Media’s Misplaced Sympathies

In their effort to normalize illegal immigration, anti-enforcement media outlets aim to elicit sympathy for those breaking the law – even when the crimes committed are serious – and often deadly.

A recent Daily Beast article demonstrates this disturbing practice in its portrait of a “Honduran immigrant,” who spent Election Day – a “day devoted to democracy” – in immigration court.

At the age of 14, Bill Clinton Granados-Benitez illegally entered the U.S. as an unaccompanied minor but was deported in absentia after failing to show for his scheduled court appearance. He received a reprieve after a Texas court found authorities had failed to properly notify him of his appearance date.

Given a second chance, the 18-year old Honduran national was in court again last March facing charges related to his arrest for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

To Daily Beast, however, his offense should not be seen as serious crime.

“The majority of the arrests appeared to involve drunk driving. The most serious violence heard by [the immigration judge]involved a few punches and that stun gun,” the article maintained.

Driving drunk, as well as other driving-related offenses, can be grounds for deportation. As recent reports indicate, they are not uncommon, nor victimless.

Osmaira E. Mendez-Urdaneta, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was supposed to appear in a Virginia court last month on charges of involuntary manslaughter, but never showed. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records show an immigration judge ordered her deportation in 2001. “As far as I’m concerned, any time she gets behind the wheel, people are in danger,” said Arden Bourgeois, the stepson of Beverly Bourgeois, who was killed last August by Menendez-Urdaneta.

In North Carolina last month, Jesus Alvarado-Velez, 28, recently pleaded guilty to felony death by motor vehicle, felony serious injury by motor vehicle and driving while impaired and will now spend 60 to 84 months in prison. Alvarado-Velez, who was drunk and had no license, was driving on the wrong side of the road on April 8 before crashing into and killing Leroy Clayton Owens.

Owens’ wife was a passenger in the car died twice on the operating table, but survived. According to news reports, Lakeatia Owens “said God brought her back so she could be a living reminder of Alvarado-Velez’s actions.”

An illegal alien from Mexico was indicted last week on charges of driving under the influence and vehicular homicide related to a 2017 car crash in Augusta, Georgia, that killed Michael Botello. Records show Eduardo Gonzalez-Frias had been deported but illegally sneaked back into the U.S. prior to the fatal crash.

In August, Ciriaco Viconte Alva Perez, who had multiple prior deportations, was handed over to ICE following a crash he caused by driving at speeds on a West Virginia highway up to 121 mph. His toxicology report has not been completed. Joshua Fields, Brittany Sorn, and a nine-year-old survived the crash, but sustained serious injuries.

Perhaps, the Daily Beast and other open border apologists should save the sympathy for these innocent victims of criminal aliens.

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    What is needed are a series of class-action lawsuits filed against the sanctuary locales en toto, accusing them of illegally using taxpayer funds to promote illegality and accuse them of violations of their oaths of office to defend against FOREIGN enemies.. and DOMESTIC enemies as well. It is an illegal act to conspire to avoid US Law, and entering the US IS an illegal act. At the very least all those supporting and endorsing sanctuary locales are aiding and abetting an illegal activity. And they are guilty of doing so every single day that an illegal is in their jurisdiction, they know it, and they do not take LEGAL action.
    The laws exist. What is necessary is to get this issue before the Supreme Court in an expeditious manner. Meaning declaring it an issue of National Security.
    I’d also suggest hanging any judge that sides with illegals since they, too, would be aiding and abetting them.

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    It’s not just illegal alien drunk drivers that kill so many people. Last Friday (16) marked the 8th anniversary of my son’s death at the hands of an illegal alien. He wasn’t drunk or on drugs but he was driving without a license which according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety made him 5 times more likely to kill someone.

    You can’t compare statistics because so many states have granted licenses to illegal aliens but at the time 7,500 people were being killed by unlicensed drivers and over half of the collisions were from people in the country illegally. Furthermore, over 30 percent were also drunk at the time.

    Regardless of immigration status how can anyone consider drunk driving at over 10,000 deaths a year and driving without a license at about 6,000 deaths a year minor crimes is inconceivable.

    For those who think licensing illegal aliens makes them safer drivers think again. In the three years since California licensed illegal aliens to drive (2015-2017) traffic fatalities are up over 16 percent. Hit and runs are up over 26 percent. Illinois which also started licensing illegal aliens at the end of 2014 (November) have seen an increase in traffic fatalities over 17 percent.

    Unfortunately, no Democratic representatives loved ones have been the victim yet. Guess that’s what it will take to wake them up.

    When I met with my congressman in 2013 about making sure the man who killed my son was detained and deported when he got out of jail (he served 43 days of a 6-month sentence) USCIS responded to his inquiry by stating, “Roberto Galo won’t be detained or deported because he’s only committed one crime of moral turpitude”.

    At great personal, financial and emotional distress I did get him deported after an 8-month fight with the Obama administration.

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    Here is my sympathy, we need to hire 100 thousand more ICE agents as well as many conservatives immigration judges as possible.

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    If you ever talk to anyone who actually goes to sites like Daily Beast they are in general pretty clueless because all they ever do is get one side. Just try and tell them a fact like how many immigrants legal and illegal are on some type of welfare and they look at you as if you’re nuts because their views are shaped entirely by their “feelings”. Unfortunately there are far too many people who don’t know and don’t want to know.

    It’s ironic for DB to be talking about “democracy”. Among leftists democracy is whatever they agree with, and if they don’t agree with it, then just ignore whatever the law says. Look at how many leftist judges write law from the bench. The so called Muslim ban was entirely legal because federal law gives the president the power to approve who may enter this country. Then there is the charming leftist habit, encouraged by Democratic politicians, of publicly harassing those they disagree with.

    The whole episode with Jim Acosta of CNN, with him continuing to argue with Trump and pushing away the arm of the intern trying to pass the mic to the next reporter, only proves that Trump has a point about both CNN and the media in general. Acosta has been doing this for two years. He gets a couple questions and then he won’t shut up or sit down. The fact that the media, with few exceptions, condones and defends his behavior is just proof of their bias. No one has the right to take over a press conference like he continues to do. Just ask yourself if it was a Fox reporter and Obama.

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      Leland, I agree 100%. The democrats are totally ignorant of what they do and the agony they cause others, as long as they have the end result of more democrat voters.
      The majority don’t care about the welfare because they’re getting the same benefits. They won’t worry about it until they start having to pay into it as well as
      Obama’s administration neglected to invite FOX to many of the press conferences at the White House and denied seats on Air Force One in order to make room for mags like Jet and Glamour.

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    Deaths of innocent citizens are just collateral damage in the battle to destroy America’s borders in the unholy alliance between Democrats seeking fraudulent votes and welfare state clients, and Cheap Labor RINO’s. Nothing to See Here, Folks, Move Along!