Not even the Gang of Eight amnesty would satisfy today’s Democrat Party

A few hours into the government shutdown, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared with self-assured bombast that President Trump “must abandon the wall” in order to get government running at full steam.

Noting the inability of Senate Republicans to garner the 60 votes needed to approve any bill with more than $1.3 billion in border wall funding, the New York Democrat boasted, “It will never pass the Senate. Not today, not next week, not next year.”

How times have changed. Even in a short period of time. Today, Schumer and Democrats repulse at the notion of spending $5 billion for a border wall, but last January spending $25 billion in exchange for amnesty for DACA beneficiaries was an idea worth considering? Well, it was until the radical activists within his party created a firestorm.

The fact is that Democrats today and the special interests to whom they pander bear no resemblance to the Democrats who backed a deal – albeit a bad one – on immigration in 2013.

The first glimmer of hope of border security came when Congress passed the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which put $1 billion into constructing a high-tech fence. But that was short-lived as the Obama administration killed the effort in 2011.

Two years later, a bipartisan group of senators, known as the Gang of Eight, worked out a “compromise” bill that included a commitment to build 700 mile barrier along the southern border.

During the Senate debate of the bill, Schumer demonstrated what has become a trademark quality – the willingness to adopt contradictory positions to suit his current needs.

On June 12, 2013, Schumer voiced opposition to adding 10,000 Border Patrol agents because, he claimed, they were an “unnecessary expense” that were less efficient than “drones and the helicopters.”

Nine days later, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, Schumer supported an amendment to “double the size of Border Patrol agents from its current level to over 40,000.”

In the end, Schumer pushed for the “border surge plan” because, he said, it would be “a breathtaking show of force that will discourage future waves of illegal immigration.” Furthermore, he added, the bill “not only calls for finishing a literal fence, it will create a virtual human fence of Border Patrol agents.”

In the end, all Senate Democrats voted to pass it.

The Gang of Eight, led by Schumer and the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), thankfully failed to fool the Republican-led House which declined to consider the bill . Today, Schumer stands as the leader of his party in the Senate and refuses to even consider appropriating any money toward an actual physical wall, fence or barrier.

While Schumer and his party have changed their  position on border security  to appease their base, the truth of what is needed to ensure a secure border have not.

As columnist Charles Krauthammer rightly stated when advocating for a “low-tech” fence in January 2013, “There’s a reason people have been building fences for, oh, 5,000 years. They work.”

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    Even with the Mickey Mouse compromises by the Socialist / Democrats, the truth is they never intended to follow through with building any of it!

    Why not make them explain why they oppose a border wall to protect this country before entering any discussion with them. Make it plain and keep a copy for any other discussions start.

    Right now, anyone who opposes a border wall invites, incites and encourages the invasion by foreign nationals who will bring in with them disease, crime and terrorists! WHY? They are actively trying to destroy the sovereignty of this country! They are part of the continuing betrayal of 1986! Americans are entitled to protection from invasion of any kind and these idiots are leaving us open to all out take over!

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    Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have both set an agenda to stop the country from moving forward regardless of the cost. This includes the pledge to keep the government shut down regardless of the cost to those who are furloughed and can’t get paid, regardless of the cost to the safety and security of the country and for the benefit of the criminals and enemies of the state gaining entry. This is without a doubt treasonous and is clearly defined in 18 US Code ss 2384 & 2385. If they and their supporters in government were arrested, removed from congress and incarcerated in a secure locating, it may scare enough of the rest to get some work done and prove to those constituents that the Democrats are the problem not the solution.

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    Congress has just decided to give over $10 BILLION to Mexico and the 3 CA nations, but will not provide $5 billion to continue building a proper obstruction on our own border to prevent these foreigners coming into our country. Obviously, we know two things about Congress, specifically the democrats: 1. They WANT our southern border open and have helped, for years now, Mexico to move tens of millions of its poor/uneducated/unskilled citizens into the USA, where, in turn, our Congress decided they should all be treated lije citizebs and given free access to a citizens’ rights/benefits/privileges without having to earn them or deserve them in any way. Congress also, through their actions against the USA, forced we, ordinary, working citizebs to foot the bill for all their millions of favored illegal aliens plus the majority of the million and a half foreigners Congress imports into our country legally each and every year.

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    All Republicans should reach out to Democrat leaders and talk to them (play nice) about the why’s and reasons to build the wall. I just send a letter to my senator, he’s a dem. They need to see that republicans can talk to them. (& rep should not give them so much power). Something gotta give. Maybe they don’t want Republicans to judge them; even if they know that they are alligators.

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    The demoncraps are only out for themselves and the conservatives blood!! They are too blind and vengeful to see the damages they bring on America!!! We can’t just let anyone into our country like Democrats want!!

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    If Schumer says it’s clear weather, you might want to look out the window because it’s likely raining. This grifter, this con artist, has forever been pulling his act of say whatever sounds good depending on who you are intending to snow job at that time. He was a leader in the House for the “one time” amnesty of 1986 which was supposed to include securing the border. All we got was the amnesty. Same thing would have happened with the 2013 charade. It also included massive increases in legal immigration and worker visas. “Comprehensive immigration reform”, the cult-like chant which is repeated by the Democrats and some in the GOP as the answer to every one of our immigration problems, means a complete amnesty, which only encourages more illegal entry.

    McCain always pulled the same nonsense whenever he had a primary opponent. Talk tough in tv ads, “just finish the dang fence”, and the minute he was back in the Senate he was promoting yet another amnesty. Marco Rubio, another member of the Gang of 8, ran against amnesty in 2010 and 2 years later was fully supporting it. Same with McCain’s globalist open borders partner in crime Lindsey Graham.

    When Rand Paul congratulated Trump a couple years ago for saying we should not be involved in these endless wars, both Graham and McCain criticized him. To which Senator Paul replied go look at the record of what those two had supported for the last decade and you couldn’t find anyone who turned out more wrong, including the Libya fiasco. Of course, Graham and Rubio, to which the media run when they need a criticism of Trump from a Republican, both ran against Trump in the primaries and both flamed out spectacularly. Along with the other open borders candidate Bush.

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    We US taxpayers want a Border Wall.

    We are not interested in paying $250 Billion every year to support illegals. Most of the illegals don’t even speak English, so if they were allowed to stay in the US, would not get jobs. They would be on welfare.

    The government can be shut down permanently, if necessary.

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    First of all, why isn’t the House funding bill with $5.7B for The Wall able to be passed in the Senate with 51 votes under the “budget reconciliation” process? Second, is anyone surprised that the Dem’s have gone Full Moonbat on Open Borders? They really won’t be happy until all of Mexico and half of Central and South America pours in here.