Democratic Candidates Go Off Deep End On Deportation

While Congress’s recent $4.6 billion humanitarian aid package falls well short of addressing America’s border crisis, Democratic presidential aspirants are demonstrating how far they will go to undermine security, sovereignty and the rule of law. 

When, at a recent debate, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was asked about deporting people who are in the U.S. illegally but have committed no other offense, she reflexively responded: “Absolutely not, they should not be deported.”

Not a single candidate contradicted her. Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s vice president, even refused to defend that administration’s deportation of a record 419,384 illegal aliens in 2012.

At that point, Peter Schuck, an emeritus professor of law at Yale University and a longtime liberal, declared that Democratic leaders had committed “political suicide” (a diagnosis also rendered by conservative commentator Andrew Sullivan).

“A different answer should have been a no-brainer: ‘Yes, [deport them]unless they have a valid asylum claim or some other special claim to remain,'” Schuck wrote in the Los Angeles Times.

“Americans are justly proud of our immigrant past and present — and almost every politician, Democrat or Republican, duly pays lip service to this truth. All but a handful of Americans strongly believe in maintaining our national sovereignty. By categorically and emphatically rejecting the deportation of any noncriminal undocumented person who manages to get inside the country, Harris and fellow Democrats threaten this sovereignty at its core,” Schuck concluded.

FAIR noted earlier this month that the increasingly radical positions of leading Democrats are starting to worry a lot of Democrats. Indeed, the latest polling shows that immigration is the No. 1 concern for voters, and it’s not because this country doesn’t have enough illegal aliens.

“For the last few years health care, a Democratic issue, has been the most important issue, but as the full nature of the problems at the border became evident, it has risen to the top issue in the country,” reported Mark Penn, co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll

Undaunted, the Democratic presidential herd is angling to conflate the two concerns — now arguing that illegal aliens should be entitled to federal medical insurance benefits.

In fact, illegal aliens already receive government-funded health services to the tune of more than $29.2 billion a year, according to FAIR research. But no one on the Democratic stage bothered to mention that. Nor did anyone hazard a guess as to how much more their plans would cost American taxpayers.

One thing is certain: It will never be enough for reckless politicians determined to take themselves and this country over a cliff.

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    The Democrats make it their right to trample on our laws. They support law breakers on a daily basis. A lot of use came here through immigration and did it the right way and followed all the laws. So the laws are only good for the people who follow them the rest are allowed to do what they want. So sad left to the Democratic way of thinking they will ruin this country.

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    If all of the illegals weren’t being paid so much to crash the border and the ones crossing illegally were sent back as soon as they are caught . This would help a lot.

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    It makes me so angry that our own vvongress/government, over several decades now, have made being a USA citizen a worthless thing. All rights/benefits/privileges ever established in the USA were never meant for anyone but US citizens. But we have many tens of millions of foreigners in our country, both illegal, legal, refugee/asylees, TPS/DED, etc, that are NOT US citizens but are given almost all our rights/benefits/privileges without ANY of the responsibilities. Today, as far as our government goes, it is really better to be a foreign noncitizen than to be a citizen. They are not supposed to vote, but that us already happening and we can all see a future coming where every person living here at election time is permitted to vote in all elections, regardless of citizenship. They supposedly cannot yet be USA president, but that also is exactly to foresee in the not-too-far-off future. Fact is, the democrats have operated, for decades, to import as many poor/uneducated/unskilled third world foreigners as possible into the USA and give them lots of our citizen’s rights and benefits. Birthright citizenship, a deliberate twisting of the amendment, was created to give immediate US citizenship to all children of these foreigners born on USA soil. This, the democrats gave already gained an untold number of foreign illegal voters in these anchor babies 18 years and older. This has been going on so many years there are a lot of US citizen voters here with no US citizen parents. All of it is a long term plan for permanent all-powerful one political party rule.

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    Is there any research about HOW MUCH, so called, illegal aliens have payed taxes !?!? I mean really??? Please be objective and have all the arguments if you want to point something wright !

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      Illegal aliens as a group have very low levels of education and low incomes. Low income means paying little or no taxes. Just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of research.

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        That’s an absolute fact, lawn care specialist probably don’t pay a lot in taxes, especially when it’s an all cash business. Why are we the only country in the world that does not PROTECT ITS OWN BORDERS. Yet we protect everyone else’s?

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      Izabela, I have no such figures, but the liberals tell us constantly that illegal aliens pay all taxes citizens do, but reap none of the benefits. Here are two points I know about: 1. To pay income taxes requires SS number and, usually, income taxes are deducted from each paycheck by the employer. Now, illegal aliens are not supposed to have SS numbers legally, and cannot hold jobs requiring SS numbers legally. Therefore, logical says that illegal aliens do not pay income taxes. Yet, during the Obama years, he had our IRS begin issuing a newly created, special official identification card for any/all foreigners living/working here but not US citizens. This deliberately created a great benefit for such foreign noncitizens ( a responsibility for we regular citizens) where they could annually file income tax, claiming all deductions allowed for citizens, using the special ID card, and receive huge refunds much greater than any tax they paid, if any. I cannot recall the vast number of dollars given these scammers by the IRS each year, but it is unbelievable that our own congress/government would do this to us. Additionally, in 2017, in their spending bill, congress slipped in a bill allowing illegal alien families to file such taxes and, specifically, claim the child credits for each anchor baby which increased their refund amount. 2. If we assume everyone is following/obeying our laws, (the original laws not policies newly created specifically to reward foreign non citizens ), then we must assume that no foreign noncitizen here is paying income taxes, that they are paying ONLY sales tax, where required, that every person purchasing anything in the USA must pay. Of course, my number one here clearly makes number two not true.

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        The amount shelled out by the IRS to illegal aliens in 2015 was determined to be $6.4 billion for the Additional Child Tax credit alone. This was found by the Inspector General investigation done on the IRS. Even though, the IRS knew these claims to be fraudulent, they were told to pay them anyway. Donald Trump knows about this, I sent him 3 messages about it alone, yet they still are paying them. $1.5 million went to a single bank account in Atlanta GA. Trump knows about it, but allows it to continue. So much for Americans first.

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    Over the weekend NY Times columnist David Brooks, supposedly a conservative, proclaimed that “deterrence doesn’t work”, in reference to the border crisis. Of course, we haven’t tried deterrence in this situation because the Democrats have refused to provide the money, actually cutting detention beds, and everything else Trump tries to do is stopped by a court. When the Clinton administration built a fence along the San Diego border, crossings dropped by more than 90%. But don’t bother Brooks with the facts.

    Congress is set to vote on a bill that will award hundreds of thousands of Indians H1B visas. A Bloomberg News story deals with this very issue: “It remains the mystery at the heart of Boeing Co.’s 737 Max crisis. How a company renowned for meticulous design made seemingly basic software mistakes leading to a pair of deadly crashes. Longtime Boeing engineers say the effort was complicated by a push to outsource work to lower-paid contractors.”

    “Increasingly the iconic American plane maker and it’s subcontractors have relied on temporary workers making as little as $9 an hour to develop and test software, often from companies lacking a deep background in aerospace-notably India.”

    So Boeing’s desire to maximize profits will produce massive lawsuits and orders for new planes have plummeted to almost none. And it should not be hard for the lawyers in charge of the lawsuits to show that the company put profits ahead of safety. Saudi Arabia just decided to cancel an order for 50 planes and buy from Airbus. And the paid off shills in Congress will allow in even more unqualified people.

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      Not just end chain migration, but stop importing a million plus foreign poor/uneducated/unskilled people from third wirld nations legally every year, most of whom never become US citizens, never assimulate, never benefit our country, require care from day one.