Denial Isn’t Just a River in Egypt; It’s in the Rio Grande, too

A few nearsighted naysayers in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley may not like it, but a border wall will be good for public safety and their communities. The wall-bangers’ problem is in failing to see both sides of a dangerous picture.

While much of the conversation about the wall is rightly focused on the ease by which illegal aliens break into the U.S., there should be equivalent concern about the return trips to Mexico.

Texas sheriffs regularly respond to residential burglaries by criminals headed back south. It would be difficult, to say the least, to drive stolen cars or carry loot over a ladder on the way home.

A border wall saves lives by stanching weaponry, drugs and human trafficking, while protecting the environment. A hardened barrier, better than any type of reactive technology, blocks vehicles that transport trouble in bulk.

Whether wall critics admit it or not, anyone with eyes to see knows the borderlands are extremely dangerous.

Two Mexican border cities rank among the most dangerous in the world. One Mexican state bordering the United States is subject to the strictest travel warnings the State Department issues, due to criminal activity and violence.

Noting that nearly half of all federal crimes prosecuted in the United States are committed within miles of the southern border, Texan Benjamin Dierker wrote in the Federalist last month:

“It is only rational to construct a barrier between dangerous places and safe ones. The wall would reduce the spillover of violence, drugs, and burglary that plague so many along the border.”

Which side of the wall would you rather be on?

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    faster wall is up & running the better we all will be! time to stop all this nonsense! we need border walls to keep our people trying to come into this country to destroy from inside! wake up people & push for faster construction!

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    Time to Build the Wall all along the Southern Border!!!!! Time to increase funding for ICE!!!! Vote all Democrats and open border supporters out of office!!!!

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    Stephen Russell on

    Funding Wall: excess sources
    Drug cartels
    Debt Mexico Owes US?
    From funds when defund UN
    & NO Taxes raised to build Wall


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    Can’t wait for the wall to be finished complete with covered shooting platforms with over lapping fields of fire to eliminate those “Nasty Illegal Darwin Theory Candidate’s” who try to climb it ,Hell if they were to charge $10.00 a head to shoot they could use the cash for wall maintenance after all “The Only Good One Is A Dead One !!!” LMFAO

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    An empire building a wall to help control its borders is not new.

    From Britannica:

    –“Hadrian’s Wall, continuous Roman defensive barrier that guarded the northwestern frontier of the province of Britain from barbarian invaders. The wall extended from coast to coast across the width of northern Britain…”

    –“Emperor Hadrian (ruled 117–138 ce) went to Britain in 122 and, in the words of his biographer, “was the first to build a wall, 80 miles long, to separate the Romans from the barbarians.” The initial construction of the wall took approximately six years, and expansions were later made. Upon Hadrian’s death, his successor Antoninus Pius (138–161) decided to extend the Roman dominion northward by building a new wall in Scotland.

    The resulting Antonine Wall stretched for 37 miles (59 km) along the narrow isthmus between the estuaries of the Rivers Forth and Clyde. Within two decades, however, the Antonine Wall was abandoned in favour of Hadrian’s Wall, which continued in use nearly until the end of Roman rule in Britain (410).”

    –“Hadrian’s Wall was built mainly by soldiers of the three legions of Britain, but it was manned by the second-line auxiliary troops. Its purpose was to control movement across the frontier and to counter low-intensity threats.”

    –“The original plan was to construct a stone wall 10 Roman feet wide (a Roman foot is slightly larger than a standard foot) and at least 12 feet high for the eastern sector and a turf rampart 20 Roman feet wide at the base for the western sector; both were fronted by a ditch, except where the crags rendered this superfluous.

    At every 1/3 Roman mile there was a tower, and at every mile a fortlet (milefortlet, or milecastle) containing a gate through the wall, presumably surmounted by a tower, and one or two barrack-blocks. Before this scheme was completed, forts were built on the wall line at roughly 7-mile intervals and an earthwork, known as the vallum, dug behind the wall and the forts. Probably at this stage the stone wall was narrowed from 10 Roman feet wide to about 8 feet.”

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    If you would choose to be in the US territory, at least don’t do any graffiti! Lol

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    Many people are unaware of the term “Rube Goldberg”. Essentially it was an old time comic that consisted of an elaborate series of devices that in the end produced the same result as could be done in one step. Now the definition is something overly complicated. And that is how many wall opponents want to see things, labelling a wall as “old technology” so instead we have to have drones and cameras, in other words devices that really do nothing to actually stop people.

    They constantly fantasize over illegals struggling through miles of burning desert temps with 31 foot ladders {to get over a 30 foot wall}. Never mind that a wall, like a prison, is never going to stop everyone from getting over. But what it does do is slow illegals down to the point where the Border Patrol can see them and get to the site. And the Border Patrol finds walls to be very effective deterrents.

    Israel had a series of attacks a couple decades ago of suicide bombers coming in from Palestinian areas and hitting cafes businesses and buses. They built a tall concrete wall. Those attacks came to almost a complete halt. You can insist it’s all a coincidence or you can recognize it did what it was meant to do. The left prefers coincidence since for them nothing could possibly be that simple, or so their vastly superior brain power tells them.

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      belinda kachmann on

      Thank you for instilling reason and sensibility into this conversation. The bottom line is that what people who oppose the wall really want is open borders. As a sovereign nation, we simply cannot absorb all who want to come, (and go), as they please. If that were the case, we would be Meximericanada.

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        And aren’t we well on the road to being Meximericanada? Currently, we have about 50+ million Mexicans in our country, about 20 million of them illegals. Of course, the numbers change almost daily due to the 30,000-50,000 new illegals (ones caught) entering every month and the 400,000+ illegal anchor babies born here every year. Our population experts predict, if nothing changes, in a few more years we will have 100+ million Mexican citizens (most illegals) here and they will be the majority people in the USA. White European people settled, and developed this nation and are well on the way to becoming a minioritym in our own land. That is sad, especially sad that this nation is being willfully given over to Mexico.