‘Streamlined’ Registration Rocks The Noncitizen Vote

Among several flawed — and ultimately fatal — features in the U.S. House of Representatives’ massive voter “reform” bill are provisions mandating universal automatic voter registration and Election Day sign-ups.

The “For the People Act of 2019,” passed by Democrats on a 234-193 vote last week, is going nowhere because the Republican-led Senate will not take it up. “This sprawling 622-page doorstop is never going to become law,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Friday.

But the problematic provisions are steadily making their way into state laws, effectively opening voting booths to noncitizens and even illegal aliens.

Pushed by progressive groups and credulous commentators, automatic voter registration (AVR) and Election Day registration are hailed as tools to “strengthen democracy.” 

In fact, such measures threaten to make a mockery of democracy.

By “streamlining” the voter registration process – the Brennan Center for Justice cautions that the steps to ensure proper voter verification and identification are shortened, or skipped altogether.

“The provisions would literally make it illegal to prevent illegal voters from voting. We shouldn’t be making it a crime for election officials to do their job, which is to prevent people who have no legal right to vote from voting illegally,” said Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga.

Ironically, Democrats tout their H.R. 1 legislation as an effort to restrict foreign influence on elections. The bill imposes new limits on political spending by companies with at least a 5 percent foreign government owner or companies with at least a 20 percent foreign national owner.

So how about foreign nationals casting ballots in U.S. elections and cancelling out votes of American citizens?

“The universal automatic voter registration portion of H.R. 1 is more than a landmine for noncitizen voter registration risks — it’s a black hole. Noncitizens will be registered under H.R. 1,” warned Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the nonpartisan Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF), which litigates election-integrity issues.

PILF has issued multiple reports detailing how AVR (“Motor Voter”) programs in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Georgia, New York and Michigan enabled ineligible noncitizens to register to vote and, in some case, cast ballots.

FAIR last year reported that legal and illegal aliens are fueling vote fraud in Texas. In North Carolina, 19 foreign nationals were charged with illegally voting

Loose voter-registration laws, lax verification and poor list maintenance have allowed countless aliens onto voter rolls. Some jurisdictions don’t even make a pretense of enforcement. San Francisco, Calif., and Takoma Park, Md., openly permit illegal aliens to vote in local elections. Does anyone believe it will end there?

McConnell and Senate Republicans can posture like they stopped electoral mischief cold by sidetracking H.R. 1. If only. As the 2020 campaign gathers steam, watch for things to heat up and for this nation’s voting lists to enroll more noncitizens, state by state.

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    Cecelia Colon on

    The vote belongs to legal citizens, not just anyone who wanders across the border. I know of no one who wants to relinquish votes to non-citizens. This is wrong and unethical, but the left doesn’t care about that. You want to vote? Become a citizen!

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    The charge is always that Republicans are trying to “suppress the vote”, although no one actually comes up with a case where this happened. At a minimum, by federal law anyone can cast a provisionary ballot that if certified as a legal voter in that district will be counted in a close race that goes to a recount.

    The Democrats who voted against Trump’s border emergency declaration are no surprise. The only emergency for them is anything that interrupts their plan to allow illegals free entry into this country. The Republicans who voted against are by in large the same amnesty/loving mass immigration never-Trumpers they always were. Congress gave the president the power to declare an emergency. The fact that they refuse to vote the money to stop the invasion of our southern border is meaningless. He can do it since they refuse to address the issue.

    There was some Democratic pundit on Fox a few nights ago who had all the non-answers they always promote. He said we need to fix “our broken laws”. The only thing broken is the will to enforce them as written. The same old garbage. It’s “fix our laws, we need reform” the same meaningless gobbledygook that they pose as solutions while nothing is done.

    At least Fox will have the other side on. Watch the Sunday morning show and it’s Democrats who hate Trump and Republicans who do too. A couple days ago Don Lemon of CNN told fellow host Chris Cuomo that he was wrong to have Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway on his show because she “spreads falsehoods”. First of all, if she does then they can correct her. But second, and most important, the left doesn’t want anyone to hear anything but their propaganda. Lemon and CNN should be ashamed of that statement.

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    Good Gosh, If Trump Doesn’t Veto the “18% Approval” Congress on WALL Funding

    Trump will never get elected in 2020. 51% of Americans want the WALL over “the New Green Tax Grab Deal”….Trump has no choice but to defy the “Congress” we’ve all grown to Hate….its that simple. Period.

    The RHINOs opposing Trump’s emergency order to build the WALL were not up for re-election either…LOL, I wonder why?….

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    Alabaster McGillicuddy on

    If the DIMM’s proposed it read it close. You can’t trust sleazy bastards.