California Governor Hopeful Wants Taxpayers to Cover Healthcare Costs for Illegal Aliens

For years, open borders advocates scoffed at those who claimed their ultimate goal was to not only welcome illegal immigration, but to subsidize it. No longer. Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco and, barring an upset, the next Governor of California, wants to include illegal aliens in the state’s taxpayer-funded healthcare plans.

“I did universal healthcare when I was mayor — fully implemented, regardless of pre-existing condition, ability to pay, and regardless of your immigration status,” Newsom bragged back in August. “I’d like to see that extended to the rest of the state.”

This month, even as some polls show the race narrowing to within single digits, the Democratic hopeful is doubling-down on his stance on universal healthcare for all, including illegal aliens. “Everyone should be covered,” claimed Newsom adviser Mitch Katz. “For Gavin, It’s a fairness issue.”

The California legislature is already considering expanding many parts of California’s “Medi-Cal” to more than 100,000 illegal aliens, at a price tag of $250 million.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), California taxpayers already pay a staggering $23 billion for costs related to illegal immigration. Among that total, $7.4 billion goes to state benefits, primarily healthcare programs already made available to illegal aliens. If Newsom is elected and makes good on his promise, this burden on taxpayers will only skyrocket.

More than one-third of California’s already bloated budget goes to healthcare. Despite this, a study from George Mason University’s Mercatus Center on healthcare accessibility ranks California number 40 in the nation. So potentially adding millions of illegal aliens to the healthcare subsidy rolls will make it even harder for U.S. citizens in the state to see a doctor.

For years now, California has made it embarrassingly public that they value illegal aliens over the interests of  citizens. So perhaps it should not come as a shock that they would extend this kind of abusive favoritism toward illegal aliens to their already-struggling healthcare programs as well.

However, many Californians are beginning to take a stand for the rule of law because they understand that their state government does not fully value them. Lawsuits are being filed and polls are narrowing. Perhaps a new day is dawning in California. But until the sun rises, the current leadership seems hell-bent on letting American citizens know that their interests are no longer top priority.

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    Taxpayer’s money should NEVER go to illegal aliens, there should be no such thing as anchor baby for illegal aliens! Legal immigration is how we should be, then people are forced to work legally and pay taxes! No free rides for illegal aliens! I call them illegal aliens because legally they are Citizens of another Country, they cannot legally work and should be deported immediately!

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      Agree completely. Stop allowing anyone illegal in and round up illegals n send back after pix and fingerprinting. Place block on illegals or anyone entering without applying properly. Limit number of immigrants who are able to support themselves and investigate to find how large a family they have. Once one comes in they bring all relatives in and send monies back to their country to help them get here. Then they tell them where to go and what to say to get entitlements. Tired of supporting lazy arse people only wanting to live off OUR hard earned dollars! NO illegals!

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        I agree, if they refuse to be deported, **********. the others will grasp the concept, guarantee it

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    But why not double-down on more freebies for illegal aliens as growing hordes of impoverished, poorly educated “asylum seekers” make a beeline across Mexico for California. It is not as if the State of California was going broke, has billions in future pension liabilities and US citizen taxpayers were fleeing the state in droves or anything.

    And I am sure the former mayor of sanctuary city San Francisco Gavin Newsom will do a great deal to help California progress to a more glorious, utopian future. It certainly is a wonderful experience to shell out to dine in a favorite restaurant in San Francisco while remembering it as it was in days gone by, then stepping outside to stroll the streets to appreciate how much things have progressed since then while avoiding stepping in human waste, on used hypodermic needles, and on human beings passed out on the street who need professional help.

    Also, while appreciating how much progress has been made while strolling the streets of Gavin Newsom’s, Nancy Pelosi’s and Dianne Feinstein’s San Francisco, you may not want to spend too much time walking and appreciating all the progress because some of the individuals who desperately need professional help may yell at you or decide to do their business in plain sight. Or an illegal alien given sanctuary may murder you as happened to Kate Steinle.

    Also, if you are visiting from Middle America to see how much progress has been made in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco, you probably don’t want to visit when one of the numerous public parades of a certain nature are held, that may be a little too much progress to take in all at once.

    Just think what you have to look forward to America with Nancy Pelosi as the next Speaker of the House of the USA! Progress awaits!

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    A couple nights ago there was some advocate on television saying that this caravan is “only 10,000 people” and “we can deal with this”. As if this would be the one and only time this will be happening. Just more of the same old con job. Just pass this amnesty, just admit this group of people and we promise promise promise it won’t happen again. Kind of like the Kavanaugh hearings. Just give us a week, that’s all we’re asking for, and then at the end of the week it was we need a lot more time.

    Ted Kennedy in 1986 discussing the amnesty bill passed that year, with Chuck Schumer leading the effort in the House: “We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forth another amnesty bill like this.” Of course, those promises were as good as Ted’s driving.

    We have conservatively 20 million people here without permission. Any amnesty and catch and release policies only encourage more of the same and send the message that just get here and eventually you get your papers. And have a few kids and the US taxpayer will pay the costs of raising them. People who ignore our laws, steal the identification of our citizens, and go on welfare at higher rates than native born. What a formula for success.

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    Note to California taxpayers: you are now paying for the health care of SEVEN BILLION human beings; you just don’t know it yet!

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    anna lois hunter on

    republicans are trying to cut social security, medicare, and Medicaid, calling these entitlement benefits, hell yes they are, legal americans have worked the best years of their lives, paid into these benefits, so we would have them . we will not sit back while yall give our benefits to illegals. you tried in the past, did nto work then aint gonna work now. talk bout caravan.

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      Your post is a little contradictory. Whatever the Republicans propose on those various programs is one thing, but it’s Democrats who are far more likely to want to put illegals on them. This article is about Democrat Gavin Newsom, who very likely is the next governor of California, saying that he wants to cover all illegals. Since they pay little to no taxes, covering them under “universal healthcare” will be extremely expensive, to the detriment of the American citizens who will be paying the majority of the taxes to support this.

      As far as Medicaid, the people on it did not work “the best years of their lives”. Unlike Medicare, it goes to people of any age. It is basically a welfare program. About 30% of those on Medicaid are Latinos, far above their share of the population. It’s fine to criticize the Republicans for their positions on things, but it’s one party, the Democrats, who want to flood this country with ever more third world welfare recipients who will reward them with their votes.

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    frederick bronson on

    I HAVE A BETTER IDEA!!!!!! since we know their working, 98% receiving since most of the girls that come up are whores here to spit out anchors, they need to pass a law that would hold back 55% of each illegals check which would pay the health care cost of those Americans who need help paying for health care, then the balance being applied to the the states medicaid