NY Gov. Cuomo still trying to skate on ICE

With his re-election campaign in full-swing, Cuomo must kiss the rings of the open border left-wingers who demand the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), including his Democratic Party opponent, activist Cynthia Nixon.

But polls show average voters oppose the “abolish ICE” movement and support stronger immigration law enforcement.

Given his political nature, the governor is trying to effectively abolish ICE through his policies that obstruct agents from carrying out their duties, but not actually saying he wants to abolish ICE.

Cuomo has sued the Trump administration when families were separated at the border, threatened legal action against ICE and obstructed their enforcement efforts, and devoted state taxpayer funds to legal aid funds for illegals.

Yet, when asked in June if he supported abolishing ICE, Cuomo said no.

Then he claimed ICE was not “a bona fide law enforcement organization that prudently and diligently enforces the law.”

Cuomo trotted out similar talking points last night on MSNBC when skating around the real issue – should we enforce immigration law or should we not.

He told host Ari Melber he did not support calls by Nixon to abolish ICE and once again argued ICE is not a legitimate law enforcement agency.

“I think what has happened is that the president has politicized ICE. We want need a police force obviously that fights terrorism. We don’t want what we have in ICE, which is a politicized police force” insisted Cuomo, adding “that is what has to be abolished.

He then declared: “I will do nothing cooperatively with ICE.”

Melber failed to press Cuomo on how he can oppose ICE today but accept money for his political campaigns from donors with connections to ICE? Or fired the aides who have ties to Customs and Border Protection?

And he did not ask Cuomo the key question: do you support the mission of ICE?

Hopefully, voters will ask themselves those questions in November and any future election.

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    This is what happens far too often. These politicians are not pressed on the details of what they believe. But then again, that’s why he’s on MSNBC because he knows he won’t be asked the really hard questions by the compliant media. The same media that is in hysterics when anyone suggests they are biased. That’s why these guys will never be interviewed on Fox. Cuomo is just another spineless double talker. At least Cynthia Nixon says what she feels.

    What he is unequivocally saying by “that is what has to be abolished” is the “that” he is referring to is ANY enforcement against people here illegally. It’s very clear. It’s the typical trick many Democrats and advocates pull by giving lip service to the idea of border or interior enforcement but their actions are exactly the opposite. When Cuomo says “I will do nothing cooperatively with ICE”, he means he wants an agency that overlooks illegal immigration, not one that does it’s duty to enforce the laws as written.

    If there was ever a doubt about the double standard of the media, all you need to look at is the NY Times knowingly hiring Sarah Jeong, the Asian writer who has repeatedly made disparaging posts about whites, comparing them to dogs, and tweeting F the police. All this is passed off as “satire”. I guess it was satire when she defended the “victim” in the Rolling Stone University of Virginia rape story, even after they entirely retracted the story and paid millions in damages to the accused. The Columbia Journalism Review found that the story failed the most basic standards in that it took the victim’s statements at face value and dismissed any other evidence. But it was good enough for Jeong who claimed it was “white boys” getting away with a crime. But what’s a little thing like evidence when you can take out your inferiority complex on the country that allowed you to come here.

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    What happens when a New Yorker is killed or maimed by an illegal alien, even one who’s had numerous run-ins with local or state law enforcement? The Dem’s and their media allies pretend it never happened.