Country Outside of Latin America Continues to Contribute to Illegal Immigration Into the US

A series of Chinese national apprehensions along the Southwest border have brought into question whether illegal immigration into the United States is still mostly arriving from Latin American countries.

Recently, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended two Chinese nationals in the El Centro Sector in California after the two individuals were seen flying in an ultralight aircraft from Mexico into the U.S. The individuals attempted to fly undetected into a remote desert of California in the early hours of the morning, but thanks to surveillance, the Border Patrol was able to apprehend the individuals as soon as they landed onto U.S. soil.

While an isolated incident, attempts of Chinese illegal immigration into the country is not unprecedented. Less than a month ago, three Chinese nationals maneuvered a panga-style boat from northern Mexico onto a Southern California beach, where they ran from the shore onto public streets before being apprehended by authorities.

Throughout the last few months, President Trump has been heavily scrutinized for suggesting that individuals crossing the Southwest border are from other countries outside of Latin America, but the reality is more foreign nationals from distant countries are aiming to enter the country illegally as the administration begins to curb legal immigration numbers.

The permeable Southwest border simply invites Chinese nationals and other foreign individuals from near and far to enter the country illegally. As we have learned on 9/11, it only takes a small number of people to cause horrific and irreversible damage to a nation. The 9/11 terrorists did not sneak across the border, but they exploited a vulnerability with catastrophic consequences.

As a whole, Chinese national apprehensions along the Southwest border are still relatively low in comparison to Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador). Yet, interestingly enough, Chinese figures for FY 2017 are still more than the figures combined for Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia.

Typically known for its large immigration numbers into the U.S. through legal mechanisms, such as through family chain migration or the H1-B Visa program, it is noteworthy to see that Chinese nationals are still tempted to cross the Southwestern border illegally, when millions are already granted legal status into the country annually. From these numbers, it appears that high levels of legal immigration do not deter illegal immigration, but rather fuel it. Ironically enough, it seems that almost every country with high levels of legal immigration to the U.S. is also responsible for high levels of illegal immigration.

While it is impossible to know who might present an immediate threat to country, there is still much need to secure the Southwest border and ensure the country knows who exactly is crossing the border.

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    It really matters not what countries they are coming from, illegal aliens from ANYWHERE should not be allowed into our country ever. And the ones already here should be forced to return to THEIR countries, regardless of how long they have been here living at the expense of US citizens.

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    A few weeks ago a Chinese national living here on an expired visa was arrested for entering the Key West naval base and photographing installations. It’s always Russia Russia but China is our number one enemy. Why we educate their citizens and let them steal our technology is just another of the examples of our politically correct culture, which does not allow us to call a spade a spade. The hypocrites in Hollywood ignore their transgressions because they’re a big market for films.

    Speaking of hypocrisy, the Democratic leadership is attacking Trump because he wants to withdraw troops from Syria and possibly Afghanistan, claiming that it will strengthen ISIS. These are the same people who pitched a fit when Trump restricted entry from several Muslim countries, those same countries being the ones most likely to let radicals come here with no meaningful background checks. And then there is the globalist GOP set, led by guys like Lindsey Graham who with his buddy McCain were forever pushing our endless foreign military stalemates and interventions. 17 years in Afghanistan and we are no nearer a solution than we were then. Because the fact is those countries have been fighting among themselves for centuries. Is that being “racist” to say that? Or simply speaking the truth?

    9/11 in fact occurred because of 2 reasons. The first is Bush ignored what were clear warnings that some kind of attack was coming, particularly the August 6 presidential daily briefing headlined Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US which contained warnings of possible attempts to hijack planes. The second was that the rules that were supposed to keep out that large group of mostly Saudis were ignored. They were single young men with no family ties here and no apparent means of support who came from countries identified as hot beds of radical organizations. We let them in.

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      Part of the reason Matthis resigned as Secretary of Defense is that he was opposed to Trump sending troops to the border a few weeks ago. Another person who thinks we should be securing the borders of nations all over the world but not ours. Naturally the media is portraying withdrawing 2000 troops from Syria as proof of Trump’s “erratic” behavior. Andrea Mitchell of NBC is hysterical. Except he repeatedly said during the 2016 campaign that he was not in favor of never-ending deployments. And the media said nothing when Obama withdrew troops from Iraq. It’s contradictory to say both Russia and ISIS benefit. Russia wants to crush ISIS as much or more than we do because they fear Islamic extremism in their southern territory. So let them.

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    IMO China Has Always Worried Me, Even More Than Russia

    They persecute Christians and use slave labor to make Christian toys for Christmas [the Chinese Worker make like 1 cent wage for each $40 doll they make]….

    They’d beg, borrow and steal to sneak into America.

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    China’s an overpopulated commie crap hole. Their 1.4 BILLION people represent just a fraction of the several billions of poor around the globe who would love to pour into the US if we had open borders.

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      Sweetie, we DO have open borders. Though it has varied from year to year, how do you think we got 20 million illegal Mexican citizens in our country. Mexicans, the legal and illegal, are our largest minority group in the US, expected, in a few more years to be the majority people here. Certain to be if we also count in their group the Hispanics from Central American nations, the vast majority of whom will side with the Mexicans. And all while the focus was on the thousands in the mist recent CA caravan, thousand of illegals continued to enter our country every day and this is still happening daily. All the detention centers stay full so catch and release is still going on. Two-three thousand we’re released just before Christmas because of our stupid law saying they can be held only so many days.