U.S. Cities Receive High Marks for How Well They Treat Illegal Aliens

American cities are known for many things around the world – whether it be food, music, history, or culture – but now, shockingly, they are recognized for something else: how well they treat illegal aliens.

New American Economy (NAE) recently published a report on economic integration where it ranked U.S. cities on their “welcoming policies” towards the immigrant population. According to the methodology of the report, an immigrant is defined as “anyone born outside the country to non-U.S. citizen parents who is living here and counted by the census. This includes naturalized citizens, green card holders, temporary visa holders, refugees, asylees, and undocumented immigrants, among others.” While the objective of integrating those who are here legally is an admirable one, local governments should not be in the business of welcoming lawbreakers.

The report, otherwise known as the NAE Cities Index, systematically evaluates alien integration by measuring local policies and how well they’ve created jobs, boosted wages, and expanded legal protections for the alien population, including illegal aliens.

Unsurprisingly, the top-ranked cities include: Newark, N.J.; Baltimore, Md.; New York, N.Y.; Chula Vista, Calif.; San Francisco, Calif.; Philadelphia, Pa.; San Jose, Calif.; Chicago, Ill.; Fremont, Calif.; and Detroit, Mich.; which have all been identified by FAIR as sanctuary jurisdictions.

It should be expected that illegal aliens receive morebenefits  in these jurisdictions – their local governments have advanced radical policies which take from American citizens and legal immigrants and give to non-citizens and illegal aliens. Such policies exist notwithstanding the fact that these cities have high unemployment and homeless rates, according to surveys published by the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Labor (DOL).

By lumping policies that are targeted to helping illegal immigrants in with policies that help those here legally, NAE is awarding points to locales that embrace policies that intentionally violate federal law by helping illegal, and possibly criminal illegal aliens.  Maybe they should rethink the way they award points.

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Colton joined FAIR in 2018 as a legislative advisor for state and local policy. Prior to FAIR, Colton responded to constituent needs and legislative issues in the offices of U.S. Senator Thom Tillis and U.S. Representatives Virginia Foxx, Mark Meadows, and Richard Hudson. His congressional service covered a wide range of policy issues including agriculture, immigration, health care, welfare, and economic development. Before this, he was responsible for direct lobbying, grassroots mobilization, and strategic initiatives for several advocacy groups, including the North Carolina Association of Realtors, the Susan B. Anthony List, and Concerned Veterans for America. Colton holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Sociology from Western Carolina University.


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    No American citizen is against legal immigration of those who come here & can support themselves legally & not be a burden to the USA by claiming any benefits. We do need to stop all immigration till we have rounded up & deported all those who think they can jump the queue * come here & immediately suck off the taxpayers. We need to follow the rules that were on the books pre- 1964 when Ted Kennedy made a mess of the laws.
    #1 We need to stop all chain immigration
    #2 we need to stop all anchor babies.
    #3 we need to allow only those in that have the skills that the USA needs after American citizens have been hired
    #4 No free education , grants or scholarships for foreign nationals. If allowed in the country to go to school or university they pay full tuition, books & & must l return to country of origin upon graduation
    #5 Farmers & ranchers may hire a guest worker for harvest only But are responsible for their health, board room & return to country of origin when harvest is over. or they will be subject to a heavy fine.
    #7 No more refugees in this country that are not fully vetted. This has to stop
    This all may not be the total answer but it is worth a try

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    The CATO Institute recently published a poll by their head of polling Emily Ekins that claims, I do not know whether it is accurate or not, that “Religious participation also appears to pull Mr. Trump’s supporters away from the administration’s immigration policy. The more frequently Trump voters attend church, the more they support offering citizenship to unauthorized immigrants and making the immigration process easier, and the more opposed they become to the border wall.”

    Yes, CATO, Jesus came to earth so that the billionaires and greedy businessman who fund CATO could flood the US with an unlimited supply of cheap foreign labor and in the process drive down wages, help bankrupt the US, help destroy our middle class, increase the amount of horrible crimes committed in the US, increase the number of terrorist attacks, increase the amount of opioids from China Mexican drug cartels are smuggling into the US which are killing tens of thousands of Americans a year, overwhelm our country’s institutions which should be assimilating newcomers, increase political unrest, and the list goes on.

    Yes, CATO loves Jesus now!

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      8th generation American Patriot on

      Soros-funded lobby groups have been dishing out boatloads of $$$ to “evangelical” and other groups to buy them off regarding open borders.
      It is easy to bribe them – those church-related groups are always starved for cash.
      And they have a mentality of “runaway universal-ism”, that is, an altruism way out of reason. In other words – these church groups virtue signal by “helping the other”. To the detriment of their existing neighbor Americans – and to the detriment of their own families.
      The churchy-wurchy immigration boosters, like Sen. Lankford of Oklahoma rationalize it that way.
      Just for the record, I am an Old-School Presbyterian who studies The Bible and prays daily. And I’m not fooled by the open-borders lobby.

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    Open borders globalists. Like the Clintons are. Those two liars will say and do anything for a paycheck. After calling for lower immigration and enforcing immigration law during his administration, in a 2003 speech at Yale Bill said we “have a great obligation to open our borders.” The Democrats always huff and puff about the Wikileaks releases, but that was because they were caught red handed on a lot of things. Let’s not forget it was one of those documents that showed CNN slipped debate questions to Hillary. Of course, we know what kind of leader she would have been, after she refused to come out and speak to her supporters on election night. Probably that wine she’s so fond of.

    Another document was the transcript of a speech she gave behind closed doors to South American bankers for a couple hundred thousand dollars a few years ago, a copy of which she had outright refused to release on her own. In the speech, she said her “dream” was “open trade and open borders”. Naturally the Clintons and their supporters will deny they are for open borders, even though there is a long documented history of them doing so. She and Obama were also proponents of the 12 nation Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, often described as NAFTA on steroids, until Bernie forced her to say she would “reconsider” it. Meaning she would have proposed a few cosmetic changes and signed it. Trump killed it his first week in office. Obama by the way campaigned for a NAFTA redo in 2008, and then did nothing when he took office. Chronic liar and bs artist. Wonder how we got Trump? All the lying four flushers need only look in the mirror.

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    Sooooo… relieved to hear that our elected officials are rolling out the Red [as in communist!] Carpet for millions of lawbreakers!