Endless Protests Fall on Deaf Ears

No sooner had we heard that ICE had undertaken enforcement operations in Nebraska and that the administration was proposing that immigrants should be welcomed only if they can carry their own financial weight, than the media unleashed a coordinated howl of protest that these players “want to make America white again.”

“Making America white again,” along with “racist” and “white nationalist” seem to be the catch-all phrases for columnists and advocacy organizations that don’t want any immigration to be regulated.  This is a lie; transparent “fake news.” It’s wrong, it’s fraudulent and it’s transparent idiocy. Only people who need to believe this sort of doggerel should bother to read it. (I see it because in my profession I have to.)  Credit Trump that he ignores it.

The obvious effort to stop debate at any cost, without regard to facts or reality, has made their  voices marginal at best. (Who reads Esquire and Newsweek any more – like legacy ghost-ships of a by-gone era? Who really supports these outfits these days?)  The notion that reducing immigration and enforcing established, governing law will “make America white again” is laughable, unsupported by any empirical data and entirely dishonest.

In fact, most of the criticism about the President’s immigration policies is dishonest – comprising little more than mindless smears and name-calling.  That people are paid to write such drivel, and that it is produced on cue by a coordinated herd of lemmings unable to craft their own arguments or analysis is truly pathetic. It’s getting embarrassing.

Why don’t we just stipulate that leftist organizations like the Center for American Progress and the ACLU, along with their campaign organs masquerading as “news organizations” like the Washington Post, CNN and the New York Times, don’t really have any arguments to justify continued mass immigration or today’s lawless behavior on the border.

That the public has to endure this sort of nonsense from supposed professionals is remarkable.  The collapse of credibility and moral authority is irreparable.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws, none on the level of Obama but the numbers do add up. Far to many of our elected officials were and still are more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes. WE re-elected most of them !
    Americans have been sold out by both political parties on the immigration issue. Government is not going to stop the flood of immigrants (both legal and illegal) coming into our nation.
    If America as we know it is to be saved, it’s going to be up to citizens to do it, government has proved many times they will not. Trump was elected in large part on his immigration policy, if he fails the America we know will be gone forever.

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    Who are the real racists in this discussion? Do these so-called ‘journalists” believe that ‘people of color’ [however THAT’s defined!] are the ones who will be disqualified because they lack self-sufficiency? And that on the contrary, exclusively “white” immigrants will meet that requirement? That’s the ONLY way enforcing the laws on the books would result in an all-white immigration flow. And those who believe that scenario to be true are the racists.

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    Never complain; never explain. Our founding fathers were White and it was a majority White population that built, fought and died for this country. No apologies here; rather, race proud.

    Is Japan racist for keeping their culture and population a majority of Japanese? Is China racist for maintaining their culture and keeping a majority Chinese population? Why would anyone ever apologize for a country and its people maintaining its culture and refusing to turn it over to ethic groups that have invaded it?

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      True, Kathleen03, our founding fathers were white and the vast majority of American (and Canadians too) who built these countries and defended it with their blood — no apologies needed. I, too, am sick & tired of being Morally Blackmailed into the demands of the prejudicial bigoted blacks (and their supporters), as well as, other ethnic racist groups (e.g.: Muslims) who commit racism against whites and seeking White Genocide. And, as you said, “Why would anyone ever apologize for a country and its people maintaining its culture and refusing to turn it over to ethic groups that have invaded it?”

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    The mainstream media is a joke. The New York Times puts a woman on their editorial board who they knew had written numerous anti-white and anti-police tweets. CNN is the main, but hardly the only, promoter of the myths that led to the Black Lives Matter movement. That would be the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases. First of all, the entire media persists to this day in running pictures of Martin as a 12 year old, and not the available photos of the tall 17 year old he was at the time. It’s propaganda the old Soviet Union would be proud of.

    During Zimmerman’s trial, Sunny Hostin, then on CNN as a commentator, proclaimed herself “surprised” at the strength of the case that the defense was putting on. Asked by another commentator if she still supported the charge of second degree murder, something she had pushed for a year, she was quick to say oh no, she still thought that was correct. In other words, I won’t let the facts overcome my bias. But the case was clear from the beginning from the witness statements taken the night of the encounter, a week before it became the media’s latest crusade.

    It was clear that Martin had already walked past Zimmerman, was almost to the apartment where he was staying, according to Martin’s girlfriend who he was on the phone with, and then he turned back around, walked up to Zimmerman and sucker punched him and then was beating his head on concrete. Nor does the media mention their little angel had already been suspended from school three times in that school year.

    To this day, the media is also united in their sob stories for Michael Brown. Never mind that there is a video of Brown robbing a store and strong arming a clerk half his size. Or that the Obama Justice Dept, which would have loved to indict the cop, said that all the evidence and the “credible” witnesses, not the street reprobates the media loves to interview, showed the cop was entirely consistent in his story. Brown attempted to grab his gun, resulting in a shot fired in the car, and then ran from the cop, turned around and charged him. The shell casings showed the cop tried to back up and then fired the final fatal shots when Brown kept coming.

    But the media is always “unarmed black man killed by racist cop”. The media also paid no attention this week when a Berkley ANTIFA protestor got only 3 years probation for his unprovoked assault on Trump supporters, hitting several in the head with a heavy bike lock leaving them injured. With the media, it’s look over there, alt right alt right.

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    Who cares if ICE rescues children from sexual slavery and that the country is going broke and we can’t even afford to take care of our own poor let support every one of the billions of poor people on the planet who want to come here?

    All that really matters is more voters for corrupt politicians and cheap labor for special interests! Yay!

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    Here in Texas Illegals are opening businesses on every corner. They set their prices so low we can’t compete so we lose the business. they also go to your customers and offer lower prices, what I call getting stabbed in the back. Mom and pop shops that have been open 20+ years are struggling to keep their doors open. American people that go to illegal shops to get the work done cheaper are traitors if you ask me!

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      Sophia Carney on

      Yes! Why can’t we? Why can’t we send all Illegal’s-Men, Women, Children to the nearest Military Installation and from there put them on Troop Mover’s and under the cover of darkness take them back to wherever country in which they came.