Democrats’ Hobson’s Choice: Generous Welfare Or Open Borders

During a February 25 CNN town hall event, Senator Bernie Sanders – a self-described “democratic” socialist – sang the praises of cradle-to-grave welfare states which are built on numerous  “rights,” namely health care. While the Vermont Independent singled out the Scandinavian system as the model to emulate, he ignored several key facts.

First and foremost, the United States already has numerous and costly welfare programs. Second, Scandinavia is much less socialist than Sanders would have us believe. However, those are discussions for another time. The important point here is that the thinking of much of the left is marred by what Marx liked to call an “internal contradiction.” The socialist left that calls for the further expansion of the already bloated welfare state simultaneously advocates for open borders and mass immigration.

The economist Milton Friedman – himself a proponent of “free immigration” – pointed out that a country cannot have both “free immigration” and a welfare state. This makes a great deal of sense. Many migrants from poor countries are attracted to the US and other Western nations by the social “safety net.” Many legal immigrants – and even quite a few illegal aliens – are collecting some form of government assistance in the U.S. Given our massive national debt and unfunded liabilities, this will undoubtedly overload the system. This is not only unsustainable and irresponsible, but grossly unfair.

Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and other proponents of large-scale government spending on generous welfare programs must choose between the welfare state and open borders/mass immigration.

On second thought, perhaps they are not as inconsistent as they appear. After all, mass immigration and open borders offer a way to redistribute wealth on a national and global scale: from the “bourgeois” middle classes and the prosperous West to those whom the left sees as victims of Western colonialism and “imperialism.”

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    Apparently, the American worker must now support not only our own layabout’s, but the entire planet’s bloated population of seven BILLION, soon to be twelve billion. Anyone, anywhere on the globe with cancer or a birth defect is “entitled” to multi-million dollar treatment, no matter how poor the prognosis. That’s the Democrat’s story, and they’re stickin’ to it!

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    We went from the left saying that they agreed that no immigrants legal or illegal should be getting welfare to now saying they deserve it because they “contribute”. The only thing they contribute to is the bottom line of employers at the expense of wage raises that would otherwise go to Americans. The old line about “they pay taxes” is nonsense. Their tax payments are minimal, if at all, and at best they pay little towards the actual costs of them being here.

    The list that the left and their supreme leader Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has for every program under the sun will carry a staggering cost and that is without the costs of what she insists is the right of every person in all the Americas to come here without limit. She’s nuttier than a fruit cake. The Democrats say she doesn’t represent us. And yet a lot seem to be listening to her. She was campaigning with Bernie last year. She got appointed to important Congressional committees. But then what’s new. It’s do one thing and then deny you did it or said it. Like “we’re for secure borders”, but then do everything to see they are essentially wide open.

    About a year ago Trump made some remarks about “no go zones” in Sweden and the rest of Europe. There he goes again said the media. The fact checkers were quick to call it “false”. But the Swedish police have long given up going into certain neighborhoods except as a mass force. Now UPS has announced that they will not deliver to private addresses in those same neighborhoods in Stockholm and Malmo because their drivers are being attacked. No need to point out that the majority of residents in those areas are “refugees”.

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    The Open Border Party (OBP) Has the “New Grab Taxes Deal” No One Likes

    All the OBP is good for is calling Trump a Racist, etc, etc…they’re pathetic.

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    Alabaster McGillicuddy on

    Stop all the generous welfare and you stop the illegal immigration. These illegals are after something for nothing. The more free stuff the more free takers