Democrats Takeover in New York Is Paying Off For Illegal Aliens

With the loss of Republican control in the New York State  Senate last November, immigration activists and their political allies across the state have been pushing a variety of bills designed to normalize (and effectively legalize) illegal aliens.

The first big defeat for the rule of law came in late January when the Dream Act passed New York State Senate 40-20 and the New York State Assembly 90-37. The bill, which had been defeated in prior legislative sessions, makes state tuition assistance available to illegal aliens and also creates a fund to give scholarships to the children of immigrants.

Also introduced so far this year are Senate Bill (SB) 425 and Assembly Bill (AB) 2176, which would put up more barriers to federal immigration authorities arresting illegal alien criminals at courthouses.

The bills would also permit illegal aliens to file suit against federal immigration authorities  for unlawful arrests, as well as allowing the state attorney general to file suit against the federal government.

Even more dangerous is a measure introduced on January 10 by Democrat state Sen. Gustavo Rivera. In essence the bill would confer “state citizenship” on illegal aliens in direct contradiction to federal law that affords sole authority to the federal to grant lawful status to immigrants.

Among the more troublesome provisions, the New York Is Home Act would extend eligibility to illegal aliens for welfare and other public benefits.

And on the agenda Wednesday in the New York City Council is a vote on a resolution demanding state lawmakers pass legislation allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, which would make it easier for illegal aliens to get work, obtain benefits on the state and local level and evade Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.

While it will have no immediate impact on the state licensing laws, city councilman Joseph Borelli (R-Staten Island) told New York Daily News it was pure political posturing.

“This is the latest in another attempt to blur the line between legal and illegal and the rule of law versus open borders,” he said

What could have real impact is a bill proposed in the state Senate in May 2018  that would remove the provision in state law that requires applicants provide a Social Security number in order to get a license. Last November, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office said the measure would be signed if it passed in this current session.

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    Carolyn Marlin on

    Sir if democrats-o-nuts want to in-large the free collage 4 illegals , when are USA tax payers children receive free collage??

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    Stephen Russell on

    NYC trying to replicate San Fran then, oops lose the NYE audience & Macys Thanksgiving Day parade 2.
    IE crime & homelessness.
    & lose convention business, etc 2.
    Bravo NYC NY good show

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    FAIR? You gotta be kidding.

    The only credibility these John Tanton founded white supremacist eugenicists groups have is with the people who watch Fox news.

    What a poorly written, lacking in depth (and veracity) article. Wow. FAIR, NumbersUSA, CIS = the same propaganda garbage.

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      Typical troll nonsense. What is “lacking in depth” about this article? What specifically are you disputing? Which of these bills do not exist according to you?

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      “poorly written, lacking in depth” is exactly what describes your comment. It’s tantamount to any other low IQ individual throwing insults at another because they don’t have a cogent argument. What specifically about the article don’t you like? Do you live in N.Y.? I do and I’ll tell you I’m sick and tired of paying taxes that are 3 or 4 times higher than most other states in the country. And why are taxes that high? Because your king Cuomo thinks it’s okay to give everything to anybody whether they’re living in this country legally or not. And don’t feed me a line of bull by saying giving all these people whatever they want is only going to make N.Y. a better place. N.Y. has been declining in population, jobs and opportunities for years with no end in sight. Just look at the recent Amazon pull out. If liberal Amazon won’t come to N.Y. because the politicians are too liberal then how many less liberal businesses will come? Drive around central and upstate N.Y. and take a look at how desolate it is. Let’s face it, N.Y. is a shithole and giving free stuff to illegals ain’t making it any better.

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        I’m originally from upstate NY but moved to Florida where there is no state tax. I still go back to NY to visit family and I somewhat keep up with the news from there. I am amazed at the liberal stupidity that has taken over the state. It was one thing when it was contained to NYC, but it has been slowly spreading upstate also. With the liberals now running the state government, we can expect more liberal policies. I have been contemplating buying a place up there for summer visits, but I really can’t justify giving NY any of my money, and I will not give up my 2nd amendment rights, which NY has basically done. It really is time for some NY residents to start filing lawsuits against the state government for these policies. Your taxes are paying for them so you have legal standing. I have to believe they are unconstitutional.

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      Get ready for Northern Latin America. They’ll use us up, outnumber us….maybe most will leave after no taxpayers to supplement their illegal incomes with social programs.
      Wake up Democrats. Your party is NOT what it used to be 100 years ago. The ‘poor people’s party’ has fed too many who needed and were able to work.

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      CA is the same way .Going down down down in every way . Super crowded Run by Leftist selfish traitors

      and Reconquistas . It’s just as the Apaches used to say . No matter what they gave the Mexicans –

      they always wanted more .

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    Why isn’t Governor Cuomo in jail?! Is the federal government under Trump now powerless to stop Sanctuary States? Are the American people powerless to stop this? Unless these jurisdictions get real push back, and shut sanctuary cities down, we’re lost!

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    We fought a war over this stuff before, a hundred and fifty years ago. And it’s explicit in the constitution that Congress shall make the laws affecting naturalization. The only good thing is that the illegals will flock to these states who are voting for their own economic demise. Keep on spending you idiots.

    That other socialist paradise, California, just cut the cord on that pie in the sky dream, their “high speed train” from San Francisco to L A. They finally figured out it was good money after bad. Way behind schedule, with a complete date in the 2030s, over twice the original cost of 31 billion already, and not even high speed in most places. And anyone who pointed out this is how it would inevitably end was called, you guessed it, a right winger with no vision for the future. How does that crow taste now? Morons.

    Trump should not sign any bill that reduced the number of beds for criminal deportees. Why don’t we just declare we can only jail a certain number of bank robbers this year and everyone beyond that goes free? What is the difference? We have laws or we don’t. We have repercussions for breaking these laws or we don’t.

    What this is is yet another dishonest sneaky underhanded way for open borders. They know once those beds are filled then everyone else is released, likely never to be seen again. Why would they show up for a court date? The incentive is NOT to show up. If someone can think of something, anything, that the Democrats would do that would actually secure the borders and enforce immigration law, we need to hear it. Because everything so far is catch and release, catch and release, ad nauseum. And step over this way, we have a driver’s license and a welfare check for you.

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    New Yorkers deserve everything they get….they vote these dirtbags in office….they can take it up the rear…dumb *** liberals…

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    We USA citizens and tax payers, our children petition for immigration takes from 8- 12 years for married or over 21 years old .
    Where is fairness – equality with others .
    ASYLUM CASES within 6 months SS# – Driving liscence- Medicaid- work permit !!!!????
    Unfair unfair where are our children rights as USA citizens !!!!!!@???????
    Who defend our children rights – highly educated – documented – speak fluent English! !!!!??????

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    Time for US marshals to go into the Empire State and arrest anyone who swears in, awards, or otherwise acts to confer “citizenship” on an illegal alien.