The Mastermind Behind the Honduran Caravan

With the largest migrant caravan ever headed to the U.S. many have questioned how over 14,000 people assembled in an organized fashion in just a matter of weeks. While fingers have pointed to American open borders groups as well as other countries such as Venezuela, one individual, by the name of Bartolo Fuentes, has taken credit for being the mastermind and catalyst behind the migrants’ movement.

Fuentes, a Honduran national and ex-member of the Honduran Congress, began planning the caravan last month and initially only gathered 200 people. This number quickly soon ballooned after a Honduran cable news channel revealed his plans to the nation. The channel informed viewers that supplies and transportation would be provided at no costs to participants.

In just a couple days, the small caravan numbering a few hundred people grew to a few thousand. This information was widely publicized on social media and the caravan quickly mushroomed in size.

It comes to no surprise that an individual like Fuentes would be the architect behind the caravan. He has a long affiliation with the left-wing Libre Party, which has been seen as having “radical socialist elements” and is the party of former president Manuel Zelaya, who had close ties with Venezuela and Cuba.

Though Fuentes has orchestrated one of the biggest caravans in recent memory, he has already faced consequences. While participating in the caravan last week in Guatemala, Fuentes was detained and deported back to Honduras after he was found to not be complying with Guatemalan immigration rules.  (Why the other 10,000 plus were allowed to continue northward is a separate question.)

While it appears that Fuentes will not be able to continue his trip northward to the U.S. border, his actions have sparked three separate caravans numbering 14,000, 2,500, and 230 Central American migrants in just a matter of weeks, with likely more to follow.

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    We can not take you all and you know it. What you have done is to make sure we close our orders forever.

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    Shut the invaders down, put the military on the border and close the border, build the wall with the money we have been subsidizing the south American countries with. Take the money from sanctuary cities and pay the military.

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      you really you really expect us to believe that this was propagated and funded by the American Democratic Party anything else you hear is a flat lie

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    I am certainly in favor of ending USA monetary aid to these nations, especially Mexico, and all the rest of them, many of whom we have been subsidizing since the end of WW2, which is ridiculous. BUT, these third world nations from whom most if our illegal aliens come, I’m not at all sure losing the aid money would cause them to put an end to their people entering the US illegally. If these nations have to choose between US aid and the remittances received from their citizens in our country, I feel sure they would choose the remittances. Though USA aid would be over 200 million dollars or thereabouts, their remittances from the USA are in the tens of billions of dollars. So, certainly they would choose the much greater sum and continue encouraging their citizens to come here illegally and claim asylum. Also, would those nations, could they, actual forbid/stop citizens from leaving the country? Anyway, protecting our borders from invaders is OUR OWN responsibility and it is foolish to blame it on other nations. Mexico has been encouraging and helping their poorest citizens to move into the USA illegally for years now (50+ million, largest miniority here) and no one in congress/government has ever said a word against Mexico’s blatant exploitation of America and that corrupt nation is the biggest exploiter of all.

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      Because many companies or “farmers” use these illegals to work for cash at low amounts and they know it! One group making it rich off the backs of illegals while Americans go broke trying to compete in farming and other jobs. Take care of AMERICANS FIRST. Don’t care what country originally from as long as have come here LEGALLY!

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    Send some ******* or thieves in to help the mofo out of his money. Freeze all assets of democratic and republican congresspeople that have supported this movement and use it to pay for what they have created. Why doesn’t America invade their countries and set up a government (without the corruption) so they can feel like they are at home there?

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    What they do not talk about the children the are in the truck sold to the pedofiler of this country sick minded like hellary Obama cliton Joe Biden, money the root of evil lawyer protect them they think there great there no Justice for the children in teen money buy you yes yesterday a truck came in with children,thank the Lord.the got them can buy the hell fire burning day night just the Lord Jesus. thanks

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      Because many companies or “farmers” use these illegals to work for cash at low amounts and they know it! One group making it rich off the backs of illegals while Americans go broke trying to compete in farming and other jobs. Take care of AMERICANS FIRST. Don’t care what country originally from as long as have come here LEGALLY!SO SAD!

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        Capitalism has no benevolence as it does not pay a living wage. Greed and profit force the cost of labor down as far as possible. When no one will finally not take the job they will have to raise the pay. Unions fought for a fair share of the profit they created but have been neutralized by such as action as firing the air controllers and stretching out low paying raise. Incrementally it was tough to see after the 70’s.

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    Certainly big media won’t hate President Trump for cutting off aid to these nations because they already hate him and besmirch him with fake news every day. And cutting aid will be wildly popular with the people, especially to nations that thumb their noses at our constitutional republic system.

    Besides, most of these people are well-fed, well-dressed, able-bodied, healthy, military-aged men who believe they can flimflam the stupid American judiciary into giving them access to the free stuff. None of these people qualify for asylum and many are criminals fleeing their home nation’s law enforcement.

    We hear much about family, Christianity, the free flow of God’s love and how we got it wrong again. We hear little about the law and less about what motivates democrats to howl in favor of open borders. Everyone knows DACA and TPS are shams and everyone knows the wall will work.

    It’s clear leftists need DACA, TPS, chain migration, a complicated, conflicting law and the open border to keep the flow of democrat voters coming. The democrat party cannot survive without more than half the nation being dependent on the government. Entitlements earn votes for leftists who dispense them. It’s the heart of their strategy. If the government cannot do the right thing, we don’t need government.

    And why do they come? Free stuff math reveals 51% of immigrant households receive welfare and 76% of immigrant households with kids receive welfare. Welfare includes Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches, and housing. I’d add that 30% of those born in America receive welfare.

    The beacon of hope was switched off in the ’60s when we were treated to the kindness of the “beautiful people” who screeched and howled for peace, not war and gave us crime instead. Over the years, we’ve suffered with 30 million illegal aliens, some of whom worked but most of whom dropped anchor, became expert entitlement collectors, dealt drugs, joined gangs and now commit 5,639 murders in the U.S. every year.

    Although refugees aren’t illegal aliens, they may be deported at any time. Setting the date for DACA as 2020 was a very generous gesture. Seventy thousand must make a decision if they had the gall to drop anchors during the past 20 years. Many of their “children” now are adults, able to choose whether to go or stay, and able to earn their keep.

    Parents with teens or below cannot with good conscience abandon their children and U.S. taxpayers cannot be forced to support them for the next decade or so. As I understand it, Temporary Protected Status persons technically have no such protection because they’re adult refugees.

    The U.S. should treat this as a lesson and insist that refugees of any age seek asylum no farther than an adjacent nation. And the U.S. should stop inbound immigration altogether for a few years. The world now sees the U.S. as a dumping ground for their problem populations.

    Immigration now has little to do with the tired, poor and huddled masses. It’s now an economic aid program that must be ended. Not only does the U.S. need an impenetrable wall and massively strengthened border control, it needs to review and overhaul the immigration laws to make them good for taxpayers instead of corrupt nations.

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    The Longer the Caravan Lasts

    With FOX News blasting it out like a MAGA rally….I see slow erosion of the Midterm Democrat vote, or just plain apathy over open borders [the Dems don’t bother to vote period].

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      Hopefully the attention stays on the caravan. The more the public sees of it the better. Some of the media already trying to blame Trump for Pittsburgh massacre. But the guy’s social media seems to indicate he doesn’t like Trump. Meanwhile the press will continue to ignore the Democrats close association with bigots like Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan. Democratic Vice Chairman Keith Ellison is a decade long defender and follower of Farrakhan in spite of the fact that Farrakhan has for years called Hitler a “great man. Then there was that picture of Obama taken years ago with him and Farrakhan smiling away and that was covered up until this year.

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    Wasn’t this supposed to be just a spontaneous movement? It’s likely others have joined in supporting it, but this is proof positive that there is a totally political aspect to this at it’s origins. Lots of complaints about Trump threatening to cut off aid to them, but obviously there are elements in these countries who are actively encouraging this. If the country has to pay the price for the actions of these individuals, maybe officials there will stop it.

    We are being invaded. Our country is being taken over by others, one person after the next, who have no interest in being “American” but only care about the country they come from. And those countries want their citizens to have a foothold here where they can have an ever increasing influence on our policies.

    Trump is getting bashed for his rhetoric as if he’s inciting violence. But the fact is that many on the left are treading a very thin line. In some states, Ohio for one, one of the definitions of kidnapping can be defined in part as restraining the liberty of another person. What better definition of that then telling others, as Maxine Waters has, that when they see any administration official anywhere in public to “gather a crowd and confront them”. Or others like Corey Booker who say “get in their face”. Do not those actions interfere with the civil rights of others to move freely in public without harassment?