Foreigners Outside the U.S. Claim Trump is Violating their Constitutional Rights

Apparently, the United States Constitution is a global document that guarantees rights to those with no formal ties to the United States. At least that’s what a group of migrants marching toward the southern border believe.

Twelve Honduran nationals who are a part of the migrant caravan approaching the United States have filed a class-action lawsuit against President Trump, claiming that he intends to violate their Fifth Amendment right to not “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The prospective asylum applicants are funded and backed by Nexus Services Inc.

President Trump plans to sign an executive order restricting asylum applications to only those who show up at a port-of-entry. Those who illegally cross the border will have their applications rejected.

These migrants are facing no persecution from the Mexican government. In fact, they have even been offered asylum status by the country. So they have no need to illegally cross the border if their only true intentions are to gain asylum in the United States.

Furthermore, those who have no legal or resident ties to the United States are not under U.S. jurisdiction, and therefore enjoy no protections under the Constitution. Simply declaring that you intend to come to the United States does not grant you the rights and protections offered to citizens. If we were required to enforce Fifth Amendment rights for those living in other countries, then, for consistency’s sake, we would need to ensure they are being afforded every other Constitutional right as well. The United States does not have the desire, moral authority, or military capacity to implement that kind of global hegemony.

The Constitution is the principal document governing the United States of America. We restrict who can and cannot migrate here because we want to ensure that the values of the Constitution are respected and upheld. Demanding the ‘right’ to break U.S. immigration law undermines the founding fabric of our society, so this lawsuit should be rejected by our judicial system.

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    Me too! We worked and made America what it was and now the foreigners want to come in and expect us to support them. Thank you President Trump for standing up for our rights.

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    I believe that the illegal Invaders have already shown they should not even be considered for citizenship. Military should setup a detention camp in Mexico rounding up the whole invasion horde and then process them taking their information, photos and background check to disallow them from even being allowed to enter the US. Then file them onto a ship and take them back to Honduras where they start.
    Remember to Vote RED so we can stop this kind of nonsense that keeps our Great President from doing what he was elected to do.

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    This was initiated by Nexus Derechos Humanos led by Michael Donovan, who has people in the caravan coaching them and encouraging them to Sue our government. This is wrong and should be a Federal offense to go against the American people and our government.

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    And all they need is some judge who is going to agree with them, the law be damned. Yet another reason to vote Republican. You can disagree with a lot of what they support, whether it’s tax policy, the environment, or other things, those things can always be addressed, but we are not going to keep the country we have as long as we have open borders judges tying the system in knots. And it’s one party, the Democrats, who want those judges in power. Look at the 4 on the Supreme Court.

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    The Constitution of the United States does not apply to foreigners or illegals. It applies to citizens of this Country. I think it is preposterous for someone of the Democrat party to further their case, and I pray that the President’s sending as many troops to the Border as he has will deter them before they try to enter the US illegally. We have too many illegals here now, who only want what freebies they can get, and they don’t intend to apply for citizenship. Enough is enough, and I support the President in whatever measure he uses to keep them out.

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    The day that the SCOTUS rules that SEVEN BILLION people on the planet have “constitutional” rights simply by virtue of having a pulse is the day we cease to be a nation under the Rule of Law, whose people enjoy self-determination. Do they have a right to VOTE in our elections? What congressional districts shall we apportion them to? How will we conduct a CENSUS when the Third World is pooping out 100,000,000 more poor people every single year?

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      anna lois hunter on

      they believe this because the aclu said it is so. they will see when they reach American borders. not getting in. scum