Taxing Americans To Give Illegal Aliens Subsidized Health Care

California is likely bringing back a version of the “individual healthcare mandate” in order to help pay for the healthcare of low-income illegal aliens who are under 26 years old. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and state Democrats have agreed on a budget that would institute a new tax on those who do not have health insurance in order to help cover the nearly $100 million in additional costs. The budget must still be approved by the state legislature, but it is expected to pass by a wide margin.

The Golden State is home to more illegal aliens than any other state. It is estimated that 90,000 of the state’s 2.6 million illegal aliens will immediately become eligible to receive taxpayer-subsidized healthcare once the new budget takes effect. There is already discussion about expanding the provision in the future.

Illegal immigrants and their U.S.-born children already cost California taxpayers more than $23 billion every year. That amounts to approximately $1,800 per household, annually, or $150 per month. For the average Californian – or anyone for that matter – losing that much of your monthly budget to help subsidize public services for illegal aliens is already a major financial setback. These taxpayers deserve better than to have more piled on to this fiscal burden.

There is already an alarming crisis at the southern border. Last month, more than 144,000 migrants were apprehended or deemed inadmissible at the United States’ southwest border with Mexico – a nearly three-fold increase from last year. Reckless actions by California and other states offering free or subsidized benefits to illegal aliens are only going to make this crisis worse.

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    karen rivers on

    CA has always been a little out there with pot smoking hippies and Hollywood fantasy but, really? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! We have Vets and Americans citizens sleeping in the streets Not only in every state but in our Nations capital.

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    I make a motion that California voluntarily, or not, secede from the USA! We need to just ostracize them from the rest of the country. That goes for New York as well and any other state that welcomes and caters to illegal aliens.

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    Stephen Russell on

    NO, & dont bring back mandate killed from orig Obamacare HC.
    I refuse to fund Illegals HC.
    Have Dems fund this, & Hollywood allies

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    If Californians are so totally stupid as to put up with the thievery of those they elect then I say let them go down the tube into the sewers of their own making.
    What needs to be done is for those states which wish to protect their American freedoms and quality of living to clearly declare that their illegals would NOT receive ANY public benefits which are paid for with tax dollars. NONE.
    The second thing they need to do is to, as a group, file a Federal lawsuit charging California legislators for aiding and abetting a criminal act. To whit: giving aid and comfort to illegals against the laws of the Nation. EVERY day that illegals are in the country they are violating the law, and every cent that is spent on their behalf is, indeed, giving aid and comfort to them. Therefore the legislators are violating Federal law on a continuing basis.
    After a few of them are charged, tried, found guilty, and imprisoned, it is likely others will immediately reconsider their actions.
    Finally, if the various politicians who enact such illegal laws are PERSONALLY found liable, without benefit of their elective/appointed government exemption to being sued, for the damages that criminal illegal aliens commit they would likely stop as well. When they have to personally pay damages out of their OWN wallets they’d backtrack faster than one would believe possible.
    Therefore there is a two pronged attack against them that would put them personally in legal and financial jeopardy. State laws can NOT be written and enforced when they are in conflict with Federal law. The Supremacy Clause in the Constitution covers it perfectly.
    Now all there needs to be is a coalition of Federal Attorneys with the courage to do it, politicians be damned.

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    Mary Hunnicutt on

    1. Couldn’t someone fund a huge class-action lawsuit on behalf of all loyal Americans who believe the actions of socialist legislators to, almost like at gun-point, DEMAND and TAKE Americans’ tax dollars to unconstitutionally TAX Americans for the entitlements of ILLEGAL ALIENS?
    2. Legally, ILLEGAL ALIENS have NO rights under the US Constitution.
    The “human rights” that are advanced by the New World Order which is asserting itself to “radically change America, and which is always attempting to replace sovereign nations are, according to the US Constitution, the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When asserting their “liberty”, illegal aliens are being allowed to confuse “liberty” with “license”, they enter a country illegally, but they are bound by the laws of the USA.
    3. All members of state or national legislative bodies who vote for taxation of American citizens on behalf of ILLEGAL aliens who now say they have a “right” (entitlement) to being cared for by those who work and pay taxes here, should also be the subject of a huge class action suit on behalf of American CITIZENS.
    When do legal rights under the US Constitution and state legislatures become “entitlements”? When socialists and their ideologies rule America! Take the issue of entitlements vs. rights to the US Supreme Court! LITIGATION against the RESISTANT US CONGRESS as a whole or as individuals is the ONLY “oversight” they understand, as evidenced by the years of harassment of our current US President. Demand both “restitution” to the US CItizens and financial “damages”, paid by those who “sponsor” the bills.
    4. Demand a balanced budget, on behalf of all over-taxed American workers.
    Stop Congress’ access to lobbying jobs and demand the tax returns of ALL your Congresspersons.
    Find a legal way for American taxpayers to institute “term limits” for all Congress-people to minimize corruption. Litigate this!
    5. “Health care for all”, including illegal aliens, is a way for the Legislators at State and National Level, to salve their consciences about continuing to have Cadillac health plans they vote for themselves, while reducing the access and quality of health care for American citizens while they take more and more of workers income and thereby reduce our quality of life and ability to excel financially!
    Expose this and litigate this to the Supreme Court!
    6. Increasing taxes on the rich does not solve the problem, because state and national legislators who themselves become RICH in salaries and long term benefits, through their socialistic legislative agendas, plan and pass laws that give them loopholes for themselves to get around “taxes”.
    7. Seek God and pray for wisdom to actually vote for the best of the bad choices for legislators and leaders on the local, state and national level. Seek and elevate God-fearing people. The government is ultimately upon HIS shoulders and he can and likely will use leaders and legislators to teach US citizens lessons they need to learn. His protection is not over those who defy his name. Merely because God IS GOG, we still are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, whether or not US and state leaders, in their idolatry of the self, acknowledge this.

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    SAVE OUR COUNTRY, VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE… REMOVE THEM!!!! THEY WILL DESTROY OUR COUNTRY!!!! They care MORE about the illegal aliens who have NO right to be here than the American people… They WILL steal our money to take care of illegal aliens…. GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

    The lunatics on the left, the democRATS care NOTHING about the American people or America…. WAKE up people who keep voting these morons into office…. STOP allowing yourselves to be brainwashed with all their “FREE” talk… NOTHING IS FREE!!! WE ARE PAYING FOR IT!!!!

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    This is OUTRAGEOUS!!! People on the left BETTER wake up … these people have broken our laws, there is NO respect by them for our laws or for the country… and the democRATS want to kick the American citizens under the bus, steal their money to give these illegal aliens free heath care, while the American people are living on the streets, the democRAT run cities are trashed, …. The lunatic democRATS do NOT care about American people or America.. they are focused on ONE thing and that is to destroy president Trump and his family and they are so extremely consumed with hate that they refuse to do a thing to stop this invasion and give President Trump a win… How about they start working FOR the American people and stop stabbing us in the back and twisting that knife deeper every day….

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    Beverly Pepper on

    So now American citizens who cannot afford health insurance will be taxed to subsidize people who broke the law the moment they stepped on U.S. soil. THIS IS SOOOOO WRONG!

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    this is just wrong, why not subsidize cuba or canada?
    its another invitation to bi-pass the rules of immigration to gain citizenship and the benefits we pay for .
    lets stop being the worlds whore.

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    I’ve been wondering the same thing. It was determined unconstitutional for the federal government to impose the penalty. That’s why it was discontinued for 2019 and on. I assume it’s not legal, but California seems to do things that are not legal.

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    Worst thing about California socialist democrats is other states following suit with your idiotic laws. It’s time for those who don’t have representation from taxation to rise up against unlawful laws and policies.

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    Not all Californians agree. The Attorney general was sued because of the misleading language of the gas tax repeal proposition that “tricked” residents. Just as the socialist, the Democrats promise free medical coverage and college etc. then either backslide or tax. So tax it is! Our auto registration for a 40 year old car went up almost $100 this year. We, along with many other of our generation are fleeing to Arizona and Nevada. The media has us outnumbered, their money resides elsewhere, untaxed by this state.

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    I really don’t feel sorry for you people as you put those damn Democrats in office. And you also approve of sanctuary cities for all of these illegals to remain free as a bird. In other words I think your brought it on yourselves. Time to wake up and smell the roses.

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      Some of us did NOT vote for this farce! Shady politics as usual here in Calif., when 5 minutes after the polls closed, they were announcing Newsom as winner. I have been on a letter writing campaign to my Reps., etc., but they go blindly along, not listening to the constituents.

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    Don’t know if saying anything at this point will be heard by Govener Newsom, but we Californians are SICK AND TIRIED, of paying MORE AND MORE TAXES. We citizens are already struggling month to month just to survive and pay our bills. The lower middle class is dying quickly here in California. Please stop the destruction of our state!

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    I am looking for information. I apologize for my ignorance on this matter.
    Is it even legal, for elected politicians in any state, to allocate tax payers money, assess a penalty to residents who don’t enroll in the program because of the financial hardship it would impose on them and, use that money to fund and provide health insurance for illegal aliens, without requiring a vote by the citizens who will be forced to pay for it ?

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    Patrick Harrison on

    I have to stop reading FAIR stories. I usually delete the link in the email. It’s too depressing. I know what the costs and consequences are of immigration, but I know that the millions and millions of liberals support all immigration – legal or otherwise. They have been fed these notions by the media and school system since birth.

    Their arguments are essentially:
    1. We’re a nation of immigrants, so all immigration is alright.
    2. They’re just trying to work and make better lives for themselves.
    3. Their home countries are bad.
    4. Diversity is good, so all immigration is good.
    5. They do jobs that Americans don’t want to do.
    6. Isn’t not supporting all immigration a Nazi idea?

    You can’t even have a discussion of the issues with pro immigration people. They won’t listen to anything that isn’t in direct support of one of the above ideas.

    The single most convincing piece of evidence to refute these misconceptions is also one they won’t listen to. Immigration hits lower income Americans the hardest. It drives up rents and puts downward pressure on wages. What about the devastating effects on our less fortunate Americans?

    It’s tough to sit back and watch the country being overrun this way. Very tough.

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      Thank you for sharing and explaining… How can we help the rest of the world be aware of this serious issue. ??
      I’m frustrated trying to figure out why those same excuses keep becoming the reasons we need to pay and pay more.
      I’m embarrassed to say that I am from California. It’s not wrong to help, it’s wrong to pay for everything and thousands of people keep coming Daily. More taxes🤨

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    Not that the GOP is much to brag about, or is not guilty of their own hypocrisy, but the Democratic party is beyond weird. Their insistence on catering to illegals cannot be separated from the descent of cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco that are spiraling into third world status. If your idea of a modern city is used needles and human waste covering the sidewalks, you want the Democrats running things.

    Joe Biden is calling Trump an “existential threat” to America. Setting aside Biden’s existential threat to the 8 year old girls he puts his hands all over, and which the media obligingly refuses to cover, the biggest threat to this country is Biden and the Democrats surrendering the sovereignty of this country to the invasion by countries to the south of us. Congress could fix all this permanently with a few legislative tweaks but refuses to do it.

    It was the Obama/Biden administration, supported by Hillary, who gave us the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. The TPP was a 12 nation “free trade” deal which would have killed what was left of our manufacturing base and put this country’s laws under the authority of international organizations. Bernie and Trump both campaigned against it and he terminated it his first week in office. Just like he killed Obama’s Paris Climate Treaty which let China, already by far the biggest global polluter, continue to increase their pollution levels, while we are actually reducing our levels without the treaty.

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    Laura Mullen on

    Why in God’s name are the citizens of California putting up with this behavior from these politicians? You need to throw out the political hacks that have destroyed your cities, your schools, and your standard of living. Then you will be able to actually deal with the problems they created .

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    NO! The Golden State is home to more illegal aliens than any other state. It is estimated that 90,000 of the state’s 2.6 million illegal aliens will immediately become eligible to receive taxpayer-subsidized healthcare once the new budget takes effect. There is already discussion about expanding the provision in the future.

    Illegal immigrants and their U.S.-born children already cost California taxpayers more than $23 billion every year. That amounts to approximately $1,800 per household, annually, or $150 per month. For the average Californian – or anyone for that matter – losing that much of your monthly budget to help subsidize public services for illegal aliens is already a major financial setback. These taxpayers deserve better than to have more piled on to this fiscal burden.