Fund The Border Wall With El Chapo’s Assets

With Mexican drug lord El Chapo heading to prison, perhaps for life, his cartel’s prodigious assets are in play. Sen. Ted Cruz still wants the loot directed toward America’s southern border.

El Chapo’s fortune, estimated at some $14 billion, is roughly three times more than President Donald Trump wants for the proposed border wall. With the long arm of the law reaching into the kingpin’s business empire, Cruz says it’s time to seize the moment, and the money.

The Texas Republican introduced the El CHAPO Act (Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order Act) in April 2017. The Senate did nothing with it. So, with guilty verdicts now in, Cruz re-introduced the bill this week.

Cruz’s measure reserves any “illegally obtained profits resulting from any criminal drug trafficking enterprise led by Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera” (El Chapo) for border security measures, which could include a wall. The bill targets funds forfeited by Guzman in his just-concluded trial, as well as future cases involving his former associates.

Congress – which remains gridlocked over border security funding while entertaining votes on an immensely expensive, pie-in-the-sky “New Green Deal” that just popped up — has no excuses for inaction here.

“By leveraging any criminally forfeited assets of El Chapo and other murderous drug lords, we can offset the cost of securing our border and make meaningful progress toward delivering on the promises made to the American people,” Cruz said.

 To be clear, drug-asset seizures cannot be the sole source of funding for immigration enforcement endeavors. But any proceeds from the El CHAPO Act would be a welcome down payment on a wall and border-security measures that Congress continues to shortchange and obstruct.

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    It would be a surprise if the Chappo money is still around to be used for the wall. Money seems to just disappear around politicians.

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    Where is the money?? This all sound real wonderful but where is El Chapo’s money?? Sure isn’t in the US so the whole idea is like unicorns and rainbows. Congress has better things they should be working on like stopping chain migration, putting a lot of teeth into the employer sanctions and making e-verify mandatory….

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    Stephen Russell on

    Other Wall Funding sources:
    Drug lord assets.
    Mexican Mafia
    Cong & Senate salaries
    Bidding for contractors.
    X% sales?

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    Nancy Pelosi refused, yet again, to meet in her office with a group of Angel Moms, the organization of parents of children killed by illegals. Nothing new there. It was her home city of San Francisco that turned loose the previously deported illegal who ended up murdering Kate Steinle, instead of turning him over to ICE.

    Maybe the Angel Moms can disguise themselves as illegals. In that case Pelosi would rush out of her office with welfare applications. And if they were MS13 she could praise them for having a “spark of divinity” as she’s done before. Didn’t a whole bunch of those newly elected House Democrats campaign on a promise that they would not vote for her as speaker? Oh well, lied to again.

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    I agree 100% to start this El Chapo bill . To fund the wall . One day USA citizens will realize how great was MR PRESIDENT TRUMP motive to build the wall. It is protection tool against all drug – gangs- human trafficking, even if 1%.

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      I’ve thought that. The Wall and if military are used on our bordders…that will be the greatest legacy of President Trump. We all must back him. He needs our insistance for immigration reform.