California DMV Improperly Registered Non-Citizens to Vote

As critics predicted, the New Motor Voter Act signed into law in 2015 by California Gov. Jerry Brown has opened the door to potential voter fraud, including non-citizens being able to vote.

On Monday, officials from the DMV and California Department of Technology conceded in a letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla that 1,500 people were improperly registered to vote, including non-citizens.

In the letter, officials claim none of those registered were “undocumented immigrants who received a driver license” under AB 60, the 2013 legislation requiring the state give anyone “who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States” a driver license.

That assurance should be taken with a grain or two of salt considering DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez asserted in March that “to be eligible, you have to be a U.S. citizen.” Of course, as the evidence clearly demonstrates, one does not need to be eligible to vote under the New Motor Voter Act in order to register to vote.

Maybe more than a couple of grains considering the admission foreign nations were registered to vote was made less than two months after the agency confessed to erroneously sending out 23,000 voter registrations.

In Monday’s letter, officials contend changes have been made that will add “safeguards to ensure only records for customers affirming eligibility” before registrations are processed. But how can the electoral system be safeguarded when the individual responsible for determining eligibility is the applicant?

Critics of the motor voter program were voicing concerns before it was enacted and continue to highlight the real danger of giving more than a million illegal aliens driver’s licenses and access to the voting process.

“If you are talking about California, the state is apparently relying on the illegal alien to tell the state they shouldn’t be registered. There is still an honor system,” noted Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Election Law Reform Initiative at the Heritage Foundation, in a 2017 interview.

The state of California can continue to blame glitches and system errors, but the only solution to prevent further compromises of the election process is to repeal the state’s New Motor Voter law, and AB 60, which grants people who have no legal right to be in the country driving privileges.

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    Atheistically Yours on

    The Republican Secretary of State candidate (were he competent, and not a complete waste of ballot space!) ought to be running comercials about this, but he has not!

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    I live in Orlando and am surrounded by the “latino invasion”. NO one speaks English. They show NO respect for OUR country! This is NOT the country I grew up in and as a senior citizen, I am sick to see what has happened to America. We can all expect change in our lives, but this change is just too much………..

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    That’s the plan in California. They give illegals driver’s licenses (though they cannot read street or traffic signs and usually have no insurance) and then they register them to vote to stack the deck in their party’s favor. Other states are planning the same. If you are an illegal immigrant then you should NOT be driving or have access to voting!

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    That’s why there are two reasons to be against granting amnesty and eventually citizenship to these people, who very likely number over 20 million. The first is that they should be excluded because if they are dishonest about one very big thing, i.e. being here illegally, it’s absurd to expect that they are going to be honest about other things. We should reward these people with the prize of all prizes, American citizenship? The second is that it would only encourage more of the same behavior by others. It’s only the flat-line thinking of the left that fails to make the obvious connection.

    But then, what’s new. Point out how Islam and sharia law officially discriminate against women and you get called a racist. The left insists that “every woman must be believed”, even when their story is not supported and indeed contradicted by all the available evidence. But the same people have virtually nothing to say, and will attack you for saying it, when you point out how under sharia law the testimony of a woman is automatically not accepted when a man says otherwise. One particular example of this is Hillary and her endless gushing over Islam being the greatest thing since sliced bread, while proclaiming herself champion of all women. Funny how the Democrats and media have turned on Michael Avenatti and blamed him for helping Kavanaugh get confirmed, after Avenatti brought forth his client whose claims were so preposterous that it backfired. But they were happy to use him when they thought it helped.

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      All of the “adults” running around DC screeching and acting like spoiled brat toddlers who didn’t get the toy they wanted at Toys “R” Us, wish they had a new Supreme Court justice who was an ACLU supporter/former employee like Ginsburg who supports open borders and would rule against policies like Trump’s travel ban.

      How many terrorist attacks do there have to be in the US and throughout the world for reality to sink in for these people? Also, our enemies our watching and I am sure Putin and the Supreme Leader for Life in China are having a good time laughing at the pathetic Americans. These people are making us look like a weak and pathetic country.