ISIS Arrest Exposes Lie about Refugee Vetting

With the Trump administration facing an October 1 deadline to determine how many refugees will be allowed to enter the U.S. a group of partisan senators fired off a letter lambasting the “slashing of refugee admissions” and requesting a reversal of President Trump’s crackdown.

Open the doors to more refugees, argued Sens. Chris Van Hollen (Md.) and Dick Durbin (Ill.) because “refugees are the most carefully vetted of all travelers” who “do not arrive in the U.S. without first clearing extensive biometric, biographic, intelligence, medical, and law enforcement checks, involving multiple agencies.”

Really? That might be news to Omar Ameen, an Iraqi national and suspected ISIS member, who was arrested on charges of murdering an Iraqi police officer.

According to the Justice Department’s extradition documents, Ameen submitted his refugee application U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in 2012 claiming he was a victim of the violence in Iraq.

Then living in Turkey, Ameen was given approval to come to the U.S. on June 5, 2014. However, the 45-year-old terrorist first returned to Iraq with other ISIS members to murder an Iraqi police officer in the town of Rawah.

As the government’s filings show, it would not have taken extreme effort to uncover the Ameen’s real history.

According to the extradition document, which was filed by McGregor W. Scott, a U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of California, witnesses interviewed by the FBI said it was “common knowledge in Rawah, Iraq, that Ameen was a main local figure of AQI (al Qaeda in Iraq) and ISIS.”

In addition, they disclosed that his family “is alleged to be one of five native Rawah families that founded AQI in the region.”

Ameen also lied about his terrorist affiliation in subsequent applications for refugee status and a green card – neither of which were approved since he was placed under government investigation in 2016.

Seamus Hughes, the deputy director of the George Washington University Program in Extremism, told The New York Times, “It’s clear there were clear breakdowns in the refugee-vetting system in this case as a lot of the information on him was readily available.”

Hopefully, it will be clear to everyone else that until our vetting system is vastly improved, the number of refugees should by no means be increased.

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    We Spend Too Much Time

    Worrying about whiners and obstructionists and not enough time building the WALL. Vote Republican this Fall, just on the immigration issue alone.

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    There is simply no way that we can know the details of a lot of these people because a lot come from countries that have few records to begin with or they were destroyed in war or civil unrest. Saying they are “thoroughly vetted” is bunk. It appears in this case, even though info was available, it was ignored. Nothing new. Look for instance at the Florida school shooter. Someone called the FBI about a month before with his name, where he lived, the guns he had, and the specific threats he was making. That was not passed on to the local FBI office. Any investigation or discipline on who screwed up there? With all the talk about security clearances, wonder why Hillary still has hers, a couple years after the FBI concluded she had been extremely careless with top secret info and that it had been accessed by a foreign intelligence agency. But Trump.

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    George Peabody on

    ARREST BARACK H, OBAMA. aka BARRY SOETORO muslim citizen of Indonesia born in Kenya…. never a US Citizen but used fraud I,D. and fraud SS# and DNC Pelosi and corrupt Hawaii Officials to get on 2008 ballot to USURP the office of POTUS in 2008 and 2012. Illegal alien, Usurper, Jhadist infiltrator, TREASON !!

    Also see MUSLIM Immigration ACT in 1952 Islam Muslims are not allowed to hold any government, Federal or civil office in the United States. Also, tells all about Islam Muslims, about what happened at Tripoli and the war with Muslims. The barbaric killing they did to Americans, and the 1952 ACT was signed by Congress which is still the law but hidden from the public.

    Islamic Jihad practiced with religious fervor is not religion to be protected by our Constitution FOR the USA . This new Freedom of Religion commission could be used against us allowing the enemy and their Satanic “Religion” to plant the Terrorist Training Facilities commonly referred to as “Mosques” anywhere and everywhere. See what just happened in New Mexico ?

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    None need to be here remove all illegals and their families don’t care if born here illegal is illegal that includes the kids ship out, and when we have bills or changes made nothing attached Nothing attached done with this garbage the officials pull to Waist our Money, make it Against the Law to attach anything to any bills and ear marks against the law as well

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    We must stop immigration until our Congress strengthen our laws. Our representatives are inserting immigration rules in other bills. The Appropriation committee has placed immigration in their bill and buries it so no one knows. I’m sure the lobbiest are happy with this. Until the voters monitor what our representatives are voting for and make sure we are heard this will not change. Congress should have a straight out vote not this sneaky back door bill making. We must make our representatives accountable.

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    Right now all refugees should not be allowed to enter this country things are bad enough as it is with all the leftist marching in our streets. We already have thousands of Muslims in this country that have used this refugee organizations to lie on any applications that they might have been told to fill out. We have members of ISIS using the Mexican cartels that are sneaking them across the Border as well as flying them back to Mexico.
    This why the wall is so badly needed. Some of the information that I have found out has came from Judicial Watch.

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    Unfortunately, way too many Americans are still incredibly naive even after 9/11 and all the other terrorist attacks both in the US and Europe. “The refugee ISIS member lied and didn’t tell us he was a terrorist. That’s not fair! How could he?”

    And all these “progressives” are out marching around protesting Trump’s travel ban. Do they have any idea what ISIS members would do to them if they could? How pathetic.

    But the big problem is these open borders protesters are putting the lives in danger of Americans who still retain the instinct to protect their own lives. How naive are these people?

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    We need to stop ALL immigration until more definitive rules can be laid down that allow better control of those who over stay visas, lie on applications and all of the other things that go wrong on a regular basis.