New Mexico Governor’s Border Games Are No Laughing Matter

With parched migrants trudging into New Mexico’s perilous desert and the region’s residents clamoring for more robust border barriers, what is Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham doing?

Pulling back National Guard troops and reposting a comic video of her breaking through a thin wall of sheet rock. The freshman governor’s unserious response would be laughable if the stakes weren’t so deadly.

In recent weeks, large numbers of Guatemalan families and unaccompanied children have surrendered to federal agents along a remote new smuggling route into the Land of Enchantment.

It is where 7-year-old Jakelin Caal and her father were found Dec. 6 with 161 other illegal aliens near Antelope Wells. Young Jakelin died at an El Paso hospital after she had been transported to the nearest Border Patrol station 94 miles away.

Subsequently, a separate group of 247 men, women and children was apprehended in the same desolate area.

The Albuquerque Journal appropriately describes New Mexico’s border corridor as a “desert death trap … rugged, remote and ruthless.”

Up in Santa Fe, Gov. Lujan Grisham seems blissfully unconcerned. The Democrat dismisses President Trump’s border protection efforts as a “charade” and tweeted a video that went viral.

“Here’s what I think of Trump’s wall,” she announced, before crashing into a partition staged for her antic breakthrough.

Her constituents deserve better. New Mexico border residents cite four specific reasons why their state needs a wall: Law-enforcement officers are too far away; barbed-wire fencing isn’t working; the Border Patrol is spread too thin; and technology can only do so much.

Such concerns have been festering since Lujan Grisham sat in Congress (three terms). In 2016, FAIR reported on a citizens’ rally that drew 700 to Animas, N.M., population 237.

 Speakers stood at a podium emblazoned with the phrase “A Stolen Life” and a photo of Robert Krentz, killed by an illegal alien on his nearby ranch in 2010.

“As their region transforms into a war zone, ranchers along the New Mexico border are fed up with the indifference that Washington has shown to their plight. The recent carjacking and kidnapping of a ranch hand by drug-smuggling thugs served as the latest event to rattle this group of Americans,” the FAIR blog stated.

The Trump administration is striving, at last, to secure the U.S.-Mexico border as predatory and profiteering human traffickers, now aided by a foolish governor, remain determined to make life more perilous for everyone.

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    It is my understanding from those I’ve met who came from New Mexico and a friend who 30 years ago was wanting to retire in New Mexico that it was a great state. But then like so many other western states where living was reasonable it became Californicated. And nowadays I’m reading more and more people are leaving their leftist havens because of the taxes, crime, lack of jobs, cost of living, etc. and moving to red states where the weather may not be as good but the quality of life is much better. Trouble is they bring their socialist/communist ideas with them and when enough of them infest they change the state they moved to into the failure they left. I hate to sound harsh to those leaving California, New York, New Jersey, etc. but leave your BS there. You seek freedom and liberty but like so many illegally coming across the border you want to live under the burdens you left and expect us to do so as well. Why? And no, you’re not going to do it right this time. There is no right way to do socialism/communism.

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      Just look at Colorado now. With all the residents moving into the Denver/Golden area, now you have anti-gun politicians and liberals running the state.

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      Sally Sullivan on

      I left California because because of employment, but I will never return since California, Southern California in particular, is mostly populated from people from Third World countries. Taxes are high, roads are crowded, crime is high. It’s just not the nice California of leave it to Beaver or The Brady Bunch, And the beaches aren’t like Baywatch.
      My hometown had a conservative Republican and out has Adam Schiff. California had Ronald Reagan and now look who they have.
      You’re mistaken to think that all those who have left California are liberals.

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    Could she please run through a steel barrier? Talk about clueless. Does dry wall count as immoral? Let’s get Pelosi on the case. Whether Trump declares an emergency or not he can send the armed forces to the border without that declaration. He’s the commander in chief. Let a court try and stop him. He also has the authority under specific federal code to erect roads and fences to stop drug smuggling, which has occurred at one time or another all across the entire border. It’s spelled out. If a court were to overrule it, they would be overruling the plain and direct language of the law. If it also happens to stop illegals from crossing at the same time, that’s really too bad. The open border apologists will just have to get over it.

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    == Why ?? This Bunch of Idiots Democrats ??? NO Believe in The WALL ???>>They Play Games , With Are President >>>This Crooks & Corrupts Democrats ??? NO HELP ??? THEY DESTROY // == AMERICA ==

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    Another Democratic elected official for Open Borders; why am I not surprised? NM consistently ranks 49th or 50th in economic and social metrics – its perennial rival for Rock Bottom among US states is Mississippi. They’re suffering entrenched poverty and alcoholism among their Native American residents. Incomes, educational attainment, and life expectancy are abysmal. So, naturally, the governor’s agenda promotes the influx of thousands more people with no English language skills, little education, and no ability to prosper in a 21st Century economic setting.