Wall Street Journal Rethinks Love Affair With Open Borders

It’s no secret that the Wall Street Journal has an ongoing love affair with the notion that nothing helps business more than unfettered access to cheap labor. They are so married to that idea, in fact, that on July 3, 1984, the Journal’s editorial board argued that if Washington wanted to do something about immigration, it should pass the five-word constitutional amendment: “There shall be open borders.”

But when the chaos represented by truly open borders started playing itself out in real life this week, with the caravan of some 14,000  illegal aliens making its way towards the U.S., the Journal took a decidedly different position. It seems that the one thing that might spoil the pure capitalists’ appetite for an endless supply of cheap labor is the reality of anarchy and mayhem that will undoubtedly accompany it.

Rather than ringing the dinner bell to “let them all in,” the editors instead argue that “Trump has good reason to turn them back.”  They then go on to compare the current caravan to the Mariel Boatlift an event in which the “unintended consequences of the mayhem were costly.”

The Journal’s editors have finally found themselves at that unpleasant intersection where reality has a head-on collision with greed. Or the point where theory meets reality.

Clearly, the downside of thousands of migrants – funded and egged on by leftist nations – pouring in over our borders is not only unnerving to the public, but to the stock market as well.

And that’s just not acceptable to the Wall Street Journal.

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    Hopefully Trump will actually do his job, and deploy as many troops to the border as necessary to keep this flood out. I would think a border crisis like this would allow the direct use of troops to turn them back, but I also think the lefties in the government would find a way to block that.

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    If this is how you treat your subscribers by refusing to post their comments without explanation, then within a half hour from now I will unsubscribe. Too many choices to waste my time.

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    Stephen Russell on

    Notice timing of the “bombs:” to key Dems & Caravan.
    I say send in troops.
    Use sonic disrupters, tear gas, pepper spray etc ON caravan IF provoking riot.
    Use undercover types to weed caravan.
    Seal Border,No entry (save TJ Baja CA).

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    I worked the southern border for ten years and the American people have no idea of how they are dumped on each and every day. Trump should close the land borders at 4 am Monday morning and you watch how fast the Mexican government sends those folks back on their trains. We gave out over 148 million border crossing cards over the years and each am here they come. They tell you (at six am) they are going shopping, they think officers are stupid. They are going to work, school, etc. Many sign up for benefits and give addresses to family or friends living on the US side…Look up how many hospitals closed on the US side. In the early 80s Sierra Medical sent a ten million dollar bill to congress, you paid for it.

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    My Name for the Democrats and Establishment Republicans is the Open Border Party

    They hate it BTW…..its like a flashlight on a rat….they prefer liberal or conservative instead to confuse us. Try using it on a blog and many open border party trolls will deny they’re the open border party, when they are.

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    “Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.”

    –Caesar Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome 161-180 AD

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    Gee, only thirty plus years later they are admitting what everyone with half a brain knew already. As far as the Mariel boatlift, a headline from the South Florida Sun Sentinel in 1985 tells it all: “Five Years Later, Overriding Crime is Mariel Legacy” and noted that “16,000 to 20,000 criminals” came here and that “On any day, 350 to 400 Mariel Cubans were in the Dade County jail”. Brought to us by Jimmy Carter who is now criticizing Trump.

    Ironic that a lot of media is now blaming Trump for the mailed packages. Anyone who did this should get a long prison term. It’s ironic because a lot of the targets are people like Maxine Waters who has repeatedly urged public harassment of GOP officials and Hillary who just a couple weeks ago said you can’t be “civil to the people who oppose your beliefs”. Or Eric Holder who said “When they go low, we kick them”. Not to mention 2 years ago when Hillary told tens of millions of Americans they were essentially scum, saying they were “deplorable and irredeemable”. Where was the media outrage on those statements.

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    Diana Talmadge on

    We must support President Trump 100%…The dems welcome all of the illegals for their illegal votes!!