Motor Voter Law Remains a Threat to the American Electoral System

When the National Voter Registration Act was passed 25 years ago, warnings about the potential for voter fraud were dismissed as attempts to disenfranchise minorities and depress voter participation. Not only did the law (and similar laws adopted on the state level) fail to encourage more Americans to go to the polls, it has provided the pathway to more non-citizens registering to vote.

Recently, officials with California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the state’s Department of Technology conceded in a letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla that as many as 1,500 people, including non-citizens, had been improperly registered to vote.

The door to illegal registrations was opened with the passage of AB 60, a 2013 bill that requires giving to anyone “who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States” a driver license.

The DMV was also the first stop for most of the 19 foreign nationals who were indicted in August with illegal voting in North Carolina. All but one of those charged had registered to vote at the state DMV, according to The Washington Times.

Contrary to the caterwauling from open border activists and Leftist politicians, the breach of voter integrity by foreign nationals is occurring, particularly in sanctuary jurisdictions.

In August, the Public Interest Legal Foundation reported that in just the 13 sanctuary jurisdictions examined, 3,120 non-citizens were registered to vote or had been removed from voting rolls from 2006 to 2018. That figure is likely higher given the Californian counties of Los Angeles and Alameda were not included in the analysis, nor were any North Carolina counties, nor was the study conducted nationwide.

The Foundation researchers said jurisdictions where foreigners or legal immigrants are “prompted by public assistance agency transactions (a/k/a Motor Voter), registration/petition drives, and registration assistors” saw more incidences of election integrity breaches.

The findings should be of interest to voters in in Nevada, who will vote in November on a ballot initiative to implement automatic voter registration. If it passes, Nevada will join 13 states and D.C. to adopt a flawed registration system that exposes the voting process to illegal foreign influence.

Although the number of foreigners casting ballots currently is not overwhelming, as the Pacific Legal Foundation notes, “One thing is clear, aliens are getting on the rolls, aliens are voting, and in sanctuary jurisdictions they aren’t being prosecuted for doing so.”

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    Jennifer F Thompson on

    Almost no chance the Pacific Legal Foundation made that quote. Where’s the source?

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      Obviously you had to have read the whole story to get to that quote. You were shown evidence that non citizens are getting on the voter rolls and in some cases voting. Funny that you choose to focus on that one thing. Are you denying the other quotes backed up by links?

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    And let’s not forget the millions of illegal aliens that get counted in the US Census that give pro open-borders politicians more seats in the US House of Representatives. If Democrats retake the House they will be helped by the extra seats they have gained through the counting of illegal aliens in the US Census.

    But unfortunately, too many Republicans members of the US Congress are blinded by their own greed and corruption and still haven’t delivered on funding the border wall, for example. As if millions of poorly educated, low-skilled laborers from south of the border are going to vote for politicians that support a capital gains tax cut instead of politicians who support an increase in the minimum wage.

    But as the saying goes about the perils of greed, “We are sown with the seeds of our own destruction.”

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      Don’t estimates say that California alone gets five extra seats in Congress by counting non citizens? When the immigration act of 1965 was passed it was with assurances from Ted Kennedy that “a million immigrants a year will not flood our cities” and “the ethnic makeup of the country will not change”. And then when we had the “one time” amnesty of 1986 he said that “never again” would another amnesty bill be brought to the floor of the Senate. Just another lying con man. Just like Schumer who led the amnesty effort in the House in 1986. Why should we reward those deceptions with going to the popular vote. If this country had the same ethnic makeup as the 1980s Trump would have won both the popular and electoral vote by big margins. All we did was import millions of Democratic voters and welfare recipients who are going to vote for more social programs.

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    Great Article

    I’d add a silver lining….most Open Border Party polls include non-voters data…that’s why its inaccurate. Let’s hope they’re normal Open Border Party too lazy to vote….LOL