In Portland, Abolish ICE Propaganda is No Longer on the Menu

After weeks of protests and boycotts, patrons of Burgerville locations in Portland, Oregon, are now free to enjoy their burgers and fries without a side order of anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) propaganda thanks to a revised button policy. Yes, a button policy.

The Burgerville brouhaha began in August when workers at one of two unionized locations started wearing buttons emblazoned with the political propagandist message of “Abolish ICE” and “No One is Illegal.”

This ran afoul of a company policy instituted in late August by Holland Inc., the chain’s parent company, prohibiting “political” buttons, but allowing those promoting better wages and working conditions. When workers at one of two unionized locations refused to remove them they were fired.

After the company backed down by re-hiring – including back pay – for the 10 agitators, the Burgerville Workers Union (BWU) posted their delight in forcing the company to revoke the “white supremacist” policy. The post also promised: “Corporate is not off the hook.”

The leftists’ actions were not so popular among others on social media, however.

Among those responding on Twitter was radio host Ken Webster Jr. who suggested a new welcome statement: “Welcome to Antifa burger, would you like oppression with that?”

“Kiosks here we come. They’re cheaper and they can’t display political messages against policy. Enjoy your job while it exists, silly Burgerville unionites,” tweeted another (former) customer.

“Guests provided feedback that they didn’t want to see personal and political messages while they ate,” and “some employees expressed that the content of the buttons was drawing unwanted attention that made them uncomfortable,” said Liz Graham, director of human resources.

“We see the workplace as a central realm for combating white supremacy and anti-immigrant sentiment,” said Emmet Schlenz, a spokesman for the Burgerville Workers Union, told the Oregonian.

Thankfully, the company sees it differently, releasing a statement to Fox News on Sunday saying their longstanding verbal policy barring the wearing of personal buttons would be put in writing.  To no one’s surprise BWU criticized the decision as “racist” and urged their fellow leftists to tell Burgerville “that undocumented immigrants are welcome here, and tell them to work with the union on a button policy!”

It may be a small victory, but an important one heading into November with the fate of Oregon’s sanctuary status on the ballot. After living in a sanctuary state for the last 31 years, Oregon residents have the opportunity to vote in support of Measure 105, which would repeal the law and allow public funds to be used to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

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    Illegals are like Cancer. Once it takes over, no amount of “remission” will save you, eventually, you will loose!
    And in this country, only the good die first, when the disease of illegals take over, they spread everywhere!

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    Let’s hope that SANITY prevails in OREGON when they have the opportunity to vote for IMMIGRATION CONTROL!

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    Abolish ICE = abolish borders and abolish any deportations. Anyone who claims that is not what it means needs to explain what it does mean. Hard to see it as anything else. This is the age old trick of the left. Make some mealy mouth statement about “we have the right to secure our borders” and follow that with why we should not take any actions to actually do that.

    This union and their workers are a bunch of 40 watters. How in the hell could this be “racist”. You can be sure that a big percentage of them are “woke” white millennials who are scared stiff that they will be seen as anything less than totally liberal. All these people are so convinced of their righteousness that they see any opposition to them doing exactly what they want, when and where they want to, as some infringement of their rights. The guy who signs the paycheck can tell you what you can engage in at work.

    Media spin: Trump aides took documents off his desk about trade pacts with Korea and NAFTA so he would not change policies with either. Reality: Last March he signed a new trade pact with Korea. This month he is concluding a new NAFTA pact with Mexico. Both are more favorable for this country. He has tweeted about both many times. Conclusion: Is the media clueless, lying, or biased? Or most likely, all three. The old Soviet Union Pravda has nothing on our media.