On the Caravan, CNN’s Jim Acosta is Even More Wrong This Week

During last week’s post-election White House press conference, CNN’s Jim Acosta demonstrated his ignorance of the basic tenets of reporting. Rather than seeking the facts, he sought the spotlight by attempting to school President Trump about the Central American migrant caravan.

Acosta opened up his exchange by asserting he “wanted to challenge” the president about his use of the term “invasion” to describe thousands of migrants coming toward the U.S. border.

Instead of striving to understand the president’s viewpoint, he merely pushed his own.

“As you know, Mr. President, the caravan was not an invasion. It’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S.,” proclaimed Acosta.

Acosta will need to add the residents and government officials in Tijuana, Mexico to his lecture circuit.

On Friday, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum termed the influx of migrants an “avalanche,” while Luis Alexis Mendoza, a carpenter in the Mexican town, screamed that “this is an invasion,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Other residents also voiced their objection to more than 3,000 migrants descending upon their town.

“[Tijuana residents] accused the migrants of being messy, ungrateful and a danger to Tijuana. They also complained about how the caravan forced its way into Mexico, calling it an ‘invasion.’ And they voiced worries that their taxes might be spent to care for the group,” reported the Associated Press on Sunday.

CNN’s chief correspondent also disputed the notion that migrants would attempt to enter the U.S. by scaling the border fence in California or Texas.

He accused the president of demonizing migrants by airing an ad showing “migrants climbing over walls” on the border and then declared, “They’re not going to be doing that.”

Actually, they already had tried to climb over a wall along the border near San Diego. News outlets captured video of migrants scaling part of the border fence near Border Field State Park – one day before Acosta insisted they would not.

If Acosta wants to be recognized (and respected) as a reporter, he should make it a priority to report the facts, not report the facts as he sees them.

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    I’m currently with MSN every day I sign in I read about the poor impoverished people and to send money to help them . Then in the next article that pops up it talks about President Trump and how sorry he is about the South American invasions of people we owe nothing to .All I know is we are doing it all wrong all we have to do is fine the people that hire them and do not under any circumstances start giving them welfare from my Social Security I paid in and then tell me they have to cut or even stop it all together because of mismanagement by our government to start with ! The US government instead of giving all the money to foreign countries should be forced to pay back money they stole from hard working Americans from Social Security ! They also should quit paying illegal aliens to stay here in this countries through welfare .Its like a stray dog if you don’t feed them they will go some where else !

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    Acosta needs to go down to the borders and see for himself! Then he can come back in a year and film a documentary for us to see.

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    Acosta is a big, whiny baby who thinks he’s a know-it-all. CNN wants nothing more than to bash the President and try to discredit. He is also rude and should have yielded the floor and microphone to another reporter.

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      I agree. There are many mexican/latino people who have infiltrated the mainstream of either political or media positions of authority, and their agenda is to ” grease te wheel of democracy” which will make it easier for those who are attempting to “invade” the soverignty of our nation! And their momentary criminal behavior, which envolves, overwhelming our boarders with overbearing chaos once they do reach the entrances to our AMERICA! Such desparate people cannot understand that they are futile in their eandevor due to them being extremely ignorant! And Acosta is not any different…Acosta is in my opinion “The Worst”! ” I’m just saying”.

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    Who really owns the Media today? That is the big question and when you answer that, you will have all the answers you will need to why Trump is so pissed off at them.

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    Acosta is an entertainer and a grandstanding clown. That’s really all that most of the mainstream media is nowadays. Long ago the news departments were not expected to produce a profit. Now we basically have five or six corporations who own the big majority of the media outlets. There used to be hundreds of media companies. Almost every large city had both conservative and liberal newspapers and you could get both sides.

    Of course, now we have newspapers that claim they provide both sides, but with few exceptions the “right” columnists are simply the same band of neo-con never-Trumpers like Jennifer Rubin, George Will, Kathleen Parker, and a host of others. We used to criticize the Soviet Union justifiably for their one sided press. All you have to do is look at the tape of all the major media figures when they all realized about ten thirty on election night 2016 that Trump would win. Looked like a funeral. A lot of people get their “news” through Facebook but somehow or another they are always blocking conservative opinion and then declaring it was all a “mistake”.

    Nor is Fox immune. Today one of the morning anchors said that Arthur Laffer, a Reagan economic advisor, was looking at Trump’s economy through “rose colored glasses”. Uh that phrase means making the best out of a bad situation. Whatever else you can say, the best unemployment rates in decades are not anything bad. Just watch Arthel Neville or Shepard Smith and a lot of their “conservative” guests on Fox and you could be watching MSMBC. Prime time and Outnumbered is ok but the rest of the day not so much.

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    The “brown” Mexicans don’t want the “brown” Hondurans in their city? How do we spin this to make it “racist?” I’m sure that the Lame Stream Media will find a way?

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    ebenezeer Jones on

    Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum says this is an invasion. Is he wrong or just racist for saying that?

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      If it’s an invasion for him how do you think we feel when they are trying to get in the U.S.?? sneaky & trying to get in the U.S. is a crime & they need to be punished & sent back. Yes , 100’s of years ago we came from every where, but it was NOT illegal . Many laws were not established yet.

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    Acosta will continue to make a mess of everything..he will end the news briefings completely!