MSNBC Misses Mark In Attack On Border Patrol Union Spokesmen

It should come to no surprise that a mainstream media outlet has once again mischaracterized public figures who advocate for enhanced border security.

During a White House press conference earlier this week, President Trump brought out senior members of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) to make remarks on the status of the nation’s border security. Rather than focus on the content of their speeches, mainstream media outlet MSNBC fixated on the physical appearance of the three men, calling the  speakers ‘white’ and not ‘diverse’ enough.

Yet, of the three men who spoke in front of the president, two were of Hispanic descent. This included NBPC Vice President At-Large Hector Garza and NBPC National Spokesman Arturo Del Cueto. The two established Border Patrol agents commented on the dangers associated with a permeable Southern border and faced scrutiny not for their words, but rather for their appearance.

The false narrative painted by MSNBC is simply not acceptable and damages the reputation of the men and women who help secure our borders and keep the country safe on a daily basis.

Not only is U.S. Border Patrol the only federal law enforcement agency in which a majority of its employees are minorities, but 51% of its force is Hispanic.

The ignorant claims from MSNBC personnel have not gone unnoticed. NBPC President, Brandon Judd, blasted critics stating that four of the eight members standing behind the president were Latino and those making such erroneous claims had “not done their research.”

It’s a sad reality that a mainstream media outlet continues to mischaracterize those that wish to fulfill the president’s agenda. With our nation’s border security needing enhancements more than ever before, it remains imperative to respect and listen to those who work tirelessly on the issue.



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    Yet another reason why I don’t watch the MADE UP NEWS, these people are not only delusional they are absolutely DANGEROUS. WHEN THE BLIND SHEEP FOLLOW THE IDIOTS IN THE PRESS THINGS ALWAYS GET WORSE. Its getting to the point that the democratic party in itself is a danger to the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.

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    We report you decide? Now it’s more like what we decide to report, how we slant that reporting, etc. Mainstream media has devolved into a cesspool

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    Here’s how it works. Had they been removed from their jobs, then it would have been a case of discrimination because they were Hispanic. But because MSNBC doesn’t like what they’re saying then they are white. It just shows how utterly dishonest these people are. But it makes no difference to the sheep who listen to this stuff. Give them a peanut butter sandwich and tell them it’s king crab legs and they will love it all the same.