In Canada, Border Enforcement Gains Support

More than a year after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted an open border invitation to refugees, a two-thirds of voters believe the country faces an immigration “crisis,” says a new Angus Reid Institute poll.

Asked their views on “irregular border crossers,” a majority – 67 percent – of Canadians define the situation created by a massive surge in illegal aliens from the U.S. and an almost equal number lack faith in the government to handle the surge.

The sentiment is shared by those of all political stripes. On the question whether “too many” illegal immigrants have been given entry to the country, 65 percent of Conservative Party voters say yes, while more than half those who identified as Liberal and New Democratic party agreed.

Furthermore, the number of Canadians who feel their government has been too “generous” to illegal aliens increased from 53 percent last year in September 2017 to 58 percent in the recent poll.

Despite the myth created in the media that Canadians want wide open borders, the poll found most Canadians reflect the position held by their American cousins that a priority placed on border monitoring and security (78 percent) than on “accommodating” new immigrants (50 percent).

And like leftist politicians in the United States, Trudeau did not consider the consequences of publicly promoting his open-door vision, primarily the financial and security costs to his countrymen.

Since January 2017, nearly 30,000 illegal aliens have attempted to cross the U.S.-Canadian border. So far in 2018, there have been 3,082 illegal immigrants apprehended at the border, compared with 2,950 who entered via legal means.

According to recently released figures from the Parliamentary Budget Office, in the last year and a half, the Canadian government spent more than $270 million on illegal border crossers.

The Canada Border Services Agency spent $54.5 million Canadian dollars between April 2017 and June 2018, while the Immigration Department spent over $117 million.

And that does not include the costs of food and housing for illegal immigrants.

Particularly hard hit is the province of Ontario, where a large number of immigrants reside, according to Statistics Canada.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has demanded Trudeau grant his request of $200 million to pay for costs, including health and education, he says ae owed to the province.

Toronto Mayor John Tory also appealed to Trudeau to help pay for the $74 million in shelter costs he estimates the city has amassed.

“We just don’t have the resources to do it alone,” Tory said.

As the backlash escalates, maybe Justin Trudeau will realize that often it is better to be seen and not heard.

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    Also the U.S. doesn’t do anything when you tip ICE about Mexicans working illegally with their B1/B2 tourist visas in Northern California, not even when they work growing marijuana. I have been doing this for over a year, and they just don’t do anything. California is lost to illegal immigration, that is fact. A sad one.

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    Well of course, after the U.S. has made it clear that they are tired of illegal immigration, it was obvious Mexicans would go further up.

    I am both an American and a Mexican, but I currently live in Mexico. So here’s a fact:

    I know over two hundred Mexicans, most of them with college degrees or in the process of studying, that chose to go Vancouver this Summer to work illegally, because they get paid like ten times more than they would here in Mexico. In other words, if Mexicans do not even respect Mexican laws, what would make Canadians think they would respect theirs?
    I am not racist, it is just the truth. I hate living in a country where nobody follows the rules/laws. The only benefit is true freedom, but you can’t really live free in a corrupt society, at least not safely.

    Canada was foolish to believe Mexicans wouldn’t stay to work there illegally.

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    R Jeffrey Savlov on

    Canad will have an immigration problem and mounting deficits across the country along with mounting crime statistics as long as they allow the Liberals to remain in power. The should have learned from looking south. These United States are suffering greatly from eight years of Progressive rule. They are not only dangerous as anyone can see by looking at the fiscal disaster created by the Obama administration, the City of Detroit which was under the Democrat thumb for 30+ years and the disaster in Chicago under Raum Emanual, the Obama serogate.

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    Hillary has booked a flight to Ottawa, where she will immediately portray all those Canadians who want border control as deplorable. Anyone see the pictures a couple months ago when she had two guys helping her down a flight of steps in India and she still slipped twice? No? If it had been Trump, well, you know. Wall to wall coverage. The media talks over and over about Trump’s “unpopularity” but his approval rating is about mid 40s and they don’t mention that their open borders heroes, Merkel of Germany, and Macron of France, have approval ratings of only 29% and 27%.

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    Japan strictly enforces its immigration laws and out of a population of 127 million people as of 2015 had only an estimated 60,000 illegal immigrants in their country. Japan is also one of the safest countries in the world with one of the lowest violent crime rates. Coincidence?

    Japan also has never had a terrorist attack carried out by an Islamic terrorist, the Japanese having allowed very fewer Muslims to immigrate to Japan, because they understand the concept that an Islamic terrorist cannot carry out a terrorist attack in Japan if they aren’t in Japan in the first place. Basically, they haven’t emasculated themselves with political correctness like most Western countries.

    Also, the US has borrowed over $1 trillion from Japan to help us pay our bills. FAIR estimates that illegal immigration costs the US over $100 billion a year, which means that over ten years that’s $1 trillion. So basically, to pay for ten years of illegal immigration we have borrowed over $1 trillion from a country that isn’t dumb enough to allow it.

    Yeah, we’re smart.

    –From Country Reports-Japan:

    Immigration Penalties: Japanese work visas are not transferable and are issued outside of Japan for a specific job with a specific employer at a specific place of employment. It is illegal for you to work in Japan while in tourist or visa-waiver status. Japanese authorities do not allow foreigners to change their immigration status from visa-waiver status to work status while in Japan. Japanese immigration officers may deny you entry if you appear to have no visible means of support.

    If you work in Japan without a work visa, you may be subject to arrest, which can involve several weeks or months of incarceration, followed by conviction and imprisonment or deportation. If you are deported, you will have to pay the cost of deportation, including legal expenses and airfare.

    Overstaying your visa or working illegally may lead to fines of several thousands of dollars, and in some cases, re-entry bans can be as long as ten years or indefinitely for drug offenders.

    From the Immigration Bureau of Japan:

    International law establishes the fundamental rule that a nation has the authority to prohibit entry by a foreigner when it deems said entry to be unbeneficial, as well as the authority to permit entry when it deems appropriate. Each country denies entry/landing of foreigners deemed likely to be harmful to the country’s public health, public order, domestic security, etc.

    Landing is denied to foreigners for whom permitting landing would be unfavorable for Japan. Specifically, entry/landing is denied to the following types of foreigners:

    1. Those for whom permitting landing would be unfavorable from a standpoint of health/hygiene.

    2. Those for whom permitting landing would be unfavorable due to their strong antisocial nature.

    3. Those for whom permitting landing would be unfavorable because of past experience being deported from Japan, etc.

    4. Those for whom permitting landing would be unfavorable because they pose a threat to the interests or security of Japan.

    5. Those for whom landing cannot be permitted due to reasons of reciprocity.

    –A foreign national who is deported from Japan may not enter Japan for five years after his/her deportation….