Democrats Dump More Coal in Americans’ Christmas Stockings

American workers are looking at a Blue Christmas and a not-so-prosperous New Year, thanks to open-borders Santas in the Democratic Party.

Among other factors, a record wave of immigrants competing for jobs has helped drive down wages. The U.S. working class has been abandoned by Democratic Party leadership, which in years past used to champion folks like them.

Instead of hope and respect, they’re getting troublesome change and pedantic lectures from Democratic elites. U.S. senator and prospective presidential aspirant Kamala Harris, D-Calif., faithfully recites the party line: “We are a nation of immigrants. And we have to stop vilifying and criminalizing whole populations of people because they came and arrived here from south of the border.”

This is a far cry from the party’s principles of not so long ago.

Walter Mondale, the Democrats’ presidential nominee in 1984, once declared: “My basic complaint is that we have a massive poverty population coming into the country virtually every day from Mexico. If you could prevent that illegal rush of labor coming across the border, the bargaining power of U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens would rise dramatically.”

It is no coincidence that average hourly U.S. wages (inflation-adjusted) have flat-lined since 1978, as illegal immigration ramped up. According to the Pew Research Center, some 8 million illegal aliens are in the workforce, filling up to a quarter of the jobs in agriculture, construction, production, services and transportation. This is work that would otherwise go to unemployed or underemployed Americans.

As the late Rep. Peter Rodino, D-N.J., noted: “The illegal alien displaces American workers, depresses wages, burdens the welfare rolls, and taxes local, state and federal government by use of medical facilities at public charge.”

Contrast these concerns – more pronounced now than ever — with the unctuous rhetoric of newly minted presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke. The Texas Democrat demands “a path to work, family reunification and citizenship” for all immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.

Back in the day, Rodino sponsored legislation to punish employers of illegal aliens. It passed the House twice, but failed to advance in the Senate. This points to a two-party problem that persists today, when a commonsense E-Verify worker-verification bill cannot even get out of a committee in the Republican controlled House.

While GOP lawmakers splinter on immigration, congressional Democrats, taking the House reins in January, oppose every border- and worker-protection proposal from President Donald Trump.

Democrats’ intransigence prompted Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley to remind party leaders this week: “A majority of voters have views on border security that are much closer to Mr. Trump’s. Ask Hillary Clinton.”

Barbara Jordan, the Texas Democrat who chaired the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform from 1994-1996, said, “It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”

Now her party’s leaders have turned that logic on its head as they subordinate the interests of U.S. workers to the imagined “rights” of illegal aliens to compete for jobs (and even qualify for welfare benefits). Such political posturing mocks the rule of law, undermines job security and cheapens citizenship.

Not much of a Christmas present for American workers, or anyone else who cares about American sovereignty.

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    “H-1b workers may be hired even when the U.S. worker wants the job, and a U.S. worker can be displaced from the job in favor of the foreign worker.” — DOL Strategic Plan (under Elaine Chao as DOL Sec. ) TREASON!

    ” . . . even in a depressed economy, Employers who favor aliens have an arsenal of legal means to reject all U.S. workers who apply.” — immigration lawyer, 2000

    “We pay the highest skilled labor wages in the world. If we would open up our borders to skilled labor far more than we do, we would attract a very substantial quantity of skilled labor which would suppress the wage levels of the skilled because we skilled are being essentially subsidized by government, meaning our competition is being kept outside the country.” — Greenspan 2007

    The above quotes demonstrate why people, especially American tech workers, despise the elites, whether it’s Occupy Wall Street, or Trump populist supporters. How do you think those Disney tech workers feel about Bob Iger (Disney CEO) , or the other executives at ADP/Wilco, Northeast Utilities, Best Buy, Molina Healthcare, Southern Cal. Edison, Fossil (watches), Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm (“colonized” by Indians, as is the majority of the Silicon Valley tech work force), Google, Apple, IBM ( Google and Apple broke antitrust laws colluding in hiring $9 Billion settlement — later $400 million settlement — per Schmidt and Jobs. (RIP) )

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    James Gennarelli on

    Please stop calling them the DEMOCRATIC party. They are the DEMOCRATE party. big difference. There is nothing democratic about them they are democRATS

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    Stephen Russell on

    Dems & Leftists are Grinches each Dec, No change.

    Have NO respect for US borders, laws, Dems are a National Threat.

    Blame the Dems for your Woes ALL Xs.

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    And yet, the American electorate just turned the House of Representatives over to the Democrats. We can’t have it both ways. Voting for Democrats to punish non-performing Republicans is like committing suicide out of the fear of death.

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    It appears that the problem is not always the Democrats. They are being emboldened by the lack of strong leadership in the majority in the Senate. Would Harry Reid have allowed the Republicans to pull this kind of nonsense, I think not. Mitch McConnell is the reincarnation of Casper Milktoast and for those who don’t understand ihe analogy, google it. It’s time our president direct the DOJ to invoke 18 US Code 2384 against those who chose to allow the government to shut down and have by force prevented, hindered or delayed a law to take effect . This is out and out sedition, which carries an minimum of a fine or up to 20 years in jail. It also would removes them from congress and prevents them from serving in government. This gridlock has been going on for years without consequence and it’s time that it is stopped. It will take a non-politician to do it.

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    It doesn’t sound like Trump has used a very effective strategy to get more money from Congress for increased border security by waiting until the last minute and when at this point none of the Democrats in the Senate are going to vote for it anyway given their base and big donors from Hollywood and Silicon Valley are for open borders.

    I am not an expert on how DC works, but I read somewhere the idea that the president might be able to get extra money for building more physical barriers along the border out the money available to a president for when he orders troops to deploy overseas for national security reasons. Could the president just order some of our soldiers with construction skills to the border to begin constructing physical barriers for national security reasons?

    Would this be a viable alternative at this point? And what about building barriers along private lands, does the president need congressional approval to appropriate private land or could the president go around congress for this?

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      IMO We’re In a Brand New Paradigm

      We don’t give the banksters quantitative easing welfare debt to prop up the stock market like Obama, so old history and establishment rules are a joke now.

      Its all out war with the Open Border Party (OBP) and the worse thing you can do now is be predictable.

      Trump has the retirement portfolios of the OBP folks above the burning shutdown trash can now too…before the OBP takes over the House. No wall and he tosses their stock portfolios into the burning trash can. Serious consequences demand serious action.

      I wouldn’t play negotiation chess with Trump…no way…

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    And our 1984 media has allowed all these historical truths to disappear. The other day when Pelosi and Schumer were in the Oval Office with Trump, not one reporter asked Schumer why he and other top Democrats voted for seven hundred miles of double layer fence in 2006, which is a “wall” by any other name, and now they oppose doing the same thing. Not to mention, we are only talking about it now, again, BECAUSE they voted for it with the big show they love to put on and then defunded it in the next Congress so very little was actually built.

    And how come Pelosi is never asked about all the Democrats who voted for that fence back then, most still active in politics, and why they were not “immoral” to do so. Where are all the Sunday shows pointing this out to those who come on and bash Trump for what he’s proposing, when it’s nothing more than a carbon copy of what they voted for 12 years ago. Hint: Chuck Todd is married to a Democratic consultant. George Stephanopolous was a Clinton aide and Jane Pauley is married to Trump hater Gary Trudeau.

    And a perfect example of what a disgrace our media is would be the fact that there have been headlines for the last day about the judge saying Michael Flynn “committed treason”. Little mention was made of the fact that he came back after a recess and apologized for doing that. He made the erroneous assumption that Flynn was taking payments from Turkey while in the White House. Except that was never alleged by the prosecution and didn’t occur. Any fair minded person should ask how does Flynn get a fair shake from a judge who made such a basic egregious error. But as long as a Trump guy’s life gets destroyed over nothing, the 2 FBI agents who interviewed him said he didn’t lie, the media is happy.