Kamala Harris And Her Twisted Logic on Deportations

Immediately after President Donald Trump announced that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will soon start deporting illegal aliens who have final deportation orders, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris published a series of tweets expressing her extreme opposition to the idea of deportations.

According to the California senator, deportations “violate our values,” are a “shameful stain on our country,” are “outrageous” and are “deeply reprehensible.” Her justification for these statements was that deportations are “cruel,” in that they “push people into the shadows and sow fear and danger in communities across this country.”

Perhaps Harris meant for these tweets to show the world how humane, charitable and thoughtful she is. Instead, however, they demonstrate that Harris fundamentally misunderstands the purpose of deportations, and the status of the illegal and criminal aliens who are being deported.

Contrary to what Harris and other advocates for illegal aliens claim, ICE does not deport people in order to terrorize “vulnerable groups.” Neither does ICE “[round]people up by ethnic group,” as Harris also claimed. Instead, ICE deports people for two main reasons: to uphold the rule of law and to protect American citizens.

Without enforcing deportations, our immigration laws are meaningless. Illegal aliens, by definition, have broken our nation’s immigration laws. Accordingly, just as we all expect people who break the law to be punished for their actions, there is a repercussion for breaking our nation’s immigration laws:  deportation. Without the deterrent effect of deportations, our laws would be meaningless and our borders would be in worse shape than they already are.

Deportations also keep Americans safe. A FAIR study found that data from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) demonstrates that “illegal aliens commit crimes at a much higher rate than the rest of the population.” And in some states, illegal aliens are on average more than five times as likely to be incarcerated. 

This fact is all too real to people like Uvalde, Texas, Mayor Don McLaughlin, who detailed the security concerns of his small border town that is now overrun by illegal aliens. Or for Steve Ronneback, whose son was brutally murdered by an illegal alien in Arizona. This is why the majority of deportees are convicted criminals: in the 2018 fiscal year, 57 percent of the 256,085 illegal aliens that ICE removed were convicted criminals.

Even the most hawkish immigration proposals prioritize the deportation of criminal aliens over all other illegal aliens – a fact that, when combined with the United States’ unique practice of affording due process to those who enter illegally, undermines Harris’s picture of ICE indiscriminately targeting innocent migrants.

The willful ignorance that Harris and other advocates for illegal aliens display towards the true nature of deportations shows that they do not care about American citizens. Instead, they only care about trumpeting their virtuosity to the world, often at the expense of the people who elected them. Our immigration crisis will never end until the elected representatives in Washington, D.C., understand that feeling good about themselves cannot take precedence over their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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    you freaking demoncraps are getting on my nerves…DO YOUR JOB AND UPHOLD THE LAW!!! I really, really think Trump should start arresting mayors and other gov’t officials needs to be arrested to make examples out of them…

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    Clearly, she does not wish to deport her future constituents. Nowadays, Democrats have to cheat to win, and the most egregious form of cheating in elections is to bring in ringers who are guaranteed to vote for you. Politicians like Harris are waging demographic war against the American people, and they are winning.

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    dale a peterson on

    50 years dealt with illegal human traffic crossing properties, backroads ,making their own path crossing. Foreigners, all ages. Smugglers are spotted, well dressed, well prepared crossing with large groups. Some made demands, steal, forced us to stop on roads. Now more aggressive, refuse to leave. Tecate/Campo, CA is ongoing paths heading to San Diego where they disappear. BP 94 has helped a lot. Rough land, too much open space, lack of security has been on going. Criminals and drugs crossed for years. Terrorists are here. We have suffered in all areas. Harris knows nothing………….Secure our open borders now. ..

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    The Open Border Party Deports More Illegal Aliens Than Trump

    Because the illegal alien flow was greatly reduced under Trump with gaps filled with armed guards…2018.

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    As her state falls further down the abyss, the streets and parks of major cities lined with homeless encampments and human waste covering the sidewalks, she has the usual Democratic priority of putting the illegal citizens of other countries first. Not that her bonehead constituents have a problem with it. They keep voting for her and others exactly like her.

    If we had a real media, they would be asking questions about the logical results of her rhetoric, instead of just reporting her hearts and flowers talking points. Questions like, setting aside the issue of those who have committed serious crimes, are you saying that you would simply refuse to deport anyone for being here illegally. And if that’s what you believe isn’t that essentially open borders, since you propose absolutely no consequences for being here without permission. That’s if we had a real media. Which we don’t.

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    The fact that 57% of the illegal aliens deported are outright criminals in the land the left, the act that the other 43% by illegally stepping foot on American soil makes them a criminal. Would it take months to years for Nazi Pelosi or any other person of stature to have anyone that crosses “their private property lines” arrested and demand full prosecution of said violator? NO! They, the person of stature, would demand immediate prosecution and it be done without any exceptions.

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    The only thing relevant to the New Socialist Party, i.e. the demokkkrat, is the body count of their new voting base, the illegal aliens amnestied to citizenship. Being the BLEXIT from the demokkkratic party is a reality, demokkkrats are only interested in replacing their voting base with another group of people that are indebted to the demokkkratic party.

    If LBJ were alive today, he would say without even a flinch: “Only 150 years to go.”