MD Suburb Now Gangland Ground Zero

Once upon a time, there was a charming leafy well-to-do suburban county just outside Washington, D.C.  And then it got taken over by people with some very bad ideas, and much of it became a poverty-stricken, crime-ridden disaster area.  To be sure, the problems of Montgomery County, Maryland, didn’t start overnight, and they aren’t all due solely to illegal immigration.  But that’s undeniably been a huge part of it, and it’s still only getting worse.

The statistics are pretty shocking.  Comparing the first six months of this year to the first six months of 2017, the county’s police reported at the end of July that “violent gang-related crime is up 67 percent, gang-related robberies are up 36 percent while gang-related assaults are up 43 percent.”  Additionally, “sex offenses have risen by more than 53 percent,” which Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger aptly described as “[o]ne of the things that is most alarming.”

In December of last year, with gang crime already surging, Manger may have been trying to downplay the impact of illegal immigration yet inadvertently highlighted it when he said, “[t]hese kids are born and raised in the U.S., and then the other half of our gang activity is the ethnic-based gangs who align themselves with folks from their country of origin[.]”

Half?  While Manger may have been speaking figuratively or exaggerating, that sure sounds like as much as “half” of the county’s gang members could be illegal aliens.  We know for sure that at least some of them are.  So maybe as much as half of the county’s gang crime is by people who shouldn’t even be here.  It may not literally be half, but it’s clearly some significant percentage.

What has the county actually done to get to this point?  They’ve poured gasoline on an already raging inferno.  From 2014 to the present, they’ve ratcheted up one reckless sanctuary policy after another.  Their latest scheme was a proposal to fund lawyers to fight the deportation of illegal aliens in the county, with the money coming from the county’s remaining law-abiding taxpayers of course.  That fortunately (and surprisingly) got shot down after it met with fierce resistance, but one can only assume it’ll be back.

And not to be outdone, of course, the county’s municipalities have been jumping on the sanctuary bandwagon, too, with disastrous policies of their own.  Takoma Park became Maryland’s first sanctuary city all the way back in 1985.  Rockville, the county’s largest city, passed its sanctuary ordinance in June of last year.  And now Gaithersburg, its second-largest, looks to be on that path as well, with a “Freedom City” ordinance in the works inspired by lawless Austin, Texas.

Meanwhile, the violence by these gang members, particularly MS-13, is completely out of control.  From stabbing to decapitation to beating teenage girls with baseball bats to prolific armed robberies, it’s obvious who really has free rein of Montgomery County’s streets, and it isn’t the police, let alone law-abiding citizens.

Albert Einstein is supposed to have said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  The same line has also been attributed to the equally quotable wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, and probably others.  But regardless of who said it, it’s true, and Montgomery County is doing practically everything possible to prove it.  If they actually want to change things for the better, maybe it’s time to try something else.

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    I’m going to tell it like is and many of you might not like it, but just like you can’t believe how cowardly some are to call out those breaking the law, I can’t believe how pathetic so many civic nationalists are who won’t tell it like it is.

    All of Amerca’s problems are due to Jews, both neocon and liberal, and the nonwhite hordes they use to harass, rape and kill white poeple. If you think that this isn’t a race war, you are a fool.
    These creatures want all whites dead and then they will destroy what we and our ancestors conquered and built. You better strap up and strap in because one way or another, there is going to be an all out war in this country unless Trump pulls a miracle and is able to kick out all the subversive elements in our country and mobilize our national defense to kick out the majority of nonwhites.

    You might call that a pipe dream but all you boomers and others are totally deluded if you think America is going to function as a nonwhite country. You want the good times back? Well those existed when the country was 95% white. If you don’t wake up and realize the reality, you will die and you will not be missed because you were too stupid and cowardly to simply point out the elephants in the room.

    All of America’s problems are caused by nonwhites, Jews, and white traitors. Know your enemy or you’re quite simply, gonna die. And you know they want you dead. So actually do something courageous for once in your life and tell it like it is. Nonwhites make everything worse and Jews are their ringleaders.

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      You’ve lost your mind in the 1930 Dude. White Supremacy over Jews & non whites is totally wrong & stupid. Shows your lost KKK & nazi brain. Sure we need immigration to keep this country moving forward cause of the money we spend on them let alone give them. I know it’s B.S. but there is a GOD & I hope you find him cause what you’re talking is genocide not reform for this great Nation.

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    You don’t want to live in any part of Maryland if you care about your Rights. They don’t! Just check out the report on the CCL holder from Fla. who was stopped by a Maryland cop BECAUSE HIS NAME CAME UP ON A NATIONAL FILE AS A CCL HOLDER. Never mind that he wasn’t in posession of a gun at the time. He was stopped and delayed anyway, questioned about where was his gun and on and on.

    So it appears only ILLEGALS have any Rights in Maryland.

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      You can thank the non whites and Jews for that. Wherever nonwhites and Jews go, they subvert and destroy their host. Too many conservatives are still cowards and afraid to call out the problem though. Nobody would care if the majority of our immigrants were white poeple from Norway or Scotland. Why? Because white people don’t act like the savage Aztec Indios and African cannibals that we have roaming our streets.

      In Africa and Central America it is still custom to rape kids, family members, kill and eat organs. Most whites don’t know this and if they did, they wouldn’t leave their home until these abominations were either kicked out of our country or euthanized.

      Nobody negotiates with an insect infestation in their home but most whites are still too cowardly to deal with the nonwhite infestation literally killing them and destroying everything they love.

      Arm yourselves and prepare for war because they’ve been waging war on you for the past five decades whether you realize it or not or are too scared to admit it. The time of reckoning is near.

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    ISLAM, is not a religion,it is a IDEOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN will these ASSHATS, get it right !!!!!!!!!!!

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    When Laura Ingraham made her remarks about “demographic changes” in America, this is exactly what she meant. You could bet a million dollars that the half the kids in gangs and “born and raised in the US” are Latino like the “other half”. As hard as it may be for liberals to admit, it is a Latino gang, with members from the Central American countries flooding our southern border.

    A lot of us no doubt know friends and relative who refuse to issue one word of condemnation about Islam. Especially a lot of women {Hillary voters}, who are in a constant uproar over the religious right wing here, but then turn around and insist that Islam, a religion that by it’s own rules and laws puts women under the thumb of their male relatives, has to be respected. It’s some kind of schizophrenia, like Sweden which is reaping the whirlwind their open border policies encouraged.

    Hypocrisy on the left is almost a guarantee. CCN’s Chris Cuomo defended the Antifa protestors from last weekend. He claimed “That’s why people who show up to fight against bigots are not to be judged the same as the bigots, even if they resort to the same petty violence”. The reality is that almost all of the violence at these events is started by the left, who show up in masks to avoid being identified.

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      It’s small pockets and always has been. This article is VERY slanted and not what the majority of MoCo is like.