Failing to Enforce the Law Results in More American Deaths

Two cases this week further highlighted the grave flaws in the nation’s immigration system.

The first example emerged on Monday when the Justice Department charged Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez, a 27-year old Mexican-national, with attempted murder and the murder of Bill Haver, the captain of the fishing boat on which he worked.

On Sunday, Vasquez used a knife and a hammer to attack fellow crew members while the ship was off the coast of Massachusetts. It was not, however, his first encounter with the criminal justice system.

In March he got into a fight with his wife – an incident that resulted in charges of abduction by force, intimidation or deception. While the violent nature of his crime should have kept him in police custody, he was released on $20,000 bond.

“This shouldn’t have happened. He committed a violent crime against my daughter, an American citizen, and they let him go… the system failed,” his mother-in-law Lindsay MacDannold told Newsweek.

In fact, he should have been back in Mexico well before 2018.

According to Fox News, Vasquez had was granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program status in 2013 and was denied a renewal in 2016. It remains unclear whether deportation proceedings were even initiated, but he clearly was illegal.

On the other side of the country, Ramon Alberto Escobar, a 47-year old El Salvadoran who’d been previously deported six times, was charged with murder and is being investigated in connection with three other murders and four attempted murders in Southern California.

In addition, he is suspected in the disappearance of two relatives in Houston. But all of those violent acts were preventable.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Escobar possesses a criminal record that includes arrests in 2017 and 2018, as well as five years in a Texas prison from 1995 to 2000. Although it defies logic and reason, John Sandweg, a former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), told KTLA that even a serious criminal record does not prevent illegal aliens from claiming asylum to avoid deportation.

These cases are not isolated. In February Indianapolis Colts football player Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver were killed by a drunk illegal alien who’d been deported twice and in May, another twice-deported illegal alien was arrested in connection with the death of a woman and the disappearance of her child.

The failures – and the bodies – will continue to mount up until action is taken to address the serious breakdown the nation’s immigration system.

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    That is what happens when you keep letting illegal immigrants in our country. California Democrats keep on welcoming them and letting the criminals go, so that is their fault and responsibility.

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    This is why we need 2 things that would cut illegal immigration by a very large percentage. E-verify would prevent those who overstay visas from working, A wall would stop those who continually reenter 4, 5, 10 times. The fact that people continue to do that shows that we do not have a secure border. And most Democrats do not favor these people being deported EVEN when they have serious felonies. Spin it any way you want. They find the right of foreign criminals to be here superior to the right of our citizens to not have such people among us. Once again, if you have to hold your nose to vote for Republicans, it’s because the other side does not believe in enforcing the law.

    You have to laugh at the media. The Today show had a teaser on the local news this morning, saying “We’ll tell you how to make sense of the Kavanaugh hearing” yesterday. How about you just report accurately what was said. We don’t need Hoda to spoon-feed us.

    The entire media, a lot of Fox included, found Ford “credible”. Except she’s not. She’s a liar. One of the people she named as being at a party of 5 people was her life long friend. That friend did not merely say she recalls no such thing, but that she “does not know Kavanaugh”. Ford claims she fled the party, but did not inform her friend, who presumably would have been left the only female with a couple rapists? Everyone knows traumatic events focus our attention, but she cannot even remember a person she concedes must have driven her home. And that person would not have noticed she was upset? Very convenient.

    She also had stalled coming to Washington for 10 days because she claimed to be afraid of flying. But once under oath, she had to concede she flies all the time, including thousands of miles to Polynesia for vacation. She then said she would have met investigators at her home. Senator Grassley pointed out to her that he had repeatedly said publicly and to her lawyers for over a week that he would send people to talk to her at her home.

    Yesterday Diane Feinstein was asking Kavanaugh about the “allegations” put forward by Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick, as if they were actually serious charges. The NY Times heard about Ramirez and refused to run the story after contacting “several dozen” people who knew nothing. Swetnick is the crazy person who claims she went to ten parties where she observed women drugged and raped and she never said a word? You’re as big a moron as her if you buy that.

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    Sad that murder and literal mayhem [the word means to inflict permanent disabling, crippling injury not mere mischief] is being tolerated by BOTH political parties to further the aims of a compliant voter base [Dems] and Cheap Labor [RINO’s]. The current estimated 330 million US resident population probably breaks down to around 280 million citizens, 20-30 million legal residents, and 20-30 million ILLEGAL ALIENS. If 300 million people ]citizens plus legal residents] can’t constitute a self-sufficient society and economy, how will 400 million be any bettter, or HALF A BILLION for that matter?