Non-Citizens Face Jail for Voting in North Carolina

In the run-up to the November elections, more than a dozen foreign nationals face prison time and heavy fines for voting in North Carolina, according to a new federal task force.

The federal indictments may be the tip of the iceberg. Federal agents have subpoenaed more than 20 million North Carolina voter records covering eight years as part of a deepening inquiry into voter fraud in the Tar Heel State.

Last month, 17 foreign nationals were indicted for falsely claiming U.S. citizenship to register to vote and unlawful voting in the 2016 elections. If convicted, they could be sentenced to up six years in prison and slapped with six-figure fines.

Separately, criminal charges of fraud, misuse of visas and unlawful voting were filed against Diana Patricia Franco-Rodriguez, 26, of Mexico. She could get up to 26 years behind bars and a $350,000 fine.

In addition to Mexico, the indicted foreign nationals hail from El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Panama, Grenada, Guyana, Germany, Poland and Italy.

A U.S. citizen, Denslo Allen Paige, 66, was charged with aiding and abetting one of the Mexican nationals in falsely claiming U.S. citizenship to register to vote. Paige could receive up to five years in prison, along with a $250,000 fine.

The indictments stem from an investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) as part of a newly created Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force (DBFTF) in the Eastern District of North Carolina. DBFTFs combine federal, state and local law enforcement resources to investigate and disrupt fraud schemes.

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Meanwhile, research by the Public Interest Legal Foundation found that 3,120 non-citizens were registered to vote and/or removed from the rolls in 13 sanctuary cities across the U.S. from 2006-2018.

The 3,120 total is a lowball figure as some notable sanctuary jurisdictions, such as California’s Los Angeles and Alameda counties, refused to respond to multiple requests for data.

Fairfax County, Va., led the list of removals with 1,334 non-citizens purged from the voter rolls.

In the majority of cases, detection and removal of non-citizen voters came only after individuals self-reported their ineligible status at the risk of immigration jeopardy or deportation, PILF stated.

“Few sanctuary jurisdictions use systems established to actively detect unlawful registrations already in existence. None verify claims of citizenship during voter registration,” PILF noted.

Further problems arise when jurisdictions like Takoma, Md., and Chicago permit aliens to vote in local elections. Federal law dictates that only U.S. citizens may vote in federal elections. Most states only permit citizens to vote in statewide elections. However, some states allow municipalities to set their own voting rules for local elections.

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    No alien illegals No illegals have the right to vote in our country and any state that allowed this than their votes should not count at all they can’t uphold our laws than they have NO right to have a say in what goes in America. these illegals are putting a undue strain on our Welfare, SS, programs that they Are NOT ENTITLED to it is the American Taxpayers Money and is to be used for Americans, not illegals, refugees, and these wrongful slush funds, nfl, pph, aclu, and other crooked organization that this gov. gives to it is our money and this is to stop, Rich getting our money to make them richer while this has to stop the gov. has no right to take our money and use it for frivolous garbage.
    So arrest these illegal voters in 72 hrs. They and their families Deported never allowed back in America.

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    I am so sick of “immigration” problems in our country. I live in Orlando, and I am surrounded by Spanish speaking people who are loud and show NO respect for America. They came from 3rd world countries and they are now turning America into a third world country! The hurricanes we had last year didn’t help our country at all. Orlando is now known as “little Puerto rico”. Miami has always been known as “little cuba”. Just makes me sick to see what has happened to our country!!!
    These people who are not American citizens and are VOTING!!! Lock their sorry selves up and throw away the key…………

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      Look at forest instead of just trees. Forest is Soros&Spawn plan to destroy all USA, Constitution, Founding Documents and White Guys Founders, University Professors replacing pro-USA with commies, dehumanizing and destroying students into robots, erasing all civics classes and instruction, rewriting pro-USA school textbooks, inciting riots against US elected and appointed representatives, harassing and attacking pro-Trump citizens, AND having their Useful Idiots pull down and destroy statuary WE PAID for that relate to our History.
      Summary: Plan is to erase USA and create NorthAmericaUnion NAU with Canada USA Mexico and trailing countries… Obama did as told had brought Cuba into fold as end of NAU “trail.” Soros plans NAU to connect to the EU which he owns. The Brits are giving him fits, heh heh, wanting to escape his clutches and formed BREXIT. He is whipping his Useful Idiots AND co-conspirators in London, in Parliament, to stop BREXIT.

      So, what we have is the Usual Suspects going for the gold of owning the world. It IS their plan.

      ’nuff said, ‘mericans??

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      Agree lock them up till Deported it that needs done with in 72 hrs. and their family goes with them, we have to protect America and Americans they re here to destroy this country they are not accountable for this country Our gov. Needs to do what they re supposed to do keep America, Americans safe.

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      Agree. No respect for AMERICA. Something needs to be done, even though they get a job and too mant things given to them. They think they should change AMERICA slowly. Trying to make Americans speak their language . Until someone steps in and say no language spoken on jobs except ENGLISH, whats happening? All I hear is spanish on my job most of the time. Cliques, very little communication, or socialization.

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      American Revolutionary War descendant on

      I completely agree. As someone who has lived in Southern California for many years, I have seen the changes that’s a Mexicans have brought to my state. It’s terrifying. For my State, it all goes back to the Reagan amnesty and the overturning of prop187. Shortly afterthese illegals were rewarded my States went from majority Republican to Democrat.
      We need to stop making excuses. These Hispanics want La Raza Reconquista. We need to deport everyone of these. Mexicans are at war with us and the federal government doesn’t care
      The other elephant in the room is white genocide. As the government continually tries to displace I majority-white country with a small amount of black people, the demographics andculture changes. Hispanic Community is taking over our country. out here in California, they do not hire whites or blacks once they make it to management. Hispanics only care about their own.
      The legal and illegal Hispanic communities undercut wages businesses from hard-working white and black communities.
      wages continually go down because of Hispanics will always do it for Less even though it is ALWAYS shoddy work.

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    For those of us who Really don’t appreciate our votes being cancelled out because of these non-citizens…this really is infuriating! !

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      Kenneth Russell on

      I agree completely! Why waste time and resources on these scum dwelling illegals. Just kick their *** out of America and ban them from ever entering again.

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      Veronica M Reimann on

      I totally agree.. AS a legal immigrate in the 50’s. & have been a legal American citizen since 1960. I find the local government who allow & condone this an insult to all of us who came in the front door legally & when the time came studied hard to pass our citizenship tests. These people should be front page news should feel the full extent of the law including the fines that should be sent to their country of origin when deported within 24 hrs. These monies could be subtracted from any foreign aid we give to these countries from which these people have come from to invade us along with the list of these people sent to the U.N.

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    Bu…bu…bu….but….Voter Suppression! Seriously, if this is what the Loony Left means by “voter suppression” then we need a LOT MORE of it!