Border Patrol Council President: We Need The Wall

Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council – which represents the approximately 20,000 Border Patrol agents who protect our nation’s borders – minced no words at a recent press conference underscoring the importance of border barriers and the effectiveness of the wall. “Walls actually work,” noted the 21-year Border Patrol veteran, who has spent a significant portion of his career patrolling the Southern border.

Judd pointed out that contrary to claims made by many so-called experts and open border advocates over the efficacy of building a wall, he’s seen first-hand how well border structures deter illegal immigration. “I promise you that if you interview Border Patrol agents, they will tell you that walls work.”

Judd recalled his ten year experience patrolling the border in Naco, Arizona, where there were no real deterrents to illegal entry. “We didn’t have physical barriers in Naco, and illegal immigration and drug smuggling were absolutely out of control,” he explained. “We built those walls – those physical barriers – and illegal immigration dropped exponentially.”

Judd pointed out that anywhere along the border where walls have been built, they have been incredibly effective. “We need those physical barriers,” he said.

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    Posting **** like this; Without actual Documentation; is what keeps people so confused. different locations of a Wall; would have different results. Isn’t it interesting that immigration – (Including Mexico; has declined some 35% in the last decade. Bush’s contribution to this problem; must have had some baring on the result. Stay on your side of the road; ****-for-brains; it’s obvious you’re exceptionally biased – hope you’re enjoying your free windfall that the poor people have to pay back.

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      Who better than Border Patrol know how well a physical barrier works? Are you the expert bird-for brains? Go back to the basement!

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    What Was the $56B For the 2006 Bush WALL Money Spent On?

    More Quantitative Easing welfare to the ‘rich elite” banksters from Obama to lower interest rates on savings to zero?

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    Thanks for all the knowledge of people who really know about immigration and what works and what doesnt work at the borders. I am for building the wall, and all the people I know feel the same. Our prayers are with our President and Border officials.