Congo Migrants Join the Border Surge

Brimming with an overflow of Central American migrants, the South Texas city of San Antonio became a drop-off point this month for hundreds more asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

City Hall officials – scrambling for French translators – told local media outlets that the arrival of African migrants caught them by surprise. But police officers told FAIR they got a heads up that 1,200 more Congolese were en route from the U.S.-Mexico border.

In addition to being ravaged by a bloody civil war, the DRC is also wracked by one of the deadliest Ebola outbreaks in history, with more than 2,000 cases reported in the last 10 months.

Fleeing the chaos and disease, migrants said they left their Central African homeland for Brazil before turning north toward the U.S. The refugees who arrived in the Alamo City reportedly traveled with a group through Ecuador.

While San Antonio and local charities raise $14,000 for bus tickets to send the Congolese deeper into the U.S. interior, the situation again highlights the pressing need for safe third-country agreements. Under such accords, asylum seekers are required to apply for protection in the country where they first land — not the country where they ultimately want to settle.

Reaching a safe third-country pact with Mexico is a top priority for the Trump administration, and it ought to be. But that should not permit other countries to continue waving through migrants from the DRC and other trouble spots.

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    Don Richardson on

    So many on the left try to say this ‘diversity’ is a benefit to us. We get to pay for their education, housing, food, medical care and the law officers to watch over them, etc. Doesn’t sound like a huge benefit to me.
    The invading criminals (officially illegal aliens) are the source of 4,000 murders of U.S. citizens a year – 11 per day. The invading criminals bring in drugs which kill approximately 100 U.S. citizens per day. Suppose one of those is your loved one. Is that a benefit?
    They bring in diseases that kill thousands annually. We can’t count for sure because we can’t track the germs and viruses accurately, but we know many of these diseases were eliminated from the U,S. many years ago and have returned recently. Is that a benefit.

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    So there is another 1,200 more of these Africans coming up through Mexico. If only one reaches our border, then Mexico has failed on their promise. I supported Trump and believed him when he said he was the one who would end this invasion. But now I have lost all faith in the man. No one can deny that the situation is far worse now than when he took office. He can blame everyone else but so long, then he has to admit he has failed. People from every corner of the world know that they can get into America and never be forced to leave. All of these people are colonizing the United States. In another year of so no one will recognize this country anymore. This doesn’t make us better, just more stupid. I don’t think this will ever end.

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    Stephen Russell on

    They leave Africa, enter into Cent America to US.
    All come through Cent America to US, loose immigration in that region

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    el Dorko at your Service on

    We need this rabble like we need a hole in the head. Let’s get a grip and shut down our imbecillic immigration non-policies and go full draconian “hell no.”. Or, do you want a Congolese in congress in 15 years, after he/she enjoys 20 years of welfare, affirmative action and foreign student bennies at Harvard. For God’s sake, Harvard is already an insufferable problem with the know it alls it produces! Let’s stop the insanity. Merit based immigration is the onlyway to go. Trump is right on in his immigration thoughts. Zero tolerance for illegal aliens PERIOD. Quick turnarounds and too-outs at the border. More pressure on Mexico to stop the BS. No exceptions. None.

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    The so called “asylum seekers” from the Democratic Republic of the Congo attained asylum when they reached Angola, Gabon, or the Republic of Congo. They certainly experienced asylum when they set foot in Brazil. Then, they reached asylum in each and every country they traveled through in South America and Central America on their way to the United States southern border. When they crossed that border on their way to San Antonio, Texas, they became International Criminal Trespassers and invaders. They are criminal trespassing economic migrants, not asylum seekers.

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    So far almost 250 asylum seekers from the Congo and Angola have come to Portland, ME, with more expected. Needless to say, this has caused heavy demands for food, lodging and other care.

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    Can’t wait til Ebola gets here from our Southern Border….Let’s hope it infects lots of Liberals to wake them up.

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      Don Richardson on

      I think that every big mouth leftie supporting this fiasco should be the beneficiary of a busload of illegal aliens daily. Send them direct to the politicians houses. Provide the invading criminals with breaching tools if necessary so they can get into the house and don’t have to stay out in the weather. I’m guessing that receiving a few hundred of these folks on your front lawn might make some of the lefties reconsider.

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    How many cases have we seen like this, where these total hypocrites who have in the past encouraged illegal immigration, and proclaim it to be the best thing ever and can’t get enough of it, then subsequently turn around and “raise $14,000 for bus tickets to send the Congolese deeper into the US interior”. Sure we’re as liberal as the next guy but we never thought we would be required to put up or shut up. Slimy liars.

    When Trump announced his Mexico deal, Chuck Schumer sarcastically commented : “Now that that problem is solved, I’m sure we won’t be hearing any more about it in the future.” Says the guy whose party has forced Trump into these patchwork solutions when the real solution is for Congress to address these issues and therefore put them out of the reach of the courts that are insistent on finding “rights” for people at the border.

    It was Schumer and Pelosi who denied there was a crisis and forced Trump to sign a budget deal limiting bed space, meaning almost automatic release. It’s already been proven by DNA tests that up to 1/3 of children being passed off as belonging to those they are with, are in fact not related. Child trafficking by any other name, but not a problem according to the Democrats. We have no idea who is coming into this country, there is little more than a few minutes to give “asylum” seekers a court date years into the future, meanwhile drug smugglers and criminal gangs take advantage when agents are tied up with those large groups and stroll across the open unfenced border.

    And according to Schumer, that’s funny. Really humorous.

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      Human trafficking, sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and child trafficking by any other name is SLAVERY. Slavery is the proper non-p.c. term that should be widely used to describe what’s really going on due to our open boarders and corrupt political landscape. SLAVERY is what the cartels are engaged in, and SLAVERY is what the Plantation Party condones and empowers via its’ anti-sovereignty, open borders treasonous agenda.

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        Sorry for my misspelling (I don’t see a way to edit comments) – Borders not boarders.

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    Alabaster McGillicuddy on

    Start sending these illegals that the DIMM’s want in the country to safe locations. I would say the south side of Chicago.

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      No more legal or illegals until all the laws are changed and limits set. Hire more ICE agents and start EXPORTING all of these people NOW! GET RID OF CONGRESS! They aren’t watching out for us. WE SHOULD HAVE HAD A VOTE ON SOMETHING THIS IMPORTANT! ENOUGH!!!