Many Democrats Refuse To See Humanitarian Crisis At Border

Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) once again demonstrated just how disconnected some Democrats and open border advocates are from the humanitarian and national security crisis playing out at the border, calling the border wall a “vanity project” during a live interview.

Of course, the assertion that the border wall is nothing more than a tchotchke for President Trump flies in the face of reality, and testimony from border key Border Patrol experts, who have been eager to offer their views on the matter. Mark Morgan, who served as Border Patrol chief for the last six months of the Obama administration, recently came forward and voiced his strong support for the president’s attempts to secure funding for the border wall through a government shutdown. “I’m begging the president to stay the course,” he said. In addition, Art del Cueto, vice president of the 20,000 member National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), recently noted that despite the ongoing government shutdown, “we fully support the president and all his efforts to secure our nation’s borders.”

What seems to be getting short shrift in the conversation about the need to secure the borders is the rising humanitarian toll it’s taking on the illegal migrants themselves. Despite the fact that two young immigrant children recently died shortly after being apprehended coming into the U.S. illegally, the humanitarian crisis playing out continues to be ignored.

Consider these facts:

  • 60,000 unaccompanied children were apprehended in 2018 alone.
  • 31 percent of women, and 17 percent of men report being sexually assaulted on the journey north.
  • 70 percent of migrants report being victims of abuse, largely at the hands of smugglers.

Building the wall and erecting other deterrent structures along the border will be a huge disincentive to many who are thinking about making the dangerous trip north.


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    Somehow all the “experts” that Democrats cite as saying walls are ineffective seem to go unnamed and reporters fail to ask them who they are. Because with almost no exceptions they are open border and mass immigration advocates. It’s deny the obvious, which is the fact that walls do what they have always done, and embrace the nonsensical, which is their claim that the only real solution is yet another amnesty which is as good as an engraved invitation saying come on in we are not serious about our immigration laws.

    Trump is exactly what the media and open border advocates don’t want. He goes on television and repeats fact after fact and their “fact checking” is nothing more than obfuscation, double talk, and straw men. Because like it or not, most of the media is a propaganda arm of the Democratic party. One of the big reasons that Republicans lost formerly safe House seats this election is that a lot of women voted Democratic and many people feel that was because of Kavanaugh.

    But look at the media treatment of the Kavanaugh hearings and his main accuser Christine Ford. The media spin, including some on Fox, was that she was “credible” {meaning he wasn’t} when in fact she contradicted herself numerous times, and lied other times. She was “afraid to fly” so she didn’t show up for 10 days and then had to admit she did fly all the time. She said under oath that when their home was remodeled that she “insisted” on a second front door as an “additional escape”. But any review by an objective source, meaning not our media, showed that that door was required by city ordinance because they added a rental unit on that side. Outright perjury. And she snuck out the door, went home, and never told her friend who remained there, the only other girl according to her, that someone tried to assault her? Please. Sip some more kool-ade.

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    We need that border wall immediately and these migrants ALL need to be deported. Most don’t speak English, so if they were allowed to stay, they wouldn’t be able to get jobs. They would be on permanent WELFARE payments funded by taxpayers. I personally don’t want my tax dollars handed over to illegals in monthly welfare payments. We have homeless veterans sleeping on the street. Let’s help our citizens and deport these lawbreakers back to their own countries. If we allow one to stay, a million more will come.

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      I just dont understand these liberals denial of a border crisis. I live in a border area in Texas. Most nights we can hear gunfire from Mexico
      Just yesterday over 20 people were murdered and their bodies burned in a border city just across from us. A Rio Grande Valley Dr. Reported how the women from Mexico wait until they are due to have their anchor baby here and they dont pay a penny for medical. The mother even qualifies for medicaid. The baby gets medical care and if needed intensive care. Then being an American citizen they qualify for all sorts of entitlements.

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    I’d like to see these Limousine Liberals go down to the border and ride along with the BP agents on horseback in 100+ heat, or face thugs heaving boulders into the windshields of their SUV’s. How ’bout facing down armed drug mules? Too dangerous? OK, why not pay the costs of delivering some heavily-pregnant Mexican’s ANCHOR BABY, and supporting that kid until he’s 18? You’re more than willing to throw those bills onto the backs of the hard-working American taxpayer, who, BTW, pays YOUR fat salary and perks! Remember, if Democrats didn’t have Double Standards, they’d have no standards at all.