The Democrats’ Immoral Border Security Plan

In weekly press conference, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi declared that funding a border wall would be “immoral” and “ineffective,” but that Congress has a “responsibility, all of us, to secure our borders.”

Furthermore, Pelosi said it was “not necessarily” the case that a continuing resolution would include previously agreed-to money for border security, including funds for a “fence” on the border.

“It depends on how you spend the money. It’s border security. It’s about border security,” replied the California Democrat.

Pelosi seems to be under some delusion that opposing a border wall, and maybe even refusing to support strengthening existing fencing qualifies as border security.

Let’s see how that is working.

According to data released Thursday by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), 62,456 foreign nationals were apprehended attempting to illegally enter the U.S. or who were deemed inadmissible at ports of entry in November compared to the 39,051 apprehended in November 2017 – a 60 percent increase.

“The November 2018 border numbers are the predictable result of a broken immigration system – including flawed judicial rulings – that usurps the will of the American people who have repeatedly demanded secure borders,” said Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokeswoman Katie Waldman.

Have our borders become more secure without the “immoral” border wall?

The data show the number family member apprehensions in November 2018 (25,172) rose 9 percent over October numbers (23,115). But when compared with the number of apprehensions in November 2017, there has been a 200 percent spike in family member apprehensions in just one year.

While headlines focus on Customs and Border Patrol’s (CBP) ongoing efforts to prevent masses of migrants from the Central American caravan from crossing into California, officials along the Texas border also are witnessing a similar trend of larger groups of immigrants – some in the hundreds – presenting themselves to agents.

“We’ve seen that there has been a bit of an increase. I think every sector along the border has been preparing for these moments because we have seen larger groups especially family units coming across,” Agent Joe Romero said.

“The last number that we had was upwards of 400 individuals that crossed in the midway area and the Ysleta port of entry,” added Romero.

And how is having no wall helping to combat the illicit drug trade?

The danger is not confined to illegal migration. In the last week, CBP seized more than $1.3 million worth of illicit drugs in Nogales, Texas; nearly $178,000 in methamphetamine in Arizona; and a 22-year-old woman with 24 pounds of cocaine in Hidalgo, Texas.

Democrats and their amnesty-backing allies in Congress pay lip-service to “border security,” while simultaneously building a protective legal wall around illegal aliens. Once again, the data show this approach is what is immoral and ineffective.

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    Anyone who is NOT Indigenous to the land now called “America” is an immigrant or their descendant! Get your history correct or shut up with your illusionist propaganda. Better yet, go back to where your ancestors came from. You have no moral authority to speak to immigration.

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    Marvallene Lapp on

    Nancy,Chuck how will your families feel in a few years when this countries population is maxed out. They will demand all monies from the rich to take care of these lower wage earners. We will run out of resources for everyone here. The earth is already giving out. What will you do. How do you plan on the rest of the world coming in. You both are foolish. Build that wall and quit acting like 2 spoiled children that demand you way. I heard it in the meeting and you are childish! Grow up. If that wall along California had not been there, we would now have all those migrants here. There were very few women in the group.

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    A fence only tells the bad guy/women where the border begins. The US citizens want a wall to keep bad guys and women out of the USA. period…………….

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    Trump’s Approval Rating to Build the WALL

    Would be 75% if we ended that Mueller Witch Hunt….no Russian election collusion implemented….just globalism synergy from all American businesses that everyone teams up for stock equity profits…with Russia/China/EU too.

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    Once again, this would be the perfect opportunity for a reporter to ask her, “Ok , you oppose a wall or fence, but what exactly do you mean by Congress has a responsibility to secure the border. What is it that YOU propose to accomplish that?” We don’t have a media. We have a bunch of swooning fanboys and fangirls who simply repeat Democratic talking points and allow their heroes to take both sides of a position and say nothing in the end.

    And since Schumer, Hillary, Biden, and Obama all voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006 which mandated 700 miles of double layer border fence, are they immoral? Is Israel immoral because they built a barrier along the Israel-West Bank border over a decade ago because suicide bombers were crossing over on a regular basis and killing innocent Israelis? Sounds more like a government and it’s leadership who refuse to protect the country’s border are the immoral ones. BTW, does she have a front door? Isn’t it “immoral” for her to keep out the homeless in San Francisco who would like to come in and help themselves to whatever she has? Another hypocrite windbag.

    Tucker Carlson has immigration “advocates” on his show and he frequently asks them what is the number of people you think we can accept here and how big are you willing to have our population become, considering it’s immigration fueling our population growth of 25 million per decade. He NEVER gets an straight answer no matter how many times he asks.

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    Any “conservative” or “Republican” who believes that the Libtards will do squat to stop the flow of “Undocumented Democrats” into the country is an idiot.

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