Caravan Coverage Veers Into a Ditch

Comedian Bill Maher says the media are “doing Donald Trump’s bidding” on coverage of the Central American caravans wending their way north through Mexico.

If Leftist activists are upset, their anger is misdirected.

Since Congress has failed to provide the Executive Branch the authority to detain families as a unit until a determination can be made about their claims to enter the United States, the administration has been forced to revert to catch-and-release policies. The inevitable result is that parents with children have been crossing in record numbers. In September, 16,658 family members were arrested along the Mexican border, up 80 percent from July and more than any other month on record.

With catch-and-release policies back in place, more caravans are ramping up. Central American migrants say they are making the journey because they know they can make it out of detention easily with children in tow.

“If they feel there will be separation, they don’t come,” President Trump said this month.

Inverting the president’s logic, mainstream media outlets reporting on the renewed migrant surge concluded that zero tolerance policies at the border “don’t work.” This is nonsense, since zero tolerance was never given the time to work.

Now that zero-tolerance been zeroed out, human smugglers are back to hustling business.

“Before, they would say it wasn’t a good time to go,” relates Dora Alonzo Quijivix, a community leader in Guatemala’s western highlands. “Now they offer to make your dreams come true.”

The New York Times, Esquire and other media outlets repeatedly discount and deride Trump’s legitimate concerns about the Central American caravans as mere campaign rhetoric. While soft-pedaling the obviously orchestrated aspects of the sojourn, journalists ridicule the president and marginalize the executive’s constitutional duty to secure America’s borders.

When discussing the administration’s options, the media reduce them to an extreme binary (and false) choice: mobilizing U.S. troops or admitting the migrants on “humanitarian” grounds. In fact, there are several solutions in between.

“This isn’t a military problem. It’s a law-enforcement problem, and one that ordinary civilian law enforcement can solve if provided with the right tools,” notes Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies. Read his list of policy options and legal reforms here.

Clearly, serious immigration issues demand serious reporting. If we can agree with Maher on anything it is that media coverage of the caravan has been remarkably unserious.

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    Why would anyone even listen to one of the worst Comedians on earth? Bill Maher is not good at making anyone laugh unless it’s to see his stupid face! What does he know about running a nation? Nothing!
    President Trump is a real leader! President Trump is doing everything right! This on-coming horde is not a Caravan but an INVADING HOSTILE ARMY using helpless children as shields! One of the most disgusting army in history and the left is paying for them to invade the U.S.!

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    We can’t let the lower races overwhelm us. I live in a large city where large sections look like little tijuanas with low-income illegal mothers dragging 3 or 4 children to public schools.Enough!!! A recent Gallup poll states that 37 million Latin America’s would like to migrate.

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    Trump needs to declare a national security emergency, which this is. Do whatever (and I mean whatever) is necessary to keep these invaders from touching US soil. Stop all asylum applications, catch and deport.

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    Keep them out or where will AMERICA be ? When one country can’t provide for more than one country or whever wants to come here. The land, food, water, cars, clothing, homes, etc.. Use common sense. Use your brains.

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    Actually the media does the exact opposite of what Bill Maher suggests. They ignore the fact that if this caravan has 14 thousand people, that is just about the number who cross in a couple weeks anyway. Day after day, week after week, month after month, more than a thousand people a day, while all the pundits they quote act as if this caravan is only a case of one and done, so why worry about it.

    And if the media wanted to be honest and unbiased, much less “doing Donald Trump’s bidding”, they would report on the fact that immigrants, legal and illegal, use welfare programs at a higher rate than native born Americans while paying far less than their proportionate share of taxes. You will never hear on any “mainstream” media or publication about the huge welfare burden that the US born children of low paid low educated illegals are.

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    Yes Bob

    You summed it up well….but meanwhile the 5000+ Military plans to successfully keep the caravan out of America, according to the DHS Director. Keep the Military logistics of the operation Top Secret….or the Open Border Party will give them our plans…