American Dream or Nightmare? Depends on what side of the border you’re on

You wake up one morning to the sound of fists. Lots of them pounding on your door. You shake the sleep from your mind as you stumble to the door to determine what is so urgent. As you begin to crack the door open, you see people. Hundreds of  people, standing on your porch and front steps, with sleeping bags, clothes, water bottles, whatever they are able to carry. You hear them say they want to come in. They say they want the same economic advantage that you have.

You can’t really believe what you’re hearing. For a split second you think you must just be dreaming and it’s a nightmare… you’re still asleep. But then your heart skips as you realize, you aren’t asleep. These people are really at your door and demanding entry and equal access your home.

As far-fetched as that sounds that is what 7,000 people now standing at our Southern doorstep are demanding. They are currently in Mexico, but they have traversed thousands of miles with one thought in mind: they will come to our door, and whether or not we open the door, they plan to get in by any means necessary.  While some may be legitimate asylum seekers, most are economic migrants. While one’s economic condition through migration is an understandable aspiration, the United States cannot accommodate everyone whose lives would be improved by settling in our country.

How did we get here? How did we get to the point that people from around the world, think they have a right to demand and simply take, what we have worked so hard for and sacrificed so much to build? The answer is short; we’ve allowed it, even encouraged it, and we don’t enforced our current immigration laws to prove differently.

Forty years ago, employers found they could hire illegal aliens, pay them off the books to do work they use to pay American workers to do. They found they didn’t have to pay 7.5 percent of their wages to Social Security, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, etc. like they did their American counterparts. You’ve heard these are “jobs that Americans wouldn’t do”, but that simply isn’t true. American always did “those” jobs; housekeeping, mowing lawns, meat packing, construction, dry wall.  You name it, and we did it! But greed got in the way. Now both employers and illegal workers continue to be greedy.

What used to be single men from Mexico coming to work for a while then leaving with their money and returning home, transitioned to entire families coming illegally. That change began right after the 1986 amnesty. Illegal workers were emboldened. They found jobs easily, places to live, and produced automatic American citizen children all the while hoping for another amnesty. Maybe the U.S. would reward them all for breaking the law, once again. Congress has certainly attempted numerous times to do just that, because they would prefer the easy way out. Wave a wand and make them legal, problem solved! Few want to do the real work necessary to fix this problem once and for all.

Congress has failed our nation for more than 30 years. They have refused to secure the border, fine employers for hiring illegal aliens, fund the wall, and take seriously human and drug trafficking. In neglecting these responsibilities, Congress has also exposed the American people to risks posed by criminal illegal aliens, including gang members, and terrorists. You can’t look the other way on illegal immigration, without knowing you are looking the other way on human traffickers, drug traffickers, alien criminals, gangs and terrorists as well.

President Trump was elected because he offered firm policies to protect the interests and security of the American people. We need more people in Congress who are willing to enforce our laws. It is 7,000 waiting to come in today, but it could well be 70,000 next week, or 700,000 more in the months to come. Until Congress is prepared to act, the nightmare will continue.

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Susan has been with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) since 2002. She is a former business owner, manager for municipal code enforcement, immigration coordinator for the Coalition of Government Officials (southern California), and president of Citizens Committee for Immigration Policy. Susan manages FAIR's extensive and national Field Program. She develops members and activist support and educates the media and public on immigration issues.


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    barry sucktero on


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    Just how long will it be before the invasion of illegals gets so bad that Americans are forced to go to the US Border armed to Stop them, And then what, Congress sends the US Army to protect the illegals from us hard working tax paying Americans that built It
    this Country with our tax money and our labor ??

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    All the usual suspects were involved in the 1986 amnesty. After Ted Kennedy saying that the 1965 immigration act would “not bring a million immigrants a year to our cities” and “will not change the ethnic makeup of the country”, both of which happened, lying Ted said of the 86 amnesty that “never again will another amnesty bill be brought to the floor of the Senate”. Schumer was a leader in the House for it and the promised border security never happened. How do these people look in the mirror. Soulless liars.

    Gotta love how the media is falling all over itself to praise Bush 41. It’s the same game they play every time. When McCain ran against Obama, the press was all over him. He dies a few months ago and they have to run to the dictionary to find enough words of praise. When Romney ran in 2102 he was a racist and woman hater. Now he’s presented as everything a Republican should be. We truly have a 1984 press and the public in general buys into all of it. Meanwhile Trump has made some substantial progress in getting China to drop tariffs against our products and not a word in most of the media. Over two years of Russia Russia and all that has happened is that the government has crushed a few people financially to get them to plead guilty to what are in most cases memory lapses.

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    George Peabody on

    It won’t stop until their leaders are arrested and deported to Central Africa, minus all ill gotten wealth, and banished from USA for life:
    Arrest illegal alien jihadist infiltrator Usurper of Office Barack Obama!  Yes, ARREST and indict Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, Soros, for their crimes against American Citizens and against our Constitution FOR the USA.  Banish them from USA for life.  REPEL the illegal Invaders!  Stop all federal welfare programs!

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      I agree, they started this crap, catch and release, freaking morons, all for the new world order that GHW Bush said in one of his freaking speech’s, new world order. he was a good prez, but we don’t need know new world order, we want to keep America sovereign nation. keep the 3rd world out.

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    Great analysis. I can ad to it, though.

    It appears that these “entitled” migrants searching for good life at our expense are, as a group, a long-term socio-political liability as well.

    They, as a group, tend to have opportunistic morality, following the rules when the rules benefit them and breaking the rules or even rioting against the rules when the rules prevent them from getting what they want. What happens at the border now is a typical example what one can expect of them.

    They, as a group, lend political support to the Left-wing politicians who promise redistribution of wealth and incomes, and empowerment of the less productive and less successful.

    Their group attitude towards work (work but only if you have to) is very different from the protestant work ethics that America’s economic strength has been built upon. They may be hard workers when they need the money, but stop being such as soon as they learn how to have taxpayers pay for their necessities.

    But above all, they as a group show little or no loyalty to the country that offers them lives so much better than their native countries have, and are quick to gang together in their protests against our laws, our economic system, our culture, and even our language. As soon as their numbers here are large enough, they will bring this country down very much the same way they brought down theirs.

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    I really thought that Trump would end this nightmare. I have been watching for decades as our so called elected leaders proceeded to give this country away. Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats. So now we’re at a tipping point. These people, supported by their activist friends, go to court and demand the rights they don’t have. Yet, activist judges give them what they want. I fully expect some activist organization to go to court in California and have some judge order the government to open the borders for these caravan members. Then, I think we all can agree, we have truly lost this country.

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    And Congress did an equally horrible thing. They allowed illegals access to rights/benefits/privileges meant ONLY for American citizens and forced American working taxpayers to foot the bill for these foreigners not supposed to even be in our country. Instead of stopping the entry of illegals, requiring them to leave the USA, Congress made big changes to accommodate them with no requirements at all of them, not even learning English. The result has been tgat we have 50+ million Mexicans living in our country, about 30 million of them illegals. Just think of that! What smart, sensible country would ever allow that number of a single other nation’s people to move into its lands and let them keep coming daily!!! Crazy!! That is about one sixth of our population and increasing by half a million annually of anchor baby births, plus the tens of thousands more crossing our border EVERY month.

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    I Find It Almost Humorous

    That when Mexico is stuck with the caravan in their country then its horrifying to them now….when did they change their attitude on asylum? When Trump wouldn’t allow the Mexican dump truck to dump in America?