There’s a Sign of Trouble in Queens, New York

Some New York officials no longer respect the rule of law when it comes to illegal immigration. New York City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Queens Borough) recently called on New Yorkers to tear down signs in the city encouraging people to report illegal aliens to federal immigration authorities.

Bramer shared a video of himself on social media tearing down one of the signs on October 8. In his post, Bramer boasted that New York City “is a sanctuary city” and that residents should tear down the signs so that Queens may become “a sanctuary neighborhood” to all immigrants, including illegal aliens. These actions, according to Bramer, would reinforce the borough’s “#QueensValues” against what he calls #TrumpValues.”

Of course, other than allowing illegal aliens to continue breaking our laws, Bramer failed to identify exactly what Queens values are. Apparently, they involve disrespect for the rule of law, a disdain for the free speech rights of anyone who disagrees with him and an inability to distinguish between aliens lawfully present in the United States and foreign law breakers.

The sign that Bramer tore down reads: “A notice to all citizens of the United States of America: It is your civic duty to report any and all illegal aliens to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They have broken the law.” The signs also include a hotline number for ICE.

Of course, it is completely legal for citizens to report illegal aliens to federal immigration authorities. It’s akin to reporting a crime in progress to local law enforcement. Under federal law, aliens who have entered the United States without permission, or have violated the terms of their admission, are identified under the law as illegal aliens. (See8 USC §1227).

While it’s acceptable for elected officials to have strong opinions about various policy matters, and to debate those opinions in a proper setting, it is unacceptable for elected officials to suppress any views or ideas they disagree with, including the defacement and destruction of public signs. Bramer’s actions do not reflect the values most Americans hold when it comes to immigration enforcement.  Most Americans still believe in the rule of law.

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Colton joined FAIR in 2018 as a legislative advisor for state and local policy. Prior to FAIR, Colton responded to constituent needs and legislative issues in the offices of U.S. Senator Thom Tillis and U.S. Representatives Virginia Foxx, Mark Meadows, and Richard Hudson. His congressional service covered a wide range of policy issues including agriculture, immigration, health care, welfare, and economic development. Before this, he was responsible for direct lobbying, grassroots mobilization, and strategic initiatives for several advocacy groups, including the North Carolina Association of Realtors, the Susan B. Anthony List, and Concerned Veterans for America. Colton holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Sociology from Western Carolina University.


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    I believe removing fires or signs posted by Federal employees is a crime. Someone should send the video to the Feds and demand his arrest. Seems as though the people of New York have voted in several who violate Federal laws. Time to put these scofflaws in jail.

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    For removing fliers posted by others he is breaking the law. Someone should point that out to the police and file a complaint.
    As for additional charges, it IS illegal to promote breaking the (federal) law regarding illegal immigrants so they should also file a complaint with the US AG’s office accusing him of ‘aiding and abetting’ an illegal activity.

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    Stephen Russell on

    Good make NYC the East Coast Sh**Hole like San Fran is for the West.
    Bye Bye tourism, & esp NYE 2019.
    Good show NYC Your the #1 Grinch City ever.
    Ruin everyones day in NYC