachusetts were able to avoid ICE detention because of local law enforcement refused ICE detainers or released criminals before a detainer could be issued.

Every month, Boston ICE receives about 400 biometric “hits” that match with previous immigration records. Over the ten-week period analyzed, 832 hits were reviewed by ICE based on criminal arrests in Massachusetts and 456 cases were deemed actionable, including 216 criminal aliens with offenses from rape and firearms possession, to drug trafficking and domestic violence.

Among the more than 200 released were:

  • An native of the Dominican Republic who been convicted of assault and deported before allegedly raping a female Boston College student in the back seat of his car
  • A Guatemalan arrested on charges of domestic assault and battery, but released by local police before being captured by ICE in January
  • Two natives of the Dominican Republic were charged with intent to distribute cocaine and heroin, but were released (and remain at large) after an ICE detainer was ignored by Worcester police.

The Boston ICE report bears a chilling resemblance to the experience of New York City under even more lenient sanctuary policies. A three-month review released last month showed hundreds of dangerous criminals released went on to commit additional offenses.

Between January and mid-April, New York City Police Department (NYPD) and New York Department of Corrections (NYDOC) ignored all of the 440 detainers it received and, according to ICE, in 40 cases the criminal aliens were re-arrested by local law enforcement officers, according to ICE.

The report should be on the minds of Massachusetts legislators and Gov. Charlie Baker as they debate the state’s budget, including amendments to move farther toward “sanctuary state” status.

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    Overpopulation In Sanctuary City Seattle Just Wiped Out the Baby Orcas Whales [the last 5 years] from Sewage Rinse into Puget Sound

    Extinction of the Orcas Whale soon, at a theater near you. A feather in the open border party hat or devil horns?

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    It’s not the town cop’s job to enforce federal laws. That is what we have an FBI, DEA, DHS, ATF, EPA and many more. It is an unfunded mandate to expect the village constable to retain custody of anyone for a minute longer than the judge tells them to.

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    We’ve had an invasion of this country for thirty years by the citizens of foreign countries and we have rewarded that behavior with making citizens of their children born here. That, and legal immigration, has changed the politics of states like California, New York, Massachusetts and others which have become left wing Democratic bastions, when formerly they elected Republicans many times. Now foreign criminals are under the protections of many state and city governments and are repeatedly returned to the streets. Our laws mean nothing. But let’s go crazy because the DNC was stupid enough not to have decent security on their emails.

    Guys like Ted Kennedy knew exactly what the result of the 1965 immigration act would be. But he insisted that it would “not bring a million immigrants a year to our cities” and that it would “not change the ethnic makeup of the country”. Those promises were as good as “Mary Jo, I’ll drive you back to your hotel”.

    That’s why when they talk of getting rid of the electoral college, the only answer to that has to be no. Californians have voted for the destruction of their state. What was formerly the finest school system in the country has been destroyed for the sake of foreign students. Housing costs are impossible for almost all the working class, when it used to be one of the cheapest places to live. Homeless fill the streets of cities like Los Angeles, which used to be spotlessly clean decades ago. And this is what they want to do to this whole country.