Gavin Newsom Prepares To Drive California Down A Dangerous Road

Gov. Jerry Brown put California on a dangerous path by embracing anti-border rhetoric and policies, particularly the ushering in of sanctuary state status and the expansion of legal benefits for illegal aliens. But it could get even worse for residents of the Golden State once Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom grabs hold of the wheel.

Newsom, who once favored reporting illegal aliens to federal law enforcement officials, rode to victory by normalizing the violation of U.S. immigration laws and promising to spend even more taxpayer dollars on lawbreakers. All signs indicate he plans to make good on bad policies.

During an election night speech, the former San Francisco mayor said he would protect DACA beneficiaries, illegal aliens and to ensure California remains “a state of results and of refuge.”

Eschewing the political pragmatism that Brown occasionally demonstrated, Newsom is taking an activist viewpoint that sees no difference between his constituents and foreign nationals, including members of the Central American caravan.

“I feel a deep sense of responsibility to address the issues that we as a broader community face and I think we need to humanize this issue, not politicize the issue,” he said after touring a detention center in San Ysidro, California.

He doubled down saying that California taxpayers are “capable” of parting with even more of their hard earned paychecks.

“We can’t do everything ourselves but I know we’re capable of doing more,” added Newsom.

The responsibility Newsom and his anti-border cohorts are ignoring is the obligation to represent the interests of law-abiding Californians. Instead, the incoming governor and Democrat legislators are gearing up to challenge the Trump administration and pro-enforcement lawmakers.

Before even taking the oath of office, Newsom backed a plan to bar immigration officials from making courthouse arrests, and told Politico of his plans to pull National Guard troops from their duty protecting the Southern border, and explore ways California’s Office of Emergency Services could aid refugees who have recently arrived in the state.

After failing in the last legislative session, Democratic legislators already resurrected several disastrous measures, including one to extend coverage under Medi-Cal, the state’s low-income health care program, to any adult over the age of 19.

While Newsom told Politico that he will not take immediate action on achieving the goal of universal health care in California, he told Politico that expanding coverage to everyone regardless of immigration status remains at the core of his agenda.

With more than 200,000 illegal immigrant children presently able to access Medi-Cal services, the consequences of the effort to expand Medi-Cal coverage would be monumental. Simply consider that of the estimated 2.8 million Californians who are uninsured, some 1.8 are illegal and upwards of 1.3 million are poor enough to qualify for Medi-Cal.

Presently, illegal aliens can receive limited Medi-Cal benefits including pregnancy and emergency care. If passed, Medi-Cal expansion for illegal aliens would cost California an estimated $3 billion annually, according to a May analysis by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Since federal limitations on illegal aliens using publicly funded health care require the state to shoulder the full cost, most previous proposals have not passed. With Newsom at the helm and more left wing legislators prepared to pony up to please political interests, the road ahead for California is going to be a rocky one.

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    What I hate most is that so many Californians are moving into Nevada, MY STATE, and are trying to make NV just like the State they left!!! Years ago I lived just North of Miami which had a population of 1/5th latin in 1960! When I moved to Orlando in 1997, it was 1/2 latin with 1/4th Haitian that the government was a solid Democrat run that it is now close to bankruptcy like California! They changed the city to literally LITTLE HAVANA!! Those California transplants want NV to change as well!! Nevada is in the black because we only spend what we take in!!

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    I really think Gavin Newsom needs to get his priorities straight and start thinking about California’s residents first we have veterans and American citizens and kids that are homeless and starving out on our streets we also have drug epidemic that’s going around our State that they will do whatever it takes to get their drugs we have MS 13 gangbangers causing alot of cahos here by their drive by shootings killing our innocent citizens they nee to be ratified and deported if they’re illegally here in America and California please look at San Francisco and Los Angeles skid row there are people shitting in the streets and leaving hyperdermic needles in the streets that a child can pick up and put it in his or her mouth and get infected by any type of diseases I personally think we shouldn’t have to support them by all means I personally think the DACA programs should be shut down because we as American citizens have dreams also I personally will back up Trump on all these issues when it comes to illegal immigration California tax payers should have the right to say where their taxes will or will not go yet Jerry Brown has infringement of raising the gas and registration taxes for what when the work in our roads and infrastructure isn’t getting done as far as the bullet train is concerned it should’ve never got started in the first place I seen alot out there these two Governors need to walk around our streets and come down to their level and see the reality of what’s going on here in America and California there are more people who are homeless than there are illegal immigrants I personally oppose these issues when it comes to illegal immigration period

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    Bill, those politicians who have broken their OATH do not need to be just replaced and barred from ever holding any office in government, they need to be arrested and charged with TREASON. And the longer the right wing voters continue to put up with this kind of political action, the worse it will get. The left has for many years pushed, protested and demanded their agendas be enacted while demeaning the average American with their “frightening” charges of RACIEST to make them back down.

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    I saw California twice, 1980 and 1981, on two summer road trips, about 12 months apart. Jerry Brown, who was Governor of California back then, hadn’t yet done as much damage to the Golden State as he has done since then.

    It was fun to visit a couple of times; but I never wanted to live there, even back then — and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t want to live there now. In fact, I don’t even care to visit the place again — the way I’ve heard that the liberals and anti-border crowd have trashed it. I have my memories and travel journals — and photos. I’ll be content with these things.

    Agree with previous poster that the feds should visit the Governor’s Mansion — with an arrest warrant. A lot of the people who reside in this constitutional republic — like our slick politicians and their low-information voters — are just plain not good enough for it.

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    The former “golden” state has become the fool’s gold state, run by fools who are voted in by fools. Complete morons who think two and two equals six. Apparently dollar bills grow on those orange trees and just pluck one off and another grows. A lot of us non residents can remember going there on trips and the big cities were spotless. Now every major city has thousands of homeless with their camps filling up parks and walking paths. Human waste and needles cover the streets of San Francisco and only gets worse.

    Meanwhile Hollywood is full of self righteous airheads who preach about consumerism and global warming while they have numerous large homes around the world, wear designer clothes, and fly private jets. Our brave heroes.

    California apologists always talk about their “surplus” every budgetary year. But that is only because they raise taxes every year, when California has some of the highest taxes in the country already. They have hundreds of billions in pension obligations that are completely unfunded. It’s like bragging you have a hundred dollars in your wallet when you are thousands in debt.

    When construction began on their “high speed” train from LA to San Francisco, costs were assured to be 40 billion dollars. Now it’s 100 billion, behind schedule, and won’t even be high speed in many sections. But those who pointed out at the beginning this would happen were portrayed as right wingers living in the past. Just another shiny new toy that liberals get all enthused about, without an ounce of thought whether it’s really a good idea or affordable. Now it’s finish it or abandon it, an equally bad choice.

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    Federal officers need to pay the California governors mansion a visit… with a warrant for his arrest. These are federal laws Newsome is blatantly swearing to break and to make Californians monetarily responsible for. California is fast tracking to double down on disaster. Brown was bad. Newsome will be even worse.

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      Well said! Trump seems to be the only one in all of government bold and courageous enough to tackle these treasonist politicians.

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    It’s amazing how State and Local Politicians can ignore The Constitution and Federal Laws. If it were the common person to ignore either they would be arrested and charged with a Federal Offense. All Politicians when sworn into office pledge to abide to the Constitution and the Laws of America and to protect the People and America from all those Foreign and Democratic. Those Politicians that have broken there Oath need to be replaced and band from ever holding any positions Government related.