The Existing Border Crisis

Regardless of whether the thousands of migrants make it to the U.S.-Mexico border, there is ample evidence that the insecurity at the border has reached a crisis stage.

According to year-end figures released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), there were 107,212 family unit apprehensions in FY2018, compared to 75,622 in FY2017 – an increase of 42 percent. And there was a 21 percent rise in the number of unaccompanied minors (UACs) apprehended during the same period.

Over the last year, Border Patrol agents captured 396,579 illegal aliens attempting to cross into the U.S. between the ports of entry and a staggering 25,488 in October alone.

The annual numbers are striking, but they fail to reflect the ongoing, daily battle being waged by agents on the southwest border, particularly Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, which is the most heavily-trafficked in the nation.

How bad has it gotten? Manuel Padilla Jr., Chief of the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol says in South Texas there were  nearly 20,750 illegal alien arrests were made in October – a 113 percent increase compared to October 2017.

As open border politicians and media were snickering about the caravan and sneering at pro-enforcement candidates, Border Patrol agents were dealing with the crisis those politicians and pundits have helped to create.

Just last weekend, CBP handled 22 alien smuggling cases, took custody of more 1,500 pounds of marijuana, made more than 2,600 arrests, arrested two gang members and found one migrant dead, according to Padilla.

According to Padilla, on Monday morning, CBP discovered seven bundles of narcotics (heroin and cocaine) in the battery compartment of a vehicle. That afternoon, agents in Kingsville, Texas, were alerted by canines to two duffle bags and a Ziploc bag containing 23 bundles of marijuana weighing more than 100 pounds – worth an estimated $90,000.

Until the border crisis deniers ditch their armchairs and get out of their studios, they will never get a full picture of what is occurring along our embattled border.

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    Why on Earth would American Citizens risk their freedom and everything they have worked for all their lives?

    Evidently they have not been exposed to the true consequences of Amnesty and sanctuary,
    Well I have, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s like a “Trojan Horse”

    The President is trying to protect us and people want to condemn him for that? I guess they would rather be governed by a Cartel, or Mafia.

    I live in an Agricultural Sanctuary City. During harvest season many immigrants come to work as they have done for many years. There are many older residents here that came years ago and made this their home . They worked hard to buy their homes and they raised their families to do the same. . Those are my good neighbors the people I love and those are the people that deserve the American dream.
    But two years ago Harvest time visitors came and did not leave when to season was over. They were very different than the visitors of the past. My quiet friendly neighborhood suddenly felt cold ,unfriendly and very over crowded. I’m not sure if their american host families even knew what they were getting into. Their homes were taken over by these visitors .They had no intentions of moving out. Suddenly there was even more additions as the girl friends moved in and more pets were added .They bought fancy new cars & trucks. And Some even began building onto their hosts homes. They brought criminal activity to my neighborhood. Drugs, Dog Fights, loud parties, They race up and down the streets with no regard for public safety.
    They are not grateful to be in America in fact . They have no respect for our laws, or City codes and no respect for the neighbors around them . The stores cannot keep up with supply and demand and have had to increase their security causing prices to continue to climb. Many businesses have vacated. Since my Doctor retired three years ago, I have not been able to secure a replacement. There are no appointments available in this City. I drive nearly 35 miles to see a Doctor. I have to wait weeks to get my car serviced. Auto shops are booked solid . Police force is understaffed and over worked so they overlook a lot of incidences thus increasing crime even more. It’s a pirates cove here. As property values drop due to crime, our insurance premiums increase. Why don’t I just move somewhere else? Because I am a senior now. It’s not as easy as it used to be to just up root. Again property value, and the bottom line, why should I have to?
    Is this what you Pro Amnesty people want? You better think twice about what you are fighting for.and what you are doing to the rest of us.
    You don’t really have a clue do you

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    Don’t you all understand that even though it is claimed that ONLY 200 of the last caravan (last summer) made it to the border and got in, the REST of them stayed a bit behind and trickled into our country daily? THOUSANDS of the last caravan HAVE infiltrated this country! The same will happen to these next caravans; some will come now and others who are waiting in Mexico will come later and KEEP coming and KEEP coming…

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    The worst part of the immigration crisis is that we face imminent overpopulation, The total disappearance of now plentiful resources, food and water. The immigrants don’t want the drugs, crime, and illegal immigration any more than we do, but they will be as helpless to stop it as we are if the border is not brought under control, like it should have been fifty years ago. The border wall is gettting more expensive, the longer we wait.

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    Stephen Russell on

    Need drones to overfly area, OPs, a Main CP= Command Post, ****** posts, roving mobile force,
    horse patrol near ranches north of border (AZ NV NM, TX).
    Reward Info plan
    Holding camps erected.
    & Cargo airport built or adpated.

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    And sadly, the numbers stated here do not include the drugs or illegal aliens that were NOT caught. The authorities have always estimated the numbers of aliens NOT caught as double or triple the number caught. But, the bottom line is that they ALL, caught or not, always end up released into our country to be our great burden forevermore.

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    But the left will say it’s sooo expensive to shut down the border. Meanwhile we have poured trillions into policing the world and staying in never ending wars in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Besides his open border policies, and essentially that’s what they were, John McCain and the other war hawks jumped all over Trump whenever he suggested we should not stay in those places forever. Also any money spent on the border will pay itself back in not having to pay welfare to undereducated migrants with four and five anchor babies.