ICE: Illegal Alien Murders Three After Released by Sanctuary City

On November 1, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Luis Rodrigo Perez fatally shot and killed two men and injured two others in Missouri. The following day, he allegedly shot and killed a woman. Perez, who is in the country illegally, allegedly committed the murders because the victims kicked him out of their home. Aaron Anderson, who is being charged as an accomplice to the crime, told investigators that he could hear the victims begging for their lives before being shot.

What makes this story even more tragic is the fact that these murders were almost completely preventable.

While detained at Middlesex County Jail in New Jersey last December on domestic violence charges, ICE placed a detainer request on Perez so that he could face an immigration judge and eventually be removed from the United States. However, that request was ignored, and Perez was released back onto the streets.

“Yet again, an ICE detainer was ignored and a dangerous criminal alien was released to the streets and is now charged with killing three people,” said Corey Price, acting executive director of ICE. “It is past time that localities realize the perils of dangerous sanctuary policies and resume their primary goal of protecting their residents.”

Anti-borders advocates have adopted so-called “sanctuary cities” as a basic component of their platform. And while there is no evidence to support the claims that sanctuary cities make communities safer, it’s nearly indisputable that people have died as a result of these policies, and many others have become victims of other crimes committed by criminal illegal aliens that should have been turned over to ICE.

Furthermore, these sanctuary cities endanger those who live in jurisdictions that respect the rule of law as well. In the Perez’s case, he was released by a sanctuary county in New Jersey, then traveled to another state and murdered three people.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), there are 564 sanctuary cities in the United States. There were 338 in 2016, and only 40 in 2009. As more and more jurisdictions join this latest policy push by the mass-immigration lobby, people should, unfortunately, expect more preventable crimes like these to be committed in the future.

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    A) This was almost a year between release and the murders. It had nothing to do with his release.
    B) Him being illegal doesn’t somehow make murder any different.
    C) Amazing how all these people who want to blame the release are probably the same people who don’t want people to blame the gun. You can’t have it both ways.

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      Yes it IS the same people because we have a brain and we use it, dumb-***! Or will it take the murder of someone in your own family by an illegal alien before you get the message?! It’s called preventable crime because the idiot belonged on the other side of the fence to begin with… Doesn’t matter whether it was a day, a week, a year or longer! When will you get that through your useless braincells? The rights of legal citizens will always TRUMP those of illegal aliens. Period!

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        You took the words right out of my mouth, Jay. Fake Outrage is a MORON like all the other libtards that support aliens breaching our borders and killing our citizens.

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      You have useless brain cells, makes no difference when this happened, we have laws that we have to abide by.

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      Sherman Graves on

      If he wasn’t released by a sanctuary city but instead turned over to ICE for deportation these horrific murders would not have been committed. Sell your BS some place else.

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      Uh, Stupid? It would not have been possible for him to have killed anyone within that time frame of one year. His removal would have taken time. His transport to his country of origin would have taken time. His trying to get back into the US illegally would have taken time. His travel from wherever he illegally reentered would have taken time for him to find his way back to the area(s) in which he murdered three people.
      The true tragedy in this entire story is that you weren’t one of the three.
      Maybe next time we’ll be luckier.

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    What about the victims’ families filing a wrongful death suit against the municipality that ignored the ICE directive and released Perez? I know this will do little to alleviate the grief and pain of their loss, but it would probably be a deterrent to this happening in the future. These “sanctuary” cities, counties and municipalities are driven by the rabid liberals whose only goal is the furtherment of their own careers and financial gain. Hit them in the wallet and make them pay…

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    I am of the firm opinion that the mayor and city council of Sanctuary cities are totally responsible for the death and injury caused by illegal aliens they release,and should be held personally responsible! I would like to see family members of those injured or killed go and kill the mayor and city council members who are responsible for the policy, they would get a not guilty verdict for me at their trial. Start making these anti-American traitors pay for not upholding the law and risking the saftey of innocent Americans to get a few votes and feel morally superior to everyone else,killa few traitors and the rest of the unAmeri an scum will cone in to line. As you know, most are cowards who hide behind armed bodyguards and thumb their noses at regular tax paying citizens !

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    These cities claim it’s unfair to try and cut off federal funds to them, but the fact is that they make ICE’s job infinitely harder, dangerous, and more expensive when agents have to go out and search the streets for the criminals they could have taken into custody at the jail.

    The left and the media just swooned over the fact that globalist French president Macron, in a rebuke to Trump, claimed “nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism”. Complete nonsense. The definition of nationalism is “the quality of devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country” and the definition of patriotism is “identification with one’s own nation and support for it’s interests”. The two are virtually identical, not exclusive. If you are afraid to call yourself a nationalist you should not be running for office.

    Macron is just another French weasel who loves tweaking this country. The media does not mention that his approval ratings in France are below 30%. If not for this country Europe would be speaking German. That is beyond dispute. Britain would have tried to hold out but the French just stood aside while the German army raced to Paris. It would have been a matter of time if we hadn’t joined the fight.

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      Geoge Tyrebyter on

      Your comments about the French army in WWII are pretty stupid, Leland. The French army was simply overwhelmed. Read the Schrier book on the Fall of France.

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        Not really. After some initial resistance from the French the Germans took Paris without no opposition. It’s a fact that without the US there would have been no D-Day and no massive American bombing campaign that totally crippled Germany’s capacity to fight.

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          Why is that? Why was the French army totally unprepared and properly trained when Hitler was next door?

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            The French knew they were going to be attacked again by Germany. They were a;ready for a repeat of WWI and had static defensive lines. They built this monstrous thing called the Maginot Line, the Germans simply went around it, attacked through Belgium. They were fighting the wrong war. Today the US is being attacked from within in addition to the invaders, we are not prepared either.

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    frederick bronson on

    we need to start seeing cities like that to hold them accountable for their actions or we can take matters in our own hands and buy 10lbs of lime